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Haruhi blushed even harder as her face and body were pressed against Tamaki's bare body.

"I love you," Tamaki whispered.

Hunny printed out the pictures and went to Takashi.

"Takashi," Hunny said kind of seriously. Takashi looked at him puzzled. Hunny handed him the pictures.

Mori-senpai just sighed and gave it back as if he was saying to just throw it out.

"Hunny," Cynthia said cheerfully.

"Explain this," Hunny asked Cynthia.


"JUST LEAVE THEM ALONE!" he cried. Takashi was shocked since Hunny doesn't normally shout.

"Hunny-senpai," Haruhi asked slowly.

Cynthia's eyes widened and looked at the twins then at Haruhi, at Tamaki, and then at Kyouya. Why are they here?

"I've brought them over for lunch," Kyouya just said quietly.

"Takashi, let's go," Hunny said. Mori-senpai stood up and carried Hunny to his shoulder.

Mori stopped to face Tamaki knowing that Hunny would want to speak with him.

Hunny just slapped Tamaki right in the cheek and threw the pictures in his face and they walked away.

Hunny's blood was boiling. He thought everything was fine again. He grabbed on Mori's hair and started crying. Mori opened the front door and walked outside.

"Ta…ma…ki," Hikaru said looking at the pictures which were on the floor.

Haruhi also looked at them and looked away. She started walking away as if she doesn't want to deal with her heart breaking anymore.

"Haruhi," Tamaki cried. He was going to reach her arm but then he thought it would be best if he left her alone for a while.

"Cynthia," Kyouya said quietly who couldn't imagine that Cynthia would continue even though on how hard Kyouya saved her family.

"I was going to erase it!" Cynthia cried falling in her knees.

Tamaki walked over to her and bent down. He grabbed her by her blouse and started crying.

"Why," Tamaki asked. "WHY!" He started shaking her asking her the same sentence over and over again.

"Tamaki stop it," Kyouya said appearing the scene. He struggled his way to get Tamaki off of Cynthia. Cynthia just kept on crying.

Kaoru sighed and said; "Another tragedy,"

Hikaru just nodded as he was worried about Hunny but especially Haruhi,

"Don't touch me," Tamaki said and Kyouya let go of Tamaki's shoulder.

"I'm sure Cynthia's sorry," Kyouya said defending Cynthia.

"Sorry!?" Tamaki cried. "My relationship with Haruhi was getting better!"

"Now look what you've done!" Tamaki said looking at Cynthia.

Kyouya couldn't say anything because he knew he would cross over the line if he said anything else.

Kyouya bent down and try to calm Cynthia down.

"Cynthia," Kyouya whispered. "It would be best if you say sorry to Haruhi and Tamaki."

"Why!?" Cynthia bawled. "It's not as if I was the one who showed them the pictures!"

"I was going to erase them," Cynthia cried who started rocking herself.

I don't want to say sorry Cynthia thought.


"Cynthia," her mother said. Her hair was in an elegant up-do and was wearing a pink silk gown. Cynthia was a child back then.

"Never say sorry to someone," she said to her daughter. "It would only mean defeat and this family don't know defeat."

"HAI!" Cynthia said cheerfully.

"Takashi," Hunny started saying.

"Hm?" Mori asked.

"Do you think what I did was wrong?" Hunny asked.

"You shouldn't had talked like that," Mori said. His voice wasn't that strict kind of tone but it wasn't gentle also.

Hunny looked down and regretted talking like that and slapping Tamaki.

"It isn't our business," Mori added.

"But what you did isn't wrong or right," he continued. "It was just a way of you showing that you care."

Hunny nodded but still felt a little sad.

Hikaru put his hand on Tamaki's shoulder and Tamaki looked at him.

"You should find Haruhi and talk to her," Hikaru said. "You're the only right now who has the right to."

Tamaki nodded and washed his face before looking for Haruhi.

"Cynthia," Kyouya said.

Cynthia didn't care about what her mother said. It was her fault and she only realized it by now.

"Gomen na sai," she said crying at Kyouya's chest. Kyouya hugged her and was telling her not to cry.

I couldn't possibly lecture her right now when she's in her tears Kyouya thought.

Tamaki immediately found Haruhi walking. He started running towards her and grabbed her arm. "HARUHI!"

Haruhi turned around to face him. Tamaki was in shock. She was crying hard. Her tears flooded her face and her t-shirt was wet from her tears.

"Haruhi," Tamaki said softly.

"Don't touch me," Haruhi said backing away when Tamaki was about to touch her cheek.

"Why?" Haruhi began saying. "Why is it that I always have to get hurt every single time?"

"WHY!" Haruhi asked. She started pounding her fist into Tamaki's chest. Tamaki just hugged her.

"Gomen….Haruhi," Tamaki said.

"Do you think sorry will do it?" Haruhi muffled. She was crying and it breaks Tamaki's heart that he couldn't stop it.

Haruhi broke into his wrapped arms and stepped away.

"TAMAKI WHY!?" Haruhi asked weeping. She has completely lost it. She didn't care if there were people looking at her or whispering about them.

"Let's get out of here," Tamaki said. He stepped forward slowly and touched Haruhi in the shoulder and carefully picked her up.

Haruhi let him. She was tired of arguing for the day. Haruhi buried her head into his chest and quietly crying.

Why couldn't I be the one that you love the most? Why didn't I met you earlier? If I was rich…would it make a difference? These thoughts filled Haruhi's mind.

If you could just let me feel your pain Tamaki thought I'd make it all go away


Hunny and Mori decided to go back and Hunny looked around.

"Where's Tamaki and Haruhi?" he asked.

"Tamaki's looking for Haruhi," Hikaru said. Him and his twin was just seating in the kitchen seat.

Hunny looked over at Cynthia who was still crying and Kyouya who was still comforting her.

Hunny walked towards Cynthia. Cynthia looked at Hunny and hugged him.

"GOMEN NA SAI!" she blurted out. "Please…Please forgive me."

Hunny was stunned. He didn't actually expected for Cynthia to hug him and say sorry especially beg for forgiveness.

He returned to say sorry to her. But it didn't matter. He patted Cynthia's head as if saying that he forgives her.

Did Cynthia truly changed? Will Haruhi forgive Cynthia? Will she forgive Tamaki instead? Find out!