Life as We Know It: a Maximum Ride fanfiction by nightengale07

Summary: Kia (OC) escapes with a few friends from main Itex headquarters in Germany when the flock breaks out and goes on to destroy other labs and do general good in the world while being chased by evil scientists.

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Character's POV, thoughts, "spoken words"



I was cleaning the barracks with a few others when the order came. A few of the wolf-bots that we'd been seeing for a few months stood in the doorway, and one yelled "Listen!" at all of us. Like there was any noise anyway, with there being only about 30 of us left and all of us conditioned to talk in whispers. The whitecoats had cameras everywhere.

But anyway, everyone stopped whatever it was they were doing (I was making beds – stupid chore roster…) and turned toward the thing. We subconsciously stood at attention – the whole routine becomes ingrained after a few years of beatings and no food.

I guess before I tell you all this I should explain just who I am. Well, my name is Kia. Kihawahine, actually, but if you call me that I'll slug you. Unless you're a whitecoat. Then I'll just want to really, really bad. I was named after a Hawaiian lizard goddess, but I don't use the name my captors gave me unless I have to. I'm an experiment, to put it bluntly. A mutant, victim of a series of genetic shuffling techniques that left me about eight percent lizard. Charming, eh?

But I'm completely serious. It's in my nature to joke around (along with a lot of other stuff), but basically I was created for a purpose. To go to war. Once again with the charm. Still, though, I get along. I've been treated pretty well in this hellhole of a castle, holed up in the middle of Germany with a bunch of other failed recombinants. 'Cause yeah, I am a failure. Just don't rub it in.

I said before that I'm 8 percent lizard, and I wasn't kidding. I'm part chameleon, and I can change my appearance at will. To the whitecoats, I'm the perfect spy. The color of my skin can easily adjust to match my background, and that's all they need to know. They're happy with it, sure; it's what I was made for, after all. But I can feel the potential for so much more. If only I had a mirror, I could probably change just abut anything I want to that has to do with my body. I mean, how else could you explain the fact that the whitecoats could never cut my hair unless I wanted it short, how it grew back in less than a night? Seriously, people.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention something. I have wings. Yeah, go on and gasp, I know you want to, and then you'll ask "Well, how can she have wings if she's part lizard?" Hey, don't ask me, folks. These membranes of skin and bone have been growing out of my back for as far back as I can remember. Oh, didn't I mention? They're bat wings. Or close enough not to matter, anyway – they look exactly like a real bat's, but about 20 times larger.

I'm not sure how I got them, and neither are the whitecoats assigned to my 'well-being." They were thrilled when the things started to grow – I was three then – and I heard the words genetic mutation a lot. It wasn't until a few years later, when my wings were fully grown and they took me away from what few friends I had made for special testing, that I fully understood just what those words meant.

For me, it was ten years of almost constant agony and hate. I'm sixteen now, or at least close – time passes oddly when you're in a cage – and I'm ready to leave. Now, before it's too late. And this just might be my opportunity.

But while all this was going through my head, the wolf-bot was urgently beckoning to us. "You need to come with me. All of you. Now. Director's orders. "

Great. Here we go again.

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