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Sakura hated school. She hated waking up early. She hated sleeping early. She hated the homework. She hated the teachers. But most of all, she hated seeing, or remembering, his face all the time.

So, why was she getting up for school was a mystery to her.

"Sakura! Time to wake up! It's Wednesday! First day of school!" Her mother called while shaking her awake, taking care to overdo the shaking.

Sakura groaned, not wanting to wake up from her dream about world domination over boys. It was going very well, actually. All she had to do was bomb one certain guy's boat and then reach over to the…

Her mother, having gotten fed up from fruitless yelling and shoogling, pulled the blanket, causing Sakura to roll onto the floor. "School. Now. Get dressed."

"Troublesome", Sakura plagiarized her best friend's word. She got up from the messy floor, accidentally-on-purpose bumped into her mother and walked into the hallway, heading straight to the room where she spent the most time in. The bathroom.

"Honey, remember to wake up Gaara and Chouji! Today's Gaara's first day of elementary school!" Her mother called as she hurried downstairs, fixing her blonde hair in a chignon.

Sakura rolled her eyes. As if she didn't know. Her mother had been screeching about it for the past summer holiday and two years.

Turning right, she knocked, or banged, on her brothers' room with a surprising amount of force for a fifteen-year old. "Oi! Wake up! School!"

Sounds of angry grumbling could be heard, along with the sound of two bodies hitting the floor. "You could have just shooked us!" shouted six-year old Gaara from inside. He had a surprising amount of anger in him.

"Okay", said Sakura, an evil smile spreading across her face. She was going to have fun with this…

"What?! No! " shouted, the wiser, nine-year old Chouji, from inside. "Gaara!Now we'll puke in the morning!" Being the older one, he had experience with Sakura and her time-to-wake-up tricks.

Obviously ignoring their whines, Sakura walked into the bathroom and slammed the door, consequently shaking the house. The only good thing was that her mother didn't object. Tsunade Haruno was the one who taught Sakura on how to be Sakura.

Sakura took off her striped oversize T-shirt and her boxers and stepped into the shower. Turning on the water, making it extra hot, she began her every day ritual of getting dressed.

Half an Hour later

Sakura walked downstairs, her hair let open, sporting an eyesore of an outfit. A pink tank and black mini was good for a circus-freak look but for Sakura? She looked like a freak without any cool 'circus' in it. Her 'uncle' obviously agreed with this and said:

"Honey, I thought we decided that you would wear other colours to school" he mumbled, looking up from his 'book'. It was a 'Book' according to him, a 'piece of wastrel, wanton rubbish' according to his Tsunade and Sakura. Gaara and Chouji were too young to care on what a 'book' even was.

"No, we didn't. You and Mom did, remember, Jiraiya?" Opening the fridge, Sakura reached for the carton of orange juice and guzzled it straight from the bottle, looking exactly like the freak she was.

Jiraiya shook his head affectionately and went back to his 'book'. Tsunade had always chastised him for being too fond and loose with her but who was he to care? He didn't care when she ranted about his cholesterol level, he didn't care about his guardian skills.

"Ah, how troublesome," spoke a familiar voice near the living room connected to the hallway. The voice was obviously Shikamaru Nara's, Sakura's best friend for 14 years.

They became best friends at age one, because of their parents being close friends and their grandparents being best friends. It was tradition for the Naras' and the Harunos' to be, and act, like one big happy family.

"Oh shut up. Not like you to dress in other than blue-green anyway," Sakura spoke affectionately. "Hang out with Lee much?"

Shikamaru ignored the sting and continued, "Anyway, it's 7:30; we'd better get the bus." He turned to open the door and stepped out onto the gravel path.

Sakura started. She forgot the time it took for her to go to school. They lived way too far.

"Coming, Shika! 'Kay, bye Mom!" Sakura shouted towards the downstairs bathroom. "Bye, Uncle Jiraiya and twerps!" she called, looking up at the second floor.

She pushed past Shikamaru and laughed, running to the bus stop. Her brothers' yells, on why they shouldn't take a bath could be heard even from two blocks away. Her family was famous for their inconsistent yelling.

Slowing to a slow jog, Sakura questioned, "So…whaddaya expect from Datte Bayo High?"

Shikamaru quoted the Student Handbook, a vile piece of rag, which they had received earlier, end of last term, "An excellent education for serious students who are willing to slave away at Hell." He nodded and put his hands on his waist, grinning slightly.

She laughed again.

"So, what about you?"

Sakura blushed, "Uh…boys?" she ventured weakly.

"Sakura…" Shikamaru said warningly then launched into a speech about how school was for learning and becoming a better you than for flirting and making out with potential convicts.

This speech didn't have the effect he had in mind since he saw Sakura spacing out and examining her cuticles.

Shikamaru stopped mid-speech and he shook his head ruefully. She was never going to learn…

Sakura had suddenly leaned on the bus stop post. The post was old and sort of dirty so Shikamaru had no idea why anyone would want to do that.

He looked round then groaned. There were two teenagers coming. One had messy brown hair and the other spiky black. They were both quite tall. Or, in Sakura's peculiar way of thinking, hawt. With a 'aw' to it.

"Hey, you guys heading to DB High?" called Hot Guy #1, a wolfish grin spreading across his face.

"Yes, definitely. You?" Sakura spoke before Shikamaru, stepping on his toes in warning. ("Ouch!")

"Course', it's the first day, yeah? What class you guys in, eh?" Hot Guy #2

Shikamaru spoke quickly before Sakura could butt in. "Isn't that a question you ask, after, you know someone's name or even after you greet anyone? I'm Shikamaru Nara, by the way."

Hot Guy #2 grinned and nodded. "Good call. I'm Shino Aburame, and the idiot next to me is Kiba Inuzuka." The 'idiot' grinned again, revealing a fang.

"I'm Sakura Haruno. I'm better than Shikamaru," she was determined not to be left out.

Soon after conversing for a bit, they all decided to take the bus together, being similar and liking each others companies, and all.

Waiting, they spotted more people coming their way.

Sakura turned her attention back to Shino and Kiba. Why should she care on who the heck the people coming were? She was talking to hawt guys!

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