Well, here is my second one, yet another poem.

This poem is inspired by my friend's fish Skwim claps for Skwim

No it's not about a fish… It's just a poem.


This isn't what you think,

You're wrong.

I'm not following him,

I'm on a mission.

He is my mission, my target.

I have no other reason to be here.

No reason at all,

I'm just waiting for the right time,

To just sweep in and leave.

He just happens to be sleeping right now.

He looks innocent when he sleeps,

Innocent like a child.

Like nothing could awaken him,

An eternal sleep.

Why must this one child affect me so?

I haven't a pure feeling left,

But yet him, this innocent child,

My innocent kitsune.

Everything about him changes me,

His whiskers, and his childish ways;

His eyes.

Those eyes could kill the deadliest of men,

And churn the purity in ones soul.

There is no name for their color,

They're the bright blue you wish to wake up to;

The dark blue you fall asleep to.

The red of the deepest rose,

Anger flares through his veins,

And that blue that draws you in;

It changes to a red that pushes you away.

I wanted so much to help him,

Save him.

I was there, when they hurt him;

Tainted his childhood with such cruelty.

But at the time I was selfishly planning my own escape;

An escape from this town; these people.

My people.

To raise me so strictly,

Raise me to kill.

Slowly, I lost touch; I disconnected.

And they didn't care,

My brother was the truly affected one.

Such a small child, just like my kitsune.

I shouldn't have put him threw that,

But I couldn't kill him;

I'll never kill him.

I love him as I always have and always will.

I don't even deserve his hate, but I'll accept it guiltily.

My kitsune is stirring, and it's time now,

This is when I must strike;

Hurt yet another person I love.

Because this is my punishment.

But I'll save him this time; save us.

I'll take him away with me;

We won't come back again.

As I threw my kunai communication, it hit the tree with ease.

This was it, after tomorrow, he will be mine.

Mine alone.

I won't let anyone hurt him anymore.

Never again.

This will be my last time watching him from afar,

After weeks of watching, I will stand now.

I will leave my post; this tree.

A weight lifted from my shoulder.

Just as I jumped from my hide, I saw;

His blue orbs locked with my own.

His Lonely blue caught my Sorrow black.

He was smiling;

Not a scared smile, or a sympathetic smile.

A genuine smile, a smile for me.

He smiled at me.

I felt my own lips twitch.

I tore my gaze away, and ran with my thoughts.

There would be no force;

No need for violence, because he was mine.

I will never hurt him.

Nearing the gate to the village, I realized something;

This will be my last time leaving my home.

His home;

Our home.

After tomorrow, I will no longer be alone.