Well, haven't I been a bad little girl? No updates for almost three months, and this mini-update isn't even what I said it would be... Angel instead of Max, so sorry, and it definitely isn't my best writing, but I'll update back with Kia very soon (maybe even today) and the story will actually go somewhere. (gasp!)


I stared up at the wall where the really pretty girl with the soft voice had crouched a second before. She fell so fast... I relaxed as I caught a glimpse of her floating toward the trees at the bottom of the hill on leathery greenish-gray wings. They were surprisingly pretty, actually… there was a kind of iridescence to them that I could just barely pick out, even with my raptor vision, as Max calls it.

I turned to go back to where I could hear Max orchestrating the cleanup and all that stuff – her thoughts were full of "Where to put this?" and "What to do with these?" and, overshadowing everything, "How long until the cops get here?" I would have to tell her not to worry – one of the human kids was thinking of how far away from here even the nearest town was, and that town didn't even have a police station.

But that girl… she bothered me. I tried to make her come down off that wall, and she just shook it off like I had thrown dust at her… at least I knew I could read her mind. She never thought her name, though, so I had no idea how I would find her again. And I wanted to; what bothered me was that I had no idea why.

I reached Max, and she smiled absently down at me, still giving orders. The place was looking better already. "Max? You know that girl that grabbed the Director?" I asked. "Yeah? What about her?" Max replied, still thinking of what needed to be done before we could leave. "Well, you thought that you wanted to talk to her… I don't think you'll be able to."

Max turned her whole attention on me suddenly. "Why not?" I fidgeted slightly. "Umm… she kinda left. I tried to stop her, but she wouldn't… listen. She flew off towards the woods." I motioned in the direction she had gone. Max frowned. "Flew? She's an avian?" I didn't know quite what to say. "Um, no. She had kind of greenish leathery wings…"

Max pondered for a moment. "Well, I would have liked to talk to her, but it really doesn't matter. Thanks anyway, though, Ange." "But-" I started, then broke off as the Director broke free from where Nudge had been holding her and made a bid for the stage, where I could see her remote still laying where she had dropped it when Max and Nudge picked her up. "Max, look-!" I shouted, thinking in the back of my mind, That girl warned about this, too…

One of the other mutants turned at my shout as Max was still turning to look where I had pointed. Putting on an incredible burst of speed, he bowled the Director over just as she reached the stage, left her in the dust, grabbed the remote, and tossed it to Max. Her hand came up automatically to catch it, and the mutant on the stage grinned, showing slightly pointed teeth. Cheetah, I thought automatically, watching as the Director got up, shook her head slightly, and looked around to find who had knocked her over.

She looked at the stage, but the kid had already vaulted lightly off and disappeared into the crowd. Nudge quickly recaptured the Director, enlisting the help of one of the stronger-looking mutants to hold on to the witch. She looked kind of embarrassed that the woman had managed to pull away from her a second time. Max gave her an encouraging smile and turned her thoughts back to the compound. Well, this ought to make things a bit easier, she mused, looking down at the remote in her hand.

I moved off, confident that Max would take care of everybody. Besides, there was that idea in the back of her mind that made me think. Anything that would get us out of this horrible place and back to Gazzy and the other boys was definitely worth following up on. Now the question was, would I be able to find the right people for the jobs…

I headed purposefully off into the crowd of mutants, already searching for the minds of the leaders we would need so we could leave this place.

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