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'The World'- world names

Chapter 2: This Guy Is Just…

Axel was looking forward to the possibilities of what would happen when they finally arrived. He was also, more importantly, looking forward to getting away from this crazy guy.

His reasons were simple, because after they had taken off, Comix proceeded to start running back and forth from the engine room, back to the cockpit. All the while he was repeatedly screaming random obscenities, such as "I like squirrels!" as well as stupid questions, including "Do you like chocolate?!".

Axel was surprised he hadn't lost his mind, however, the one thing that kept Axel from going insane, was that Comix was also a pyromaniac. Axel found this out, simply because at one point the insane nobody started screaming, "I like fire!" while snapping his fingers, and lighting randomly appearing pieces of paper ablaze, and letting the ashes fall to the ship's floor.

Axel looked back at him with a small smirk. "Now that, makes this the start of a small friendship!"

Comix looked at him and quirked his eyebrow. "Why do you say that, Red?"

Axel just smirked. "Because I like fire too." And began snapping his fingers and causing flames to appear and hover over Comix's head. Then the ship's system said that they had arrived.

Stepping down off of the gummi ship, Comix started to look around.

"Hmm, okay...uh, Red, why is this place all white?" Comix asked with a quirked eyebrow.

Axel just shrugged his shoulder. "I don't know, I've never really asked before." Axel responded as he walked toward the door to the castle.

"Come on newbie, let's go. We have to get to the meeting room so you can meet the rest of the members." Comix just nodded and followed Axel.

About about two dozen stair cases, one thousand "What's this?" and "Are we almost there?" Questions later, they were half way up the spiral stairs, and bumped into Marluxia.

"Huh. Is this the newbie, Axel?" Marluxia asked, quirked eye browed staring at the crazed Comix, who was walking on the ceiling. Axel just nodded before Comix jumped down beside him, and looked at Marluxia.

"Flower Pansy!" Comix shouted furiously while pointing at Marluxia.(A/N: Sorry readers, I just hate the guy.)

Axel's eyes shifted between Comix, and the stunned Marluxia. After a few moments, Axel couldn't help himself, and laughed out loud, the sound so loud it echoed down the halls.

After another few moments of laughing, Axel, while holding his sides and wiping away tears, finally began to speak. "Ha, come on you guys, if you just keep standing there we'll be late to the meeting!"

Marluxia blinked a few times before shaking his head to finally clear the shock. "Yeah, your right, let's go." He opened a portal to the meeting room, which the three entered.

The three of them walked into the meeting, Axel laughing every now and then, remembering Marluxia's face.

(Meeting room)

"Where are they?" Xemnas asked in an incredibly slow monotone, his patience clearly waning.

"I do not know, Superior." Saix answered, his patience running low as well, as he constantly was fidgeting in his seat.

Suddenly, a dark portal opened.

"Finally!" Roxas yelled, clearly glad that the meeting could finally begin. Marluxia stepped out of the portal, followed by Comix and then Axel.

Comix turned to Axel with a questioning look on his face.

"Ok Red, tell me something. Why couldn't we just do that in the first place and not have walked up all those fucking stairs?!" The man's words were in a swift angry tone, a tone that didn't sound like the happy-go-lucky guy Axel had met at first.

Waiting for a long-winded response from Axel about how newbies couldn't use dark portals at first, instead, Axel just tapped his chin in thought, and shrugged his shoulders.

"You know, I didn't think about it. And I just forgot." Axel answered, an apologetic tone in his voice.

"You forgot?! You FORG.." Comix was interrupted by a stern clearing of someone's throat.

Comix turned and looked at the other organization members.

"Huh? What? Oh!" Comix seemed to deliberate for a moment.

"First impressions…."

He pointed to Xemnas. "Boring and obsessed..."

He pointed to Xigbar. "Pirate fetish..."

Then to Xaldin. "Spider on your head..."

He stared at Lexaeus. "Quiet yet wise…"

Then at Zexion. "Emo..."

Then to Vexen. " Old crone..."

He blankly stared at Saix. "Wannabe elf who had an accident while shaving..."

He just grinned at Axel. "I already know you're a pyro..."

Then at Luxord. "Addicted to gambling, plain and simple..."

He frowned at Demyx. "Wuss..."

He evilly smiled at Marluxia. "Flower pansy, who I'm not sure is really a guy..."

He got a really cheeky grin when he saw Larxene. "Hot blond chick, who'se either way too tomboy, or likes to gangbang..."

He just smiled at Roxas. "Use waaaaaay too much hair jell..."

The finally, he smiled sweetly to the newly made Organization member, Namine. "Other hot blond chick, who definatly needs to get out more."

Finally finished, Comix took a deep breath and began again...

"Second impressions!"

He started up by first pointing to Xemnas and Saix. "I just know I'm gonna hate you guys..."

Then at Marluxia. "I'm probably gonna hate you..."

Then Demyx. "You're on the fence right now..."

Then, he just spread his arms out with a warm smile. "Everybody else, I don't have a problem with, yet. Besides, I just can't have a problem with hot chicks!" He exclaimed, smiling at the two female nobodies in question.

Everybody just stared at Comix while blinking. Xemnas, finally awoken from his shock, cleared his throat again, this time to bring everybody back to the real World that Never Was.

"Now then. Number XV, I will explain your duties..."

(half an hour later)

Comix turned to Axel and quietly groaned.

"This guy just drones on and on, doesn't he?" He quietly asked.

Axel just nodded. "Yup, pretty much. Believe it or not, this is only five minutes of a normal statement."

Cominx just groaned. "You'll get used to it after a while."

Comix snorted "Right, well, I'll be going to find a room now." He responded blankly while jumping off his seat and heading to the door, only to be stopped by Xemnas' slow monotone.

