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Chapter 1: Insanity in Physical Form

Death, Darkness, and Nothingness, after being killed by heartless, this is what happens to most. However, there are a few, like those in the infamous Organization XIII, that had something else happen to them. They became nobodies, a husk without a heart, but they were special nobodies, as they were fortunate enough and strong enough to retain the feeling of having a heart. Now, after dying again by the hands of the Keybearers and mutinous members within their own ranks, they've come back to life, and serve the very things they wanted to rule: Kingdom Hearts, and the worlds. They now help instead of hinder the Keybearers, but with the darkness growing stronger each passing day, they know a new chaotic enemy is approaching, even deadlier then themselves. Now, Xemnas, and the other members must find the other nobodies like themselves, and create a powerful force to assist the Keybearers in the war to come.

Saying Axel was pissed was an understatement. He had been sent to Radiant Garden to retrieve the newest member of the Organization, which didn't want to do. He hated grunt work, he felt it was something that the wimp Demyx (A/N: I personally dislike Demyx because he's a wimp, sorry to all his fans. I do give him some more courageous characteristics and stand up for him later.) should do. When they got the message of this new guy, some of them didn't care, and since the others already had tasks to take care of, Xemnas assigned Axel with the hunt for the new Organization member.

Axel Finally found his destination, and knocked on the shabby wooden door.

A man with long spiky brown hair, and clad in naught but leather answered the nearly collapsed door.

"Hello, what do you want Axel?" The man bluntly asked.

"Shut up Leon. I need to know if you've seen a new person around here, we've found out he has white spiky hair that's oddly stringy?" Axel answered with just as cold a tone as Leon had presented.

"Yeah, I've seen that guy. He's in here, come on." Leon calmly answered as he opened the door fully.

"Thanks." Axel responded as he walked inside and looked around. "Ok, now where is he?" Axel asked. As he looked around he saw that Leon and Yuffie were the only ones in the entire house, and even then, Yuffie was sleeping. Suddenly, he heard a voice. "Hi Mr. Random red haired guy I don't know!" Axel looked around, highly startled, while pulling out his chakram.

"Uh, where did that come from?" Axel asked, clearly loosing his nerve.

Looking at Axel with an amused grin, Leon responded. "From the exact person you're looking for." As he said this, his eyes slowly traced the walls, and went to the ceiling. Axel followed his gaze, and there on the ceiling, was a man standing above them and looking down. He had stringy white hair, slitted neon green eyes, three deep 'whisker' like tattoos on his cheeks, and a ridiculously big grin on his face. "Um are you a nobody?" Axel asked the man cautiously, ready to attack at a moment's notice.

"Huh? You mean one of those guys whose heart gets taken by those cool black dudes who can turn 2d?" The man asked uncaringly.

"Yeah, one of those guys." Axel responded, a bit unnerved by the man's composure and choice of wording on the Heartless. The white haired man jumped down between Axel and Leon, his hair still defying gravity, and tilted his head a little, gazing blankly at Axel. "Yup, I'm one of those guys." The man said with a smile. "My name is Comix."

"Comix? What kind of name is that? Here I thought this guy was weird just because of his hair." Axel's thoughts stopped as he regained his sense of reality, remembering he was sin front of the nobody as he thought. "Comix? Well, ok. I'm Axel, and I'm a nobody just like you. Organization XIII and I would like to extend an offer to join our ranks to help defend the worlds from the forces of darkness." He looked at Comix, who was tapping his chin while staring at the ceiling in thought. Comix looked at Axel, still thinking, and then a few seconds later he finally responded. "Hmm, well ok, I'll join your Organization, Red." And he held out his hand to Axel, who grasped and shook it briefly. "Ok, then we should get going. Later, Leon." Axel waved back as he turned and opened the door. "Bye gun-guy, bye sleepy chick!" Comix yelled back as he and Axel walked out and shut the door. Back inside, Leon slumped in to a chair and sighed with great relief. 'Finally, he's their problem now, and he's outta my hair.' Letting out another sigh, the gunblade wielder stared at the ceiling and shook his head "That guy was crazier then Sephiroth, and by far more hyper then Yuffie with a sugar rush!"


Axel and Comix walked to the gummi ship. When they got inside, Comix ran into the cockpit, and started yelling like a little kid in a candy store. "Wow, cool! A bunch of shiny buttons!" As Axel walked, in he stopped Comix from pressing any buttons that could have possibly led to disaster, and sat him in a seat. "Sit down, and don't touch." Axel said sternly and slowly. When they launched, Comix calmed down and asked his redheaded pilot a question. "Where are we going anyway Red? To your Organization's base?" Axel looked back at him with a smirk. "Yup, it's in a place called 'The World That Never Was', so sit down and relax a little, we have a bit of a ride ahead of us." He turned back to the front and frowned. 'I have a weird feeling that when he meets the others, things will get interesting. He may even annoy the superior!…hehehe…this is gonna be good...' The devious pyro thought.

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Demyx just stared wide eyed at the seen before him "He-he-he just pantsed the Superior and painted Xaldin pink ,Wow!" Axel and Marluxia, just as wide eyed as Demyx, just nodded.