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Tamaki's face hardened and glared at Hikaru. "Don't you dare blame Cynthia for Haruhi's own fault!"

If this continues, I have to break-up with Tamaki


Then next day…

"Haruhi, are you alright?" Tamaki asked catching up with Haruhi.

Haruhi looked at him and looked away.

"I'm sorry that I couldn't be there,"

Haruhi felt like crying, but kept it together.

She couldn't walk away because that'll hurt Tamaki's feelings, but she couldn't speak one word or she'll lose it and so they just stood there.

"Tamaki, could you help me find our next class?" Cynthia asked.

Tamaki looked at her and then looked in front of him finding Haruhi already left.

"Sure," Tamaki said quietly and slowly went with Cynthia.

"Hey, are you okay?" Hikaru asked.

Haruhi smiled at him and nodded.

"Here, let me carry some of your books, mine are already in the classroom, I was er we were worried about you," Hikaru said taking some of Haruhi's books.

"Arigato," Haruhi said.


"Hey, Hikaru, Haruhi looks sad," Kaoru whispered to his brother while staring at Haruhi who was staring out the window.

"Yeah, I saw her standing with Tamaki and then Cynthia appeared and she walked away," Hikaru whispered back.

"We have to do something or else we'll lose our toy," Kaoru said. "Worse, we might lose a friend."

"Why would we lose her as a friend?"

"Think about it, if she started hating Tamaki, she will quit the Host Club and surely she won't be one of our customer and we would only get to talk her a little bit at class," Kaoru said.

"Your right!" Hikaru said standing from his chair.

"Mr. Hitachiin," the teacher said glaring at him.

"Gomen, gomen, Kaoru was just explaining me the math problem that I didn't get and now that I do get it, I'm just glad," Hikaru said obviously lying.

"That's fantastic, but we're in Science right now," the teacher said.

Kaoru couldn't help but to smile. Some of the students were cracking up.

Hikaru was filled with embarrassment and sat down again.

Haruhi was in another world not even paying attention to anything that's happening all around her.


The Host Club opened and Cynthia designated Haruhi again and Tamaki was obviously jealous about it.

"I want to get to the point," Cynthia said.

Haruhi blinked a few times trying to get back to the same world she lived in with Cynthia.

"I love Tamaki and will do everything in my power to get him," Cynthia said.

Haruhi couldn't believe that she just said that and she just kept quiet wanting for her to finish in some odd reasons.

"You better break up with him or stay away of my way or I swear I will make your life like its rotting in hell," Cynthia said.

This time, Haruhi wouldn't take that and need to speak up.

"Then do it, I won't care, I do what I wanna do and for your information blonde bitch, my life is like a rotting hell already every time I see you," Haruhi said.

"Your point?" Cynthia asked raising her right eyebrow.

Haruhi couldn't take it and splashed some tea in her face.

Everyone gasped and the Tamaki quickly stood and looked at Haruhi in shocked.

Cynthia loudly gasped and her make-up was messed and her hair in the front was old.

"Haruhi!" Tamaki said grabbing her in the arm.

"Stop it, your hurting me," Haruhi said taking her arm back.

"Why'd you do that!" Tamaki said pointing at Cynthia.

Hikaru and Kaoru stood up ready to take action if needed.

Haruhi's tears fell rapidly and looked at Tamaki.

Tamaki's eyes softened. "Haruhi, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to shout at you."

"I quit!" Haruhi shouted. 'I don't want to be a host anymore!"

"Actually you can't you have some debts to pay," Kyouya butted in.

"No I don't! I already paid my debt, your just adding more," Haruhi shouted desperately.

"Haruhi," Tamaki said.

"Tamaki!" Cynthia shouted hating Haruhi for having all the attention.

Tamaki ignored her and just kept on looking at Haruhi cry.

All the girls were whispering and was shocked.

Kyouya was taken by what Haruhi said and just fumbled with his eyeglasses.

"I'm going, I hate to see Haruhi cry," some girls said and some girls followed them.

"Omigosh, this is not fun anymore, Haruhi just quit, I'm going," one girl said and some agreed and started going away.

This time, Kyouya didn't blame Haruhi, but Cynthia for ruining everything.

"You don't mean that, you said you loved the Host Club," Tamaki said slowly. He tried to touch her face to wipe away her tears, but Haruhi stepped back and looked away.

"Haruhi," Kaoru and Hikaru whispered obviously felt really bad for Haruhi.

"I guess I don't anymore," Haruhi said and she started running away.

"Haruhi!" Tamaki said.

Mori stopped him from going after him and looked at him.

"Mori-chan," Tamaki said.

"Take care of Cynthia right now," Mori said. "She doesn't want to see you."

"Nina-chan, Nina-chan," Hunny said to Cynthia.

Cynthia looked down.

"Bunny and I hate you for making Haruhi cry," Hunny said and went away.

"Hunny!" Tamaki shouted.

Mori gave him a don't-shout-at-him-and-I'll-beat-you-up-and-you-know-you'll-lose glare.

Tamaki bit his tongue once again.

"Let's go," Hikaru said and they started running after Haruhi.

I hate Tamaki! I hate him! Haruhi said while running. She tripped and didn't have the energy to keep on running.

"Here, take it," Hikaru said.

Haruhi looked up and took Hikaru's hand.

"Whatever you decided Haruhi, you'll always be our toy," Kaoru said.

"But mostly, you'll always be our friend," Hikaru added.

Haruhi wiped her tears away and hugged them both. "Arigato go sa mais."


Will Kyouya do anything at all? Will Haruhi leave Tamaki? What will happen next? Find out!

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