Third poem!

This poem ish based off of YaoiRocks story Houshutsu.

Read it! It is amazing.

Hope you like it Dara! D

This has got to stop.

I don't know what to do anymore,

The lies;

The distrust;

The nightmares.


I don't want this anymore,

I watch as the river runs from my arm,

Such grace, such freedom.

Not a care in the world.

As my body goes numb again;

I stare in envy as the river flows.

My mask helps people from finding out,

The mask I've long ago perfected.

It's like an ongoing performance,

I wake up, I dress but I don't eat;

I can't eat.

I meet my teammates,

Fake smile goes up.

My day goes on as I fall deeper into this lonesome pit.

I feel the familiar dizziness and I trudge to the bathroom.

The river is stopped by the cold water,

And I sigh.


That is what this is;

My escape.

No one knows.

They never will.

They wouldn't understand;

My hurt;

My self-loathe.

It was them.

They hurt me;

It might be in the past,

But my past haunts me darkly.

No one truly cares for me.

I'm worthless, nothing to them.

Accept 3 of my Sensei.

They care for me, but they wouldn't understand.

So I give myself this relief;

It is my haven;

My reason to live.

This is how I know I'm human.

As I come back to my room I feel it;

Someone's here with me;

I hear a voice and my gaze is met with a Blood red.


My voice cracks out, explaining myself.

Why am I talking to him

The enemy.

Because he's listening.

He's looking at me like he understands.

He's here to take me with him;

To kill me.

They want the demon within me;

I agree to this and he begins to leave;

As I start dressing in my dark clothes;

I feel him near me so I turn.

He kneels and we stare in silence and then;

He kisses me.

I try to reject;

The memories coming at me full blast.

He shushes me, tell me its fine;

Tells me he won't hurt me.

I panic.

I calm though, his comforting kisses taking affect.

Why is he doing this;

Wasting his time with me.

He should just get it over with;

Kill me now.

He slowly moves down, and I realize;

He's trying to help.

Unable to hold it any longer I moan soundly.

This continues and I enjoy it.

I didn't know it could be like this;

The way I saw it,

It was a punishment;

No pleasure intended.

I see a familiar look in his eyes and my fear stirs.

I know what he wants, but can I really give him it?

His eyes reassure me, and I mentally agree.

Gripping his shirt I pull him to me, and I kiss him deeply.

My hands are at his shirt and I can't think straight;

It doesn't matter anymore,

I don't care anymore.

Falling back to the bed I fumble with his pants;

Three fingers are put to my mouth, and I take them in.

This will ease the pain I guess,

His lips are back to mine and I feel the first one enter me;

It doesn't hurt but I'm not used to it;

It's uncomfortable.

The second is added and I'm suddenly blinded with pleasure.

This is the way it's supposed to be;

Pleasurable not painful.

The pleasure continued to build until it was unbearable.

I cried out and then heard him groan.

Laying there silently I was pleased;

For the first time in a while I was truly pleased.

I opened my eyes feeling him dressing me, and he said it was time to go.

I nodded and silently whispered as he was getting up;

"Thanks Itachiā€¦"


We left silently.

This would be the last time I left through these gates;

And I couldn't be happier.