"Where do you think you're going, Number XV?"

Comix stopped and turned to Xemnas. "I believe I said I was going to find a room."

He then turned and proceeded toward the door, only to have spears surround him like a cage, and Xaldin to portal down in front of the door.

"You are to listen to our Superior." He stated calmly.

Comix just quirked an eyebrow, then suddenly an amused smile appeared on his face. An energy wave suddenly knocked Xaldin's spears away, revealing an exact copy of Xemnas standing where Comix was. Then the Xemnas copy began to speak.

"I'm the Superior! Bow down to me!" It said in a mocking voice. Then it returned to the form of Comix, who had on a cocky grin emerging on his face.

"Superior? Bullshit. I don't have to listen to anyone, so move," He began to speak with a highly arrogant tone, a tone that seemed to project him thinking he could beat anyone. However, Xaldin kept his composure, and stayed firm in front of Comix, all the while staring directly behind him.

Comix turned, only to see Xemnas and 'the Elf', standing behind him, with angry glares leveled on him.

"What?" Was his only response.

"You will obey my commands." Xemnas ordered fiercely.

"Oh, really? I will?" Comix asked, while pulling out a can of pink paint from another dimension.

"Then come make me obey, asshole."

The other members in the room were having thoughts along the lines of, 'Is this guy crazy?' and, 'He's so dead'. However, the only thoughts going through Axel's mind were.

"Man, this is gonna be good..."

But, what happened resulted in many shocked faces, and a lot of laughs.

Suddenly, without seeing him even move, Comix was behind Xaldin, and proceeded to cover him in pink paint. He then just smiled, and yelled.

"Hey Spidey-Head! That color looks good on you!"

The madman then proceeded to dance circles around Xaldin, and then he appeared behind Xemnas. What Comix did next mentally scarred everyone else in the room, except possibly Saix, by proceeding to pants the white haired 'Superior' of the Organization. Comix then just danced laughing out the Meeting Room door.

"He-he-he just painted Xaldin pink, and pantsed the Superior!" Demyx sputtered out, which took a great deal of effort. Marluxia, Axel, and Roxas just stood there beside the shocked nobody, just as scarred as he was, and simply nodded.

In the background, Larxene and Namine were rolling on the floor in laughter, while trying to save their cramping stomachs and ribs...

(One week later, Meeting room)

"Number II, Number XV, your mission is to go to the Land of Dragons. Observe the movements of the Heartless, and eliminate any overpowered enemies that could prove a later threat to Kingdom Hearts." Xemnas sternly informed.

"Okay, Oh Spaztastic One! Let's go." Xigbar yelled out with a grin.

"Okay Captain!" Comix responded, as the two laughed their way out of the room. They proceeded to the Gummi Ship bay, and took off.

'Land of Dragons'

(First battle/fight scene: Criticism is welcome so I can improve!)

As Comix stepped out of the Gummi Ship, and onto the cold snow of the mountain, he started to look around cautiously. When Xigbar came out and saw Comix looking back and forth quickly, he asked the madman a question.

"What's up you? You seem nervous." Comix just shushed him.

"Quiet! We're surrounded!" Comix's voice was only a harsh whisper, but Xigbar flinched at the sound of it. This wasn't the voice of the Comix he had gotten used to over the week, this Comix was a battle hardened warrior.

Suddenly, Heartless came from everywhere: NeoShadows, Nightwalkers, and by far their biggest problem, Assault Riders. Xigbar's first action was to drag out his guns, then he summoned a few sniper nobodies to assist them.

"Damn! You weren't kidding! 360 degrees of nothing but Heartless!" Xigbar said while looking around them.

Comix rolled his eyes, his back to the Cyclopean Sniper. "What, did you think I was lying?" Comix asked with an annoyed tone.

"No, it's just I didn't expect you to know they were here!" Xigbar responded.

Sensing no lie within Xigbar's words, Comix slid into a battle stance, his arms out and slightly behind him, his feet apart, he stood ready.

"I can hear them." Comix said in an emotionless voice.

"What?!" Xigbar asked, a bit confused, and nervous. There was no way this guy could hear the voice of these Heartless! no one else could, if anything, Xemnas should have been able to, let alone the rest of the Original Six!

(Within Comix's Mind)

"We are hungry, we want your heart. Give us your heart, we hunger!" A raspy voice cried out.

"Shut up, you little dark making bastards." Comix responded.

"We will kill you! We hunger! WE HUNGER!" The Heartless roared out.

"Dammit, here they come!" Comix yelled out.

(Back outside)

"Here they come!" Comix yelled, making sure his partner was still focussed.

Sure enough, the Heartless chose that moment to charge them. Xigbar started shooting from afar, as his minions darted around taking out the Nightstalkers.

Xigbar noticed that the Heartless just seemed to focus on Comix. Meanwhile, Comix had jumped straight into the charging Heartless, claws ripping through the fabric of his gloves.

He cut a NeoShadow in two as it jumped at him, then, as an Assault Rider attacked him with its spear, he grabbed it and flung the beast to the side, nocking back several other riders, and downright crushing the NeoShadows in the path of the flying rider.

Comix then proceded to use that spear as his own weapon, beginning to slay several dozen NeoShadows Nightstalkers with it. He lost the spear when an Assault Rider charged at him from behind, he jumped flipping onto the rider's back and thrust the spear through its, back while he threw his unused left hand to gut a NeoShadow that had tried to jump him.

Xigbar wasn't even shooting anymore as he watched the carnage that was Comix, however, he did notice that the slitted green eyes of Comix seemed to be filled with joyful gleam, as the nobody ripped through Heartless, and covered his hands in the dark tar like blood of his enemies.

"Hahahahaha! There isn't enough blood..."

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