"Looks like those two are back together as well." I smiled.

"Well, what do you expect? Two Kansas girls have our hearts."

"Ok, ok, enough with the mushy crap, it's making me sick." Dave laughed.

I flipped him off, Jessi, and John sat down with us.

"Has anyone talked to Trevor?" I asked.

"He told me he had a date."

"WHAT?" Jessi and I exclaimed.

"With who?" Jessi asked.

"He didn't say, he just said he'd be back later."
"When did he leave?" Jessi demanded.

"At like 10:30, why?" Dave questioned.

"We've got to get back to the hotel." I said standing up.

"Yeah, sorry to cut the evening short." Jessi said getting up as well.

"He's on a date, what's the big deal?"

"HE DIDN'T TELL US!" We both yelled.

"Dave, long story short, Trevor's like their brother/dad. He's just as protective of them, as they are of him." John said.

"Believe me, I've seen it, fair warning, since your staying on the same floor as them, don't be surprised if you hear yelling later."

Dave shook his head laughing.

"You want us to come with you?"

"No thanks Randy, we'll be alright. Stay here and enjoy yourselves."

"Take the limo back, we'll get a cab." Dave said

"Ok, call us later." We kissed our men, and hugged the others.


"I wonder who his date is?" Jessi said, thinking about all the divas.

"I have no clue, but if it's one of the bitches, we'll be boxing."

She nodded in agreement.

We got to the hotel and up to her room, no Trevor.

"I'm changing, you want some clothes?"


She threw me a pair of plaid pajama pants and a white t-shirt, after we changed, we gossiped. Around two hours later, Randy called.

"Hey hun." I answered.

"Hey babe, Trevor back yet?

"No and when he is, he's getting an earful."

"Do you two need anything?"

"Can you bring me my glasses and contact stuff please?"

"Sure babe, you or Jessi need anything else?"

"Jessi you want anything?"

"I'm good."


"Ok, I'll be up in a few."

"Alright, thanks."

"No problem, love you."

I paused and smiled, "I love you too."

Randy brought up my stuff. He and John left after hanging out for an hour.

By now, it was 3 o' clock in the morning, and we both were pissed.

"He's not coming back, well I don't think so." Jessi sighed.

"Oh he will." I said taking a seat on his bed

We were almost asleep when we heard giggling. I looked at my cell, 4:30 am.

We jumped up and threw open the door to find Trevor kissing Michelle McCool.

"Do you know what time it is?" I yelled.

They both turned and looked shocked.

"Where the hell ya been?" Jessi yelled.

"Out on a date, so what are you two still doing up?"

"Waiting for you." I glared.

Michelle looked at Jessi and I, "Trevor's not a kid, he's an adult, and you're not his mother."

"We're not his mom, but he's our brother!" I said.

"No your not."

"Bitch please, we've been through so much shit, he is our brother and you need to get to steppin'." Jessi said yanking Trevor inside the room.

"What the hell!" She yelled.

"I'ma warn you once, stay the hell away from Trevor."

"You think you can tell me what to do? Reality check hunny! He's not five you can't control him! Go control your bastard kids." She turned to walk away.

I grabbed her arm and threw her on the floor. She screamed and kicked my back. I threw a couple left and rights, hitting my target. "You were fine till you mentioned my kids!"

She wiggled out of my grip and kicked me in the stomach. I kicked her side, and punched her down to the ground again. "You don't know shit about my kids, got it?"

"What the hell is going on here?" Someone grumbled.

We both looked up and saw Mark, Dave, Hunter and Ric.

Michelle took advantage of my shocked state and pulled my shirt up, covering my face. I quickly tore my shirt off, grabbed her and threw her up against the wall.

"Like I said before, stay the fuck away from Trevor, and never, ever, mention my children again or I'll beat your ass black and blue." I threw her towards the elevator, watched her get in and the doors close.

"They weren't kidding about the protectiveness." Dave said.

I smiled, "Umm…. sorry about that. There won't be much more. I just have to talk to Trevor now."

The guys shook their heads and went back into their rooms.

I took a deep breath and went into Jessi and Trevor's.

He was sitting on the couch and Jessi was standing in front of him, "Why her? She's a fucking skank!"

"She was nice and sweet, so I took a chance."
"And that was the first and last chance you'll have with her." I said sternly.

"What's so bad about her?"

"One: she tries to sleep with the guys on all three brands, two: she's fake and a bimbo and three: she called my kids bastards!"

"Ok, good reasons." Trevor said.

"Why didn't you tell us you had a date?" Jessi asked.

"You two were going out with your men and were so happy, if I told you, you'd ask all sorts of questions, not go out and wait for me to come back."

"Well, we did that anyway. You've got to remember something Trev," I said sitting on the arm of the couch, "We're very protective of you, we tell you everything, so we expect the same back. We've always told each other everything. Remember, we're the three stooges."

He smiled and patted my knee and motioned for Jessi to sit on the other side of him. "I'm sorry sis's, next time we'll talk about it."

"Promise?" Jessi asked.