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"JUST LEAVE THEM ALONE!" he cried. Takashi was shocked since Hunny doesn't normally shout

"TAMAKI WHY!?" Haruhi asked weeping. She had completely lost it. She didn't care if there were people looking at her or whispering about them.

"Let's get out of here," Tamaki said. He stepped forward slowly and touched Haruhi in the shoulder and carefully picked her up.


"Such a dramatic day," Hikaru sighed eating oranges.

"You said it," Kaoru agreed with his brother. Although Hikaru was worried about Haruhi….but especially her being alone with Tamaki again.

"You know, Cynthia," Hunny began saying as if he sounded like a real teenager.

Cynthia looked up to him and Hunny wiped the tears that were flowing out of Cynthia's eyes.

"You really should explain everything to Haruhi and Tamaki," Hunny continued afraid the Cynthia would be self-centered again and put up that 'me me me' act.

"Why does it seems as if it's all my fault?" Cynthia murmured but it was loud enough for everyone to hear.

Hikaru sighed and just wished all this drama would stop so he could properly leave and look for Haruhi.

"It's not all your fault," Kyouya said looking down who didn't know if he should continue or not.

"It's just that everyone's doing their part but you," Hunny finished. "Tamaki went to find Haruhi to say sorry and Haruhi's probably going to forgive him…you're the only one we're waiting for."

"Wow, when it's needed…" Kaoru quietly began saying. "Hunny-sempai could be deep."

Hikaru nodded and smiled and looked at them. This is what they've been waiting for. For Cynthia to finally cracked. But he didn't expect for everyone to forgive her quickly. But he guess to end all of this everyone has to forgive everyone.

Although he's not going to say sorry to her.

Kaoru felt sorry for Cynthia but he knew that it'd take him a while to say sorry to her or maybe not at all. Depends on his mood.

Tamaki carefully laid the crying girl into the bed. He, too, was crying but not as awful as Haruhi was. It was like the tears he's been holding back finally couldn't help it but to appear.

I need to get a grip. I need to end this. I have to. I can't go on like this forever. Haruhi thought. She cried for a few more minutes while gathering herself up.

Tamaki went downstairs to grab Haruhi some water and stayed downstairs for a while to drink water for himself.

While upstairs, Haruhi turned on the faucet and splashed some cold water in her dace and grabbed her towel and dried her face.

"Haruhi," Tamaki asked himself quietly finding Haruhi not in the bed. He dropped the glass as he was in panic. "HARUHI!?"

"Get a grip Sempai…I was just in the bathroom," Haruhi said smiling at him. How long could I keep this up?

"Haruhi," Tamaki sighed as he embraced her. "I laid Cynthia like that because I was thinking of you."

"I was thinking of you that time Haruhi," Tamaki said. "You know Cynthia…she does things to set us apart."

"I didn't want to admit it the first place but you're the one that I love," Tamaki said.

"I love you," Tamaki said hugging Haruhi tightly.

There was no thunder, no reason to hold back, no rain, no nothing to stop Tamaki this time.

"I'm sorry if I caused you so much pain." Tamaki said.

Haruhi dropped to the ground even though Tamaki was hugging her as tight as he could. Haruhi started crying.

"Haruhi…did I upset you?" Tamaki asked.

Haruhi chuckled and shook her head. This wasn't pain…but it was tears of joy. She was happy.

This might not be my happy ending…but it's those words that could restore my broken heart Haruhi thought but decided to tell him out loud. It was the least she could do after him opening up to her.

"This might not be my happy ending…but it's those words that could restore my broken heart," Haruhi said.

"Haruhi," Tamaki said blushing. He hasn't felt this good for a while now and he couldn't control his feelings.

He leaned forward and his lips were very close to Haruhi's lips. But he kissed her at the forehead instead.

"I don't deserve to kiss you in those lips," Tamaki said under his breath.

"Are you being serious or are you being Tamaki?" Haruhi asked trying to lighten the mood because it was kind of making her feel awkward in some ways.

Tamaki unwrapped his arms and sat across her closely. "Well , I am Tamaki and I am being serious."

"Ne…Haruhi," Tamaki began saying. Though he didn't feel the same guts he felt before so he couldn't say it. "Never mind."

"Yes, I will," Haruhi said.

"Yes?" Tamaki asked. IT was only then that he realized that she was saying yes to his question.

"Are you reading my mind?" Tamaki asked.

"Wait…yes to dinner or yes for me being your boyfriend?" Tamaki asked innocently.

"Yes to both," Haruhi giggled watching Tamaki being himself again.

That night…Kaoru convinced his brother to sleep over Hunny's for the night to give Haruhi and Tamaki some space.

Of course, Hikaru wasn't up for it but he was convinced later on.

And so…both him and his brother, Kaoru…slept in the sofa bed as Hikaru dreamt about Haruhi…smiling.

Cynthia was sleeping soundly while Kyouya was still up. He couldn't believe on how hectic this day was but he was glad it was finally over.

All you have to do is explain and apologize Kyouya thought looking at Cynthia.

He looked at Cynthia's laptop and sighed. He closed his laptop and logged on to Cynthia's…deleting all the pictures that was in there that might cause to break Haruhi and Tamaki's relationship again.

"I guess planning this whole family thing wasn't such a bad idea after all,." Kyouya said.

"Of course it wasn't," Hunny said in his pajamas holding his bun-bun.

Kyouya was startled and sighed as he placed his hand to his chest. "You mustn't startle people like that."

"Gomen ne," Hunny said smiling. Kyouya also smiled and Hunny skipped into his room.

We got to see another side of you Kyouya thought as he was still smiling.

He turned of the lights and went to sleep.

"Cynthia?" Tamaki asked having breakfast with Haruhi.

"Um, gomen, I only cooked for me and Tamaki," Haruhi said surprised to see her and everyone else. So surprised that that sentence was the only thing she could think of saying.

"I'll be changing now," Hikaru and Kaoru said going upstairs who didn't really wanna hear Haruhi forgive her. While Hunny and Mori-sempai sat on the family room to give them some space but Kyouya stood next to Cynthia.

"I'm sorry to deceive both of you," Cynthia said bowing her head.

"You see…my family's been poor for a while and has been in the hospital because of a sickness," Cynthia explained.

"I came here to steal some of your money if we were to get married," Cynthia finished.

"Cyn…thia?" Tamaki said his jaw dropping.

"I'm sorry… I knew I shouldn't have though of that…it's just that…" Cynthia said losing her words.

Tamaki got up and hugged Cynthia and quickly unwrapped his arms around her.

"I know your parents…they're strict…very strict," Tamaki said turning to Haruhi.

"she was raised with parents like that," Tamaki said to Haruhi.. "She doesn't know how to say sorry, how to forgive, or how to ask."

"I understand," Haruhi said smiling.

"B-but you don't have to worry about that…Kyouya paid for them already," Cnythia said looking at the floor blushing in embarrassment.

Haruhi also stood up and grabbed her hands. "Let's be friends for now on."

Cynthia's face lit up and she smiled her real smile.

The twins were listening to their conversation the whole time even though they didn't want to.

"That's just like our Haruhi," Kaoru said.

"Yep…plain nice to everyone," Hikaru said. He didn't mind being Haruhi's friend and not boyfriend. IN his heart he know he could openly invite these words: "As long as Haruhi's happy then I'm happy."

He hasn't seen Haruhi smile like that for a very long time.


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