Here without you

By: Syaoran Li

What if you loss everything that matters to you in this world; could you keep through it?

How long has it been since I could sleep peacefully in your arms?

How long has it been since I could feel your warm hands around my body?

How long has it been since I couldn't stop my tears from coming out every night?

I couldn't protect our promise, our secret oath.

You were my princess, I were your prince.

You guide my through the darkness of my heart.

You taught me how gentle a person could be, awaken me from my slumber.

I was able to escape from my cage, spread my wings and fly away.

We faced more challenges together, as partners with a new goal.

We encountered new enemies, turned into friends the same way you and me became.

We made a promise then, to protect those without power, to protect their future.

I always knew you were special for those who had the chance of met you.

Was our destiny to follow that dream?

Was our fault to believe everything was perfect?

Was our mistake to judge our enemies that lightly?

I never knew back then how important you were; until I release something.

That smile you always had just for me; it was my strength, my daily light

That thought, the one of being beside you was enough to make me happy

That was until I found deep down on my heart these feelings I always thought useless.

I had fallen in love with you.

Would you accept such feelings?

Would you care the same way I do for you?

Would you forgive me if I told you those three words?

I wished with all my heart to the stars for a miracle, a chance, a moment; was then…

When you said you loved me the same way before I did.

When you said everything was going to be alright.

When we sealed our oath with a kiss; our first one; we made a promise of never let us part.

I let my love for you blind my senses, something I had forbidden myself for my past sins.

Those peaceful days were the happiest of my life.

Those tender moments will be engraved in my heart until the end of time.

Those were the moments you made me feel alive.

I thought my past was gone, that my nightmares were over, but then one day...

Everything came to an end.

Everything I ever loved was taken from me.

Everything inside of me shattered the instant you were gone.

I couldn't protect you, I couldn't save you from that eternal slumber; you were out of my life forever.

They're after me, after what my mother had started years ago.

They're trying to do the same mistake, they're trying to play God with people's lives.

They're aiming to get their hands on Project F best specimen; they're after me.

I destroyed everything on my way, those who threatened our future; those who had killed you.

Now nothing has meaning to me; because you're my world.

Now nothing else matters; because you're not longer beside me.

Now nothing can change the fact that you're dead… my dear Nanoha.

I don't know how many nights I'll be able to stand this pain.

Because now that you're gone, this life you gave me back has meaning no more.


I wanted to make something special, but since English isn't my native language, this was the best I could do. I hope you liked it.