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'way to the dawn'-weapons

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'Nox the Nothing'-this guy will only show up every once and a while

Written to Bodies- Drowning pool

He who knows Pain


-Unknown place-

"Run Connor!" yelled a woman's voice to a young boy. The boys pale hair shifted from side to side as he ran. 'please be alright mom' he thought franticly. They were catching up to him, the men in black armor.

"We shall slay you and set his majesty free" yelled one of the fanatical men.

'He He He it looks like this might be the end for you boy' the Nothing said.

'I guess' replied Coner then he smirked inside his mind 'but you'll be pulled into the nether when I die, not be free Nox'

Nox grumbled 'damn I forgot about that' he sighed 'you better run faster kid they're catching up'

Coner looked back 'damn' he thought as he kept running.

"you can't run forever Mikos." the man yelled as he got a few feet away. Coner grinned.

"calling me by my last name sure ya can keep up old man!" Coner shouted as he kept running. Sadly the man did keep up. He got close enough to grab Coner and swing his club down on Coner's head.

"DIE BRAT" the man shouted as he swung…


-Land of the Dragon-

Comix shot up in his mat breathing hard and sweating.

"Damn it" he mumbled "those memories again."

"So your awake" a voice asked. Comix looked up to meet the speaker's eyes.

"What's it to you Maragex" he said sounding quite unlike the madman Maragex had met earlier. Maragex snorted.

"You were keeping me up with all that murmuring and thrashing you were doing." Maragex replied. Comix smiled his normal smile his eyes back to their normal mischievous gleam.

"Well excuse me for keeping you awake Emo King" Comix said smirking "night".

Maragex glared at Comix as the nobody laid back down and rolled over so his back was to the aforementioned man.

"Annoying little bastard." Maragex mumbled. He was about to lay back down when he heard "Emo King" mumbled quietly by Comix. Glaring at the white haired nobody he turned around to try to sleep.


The next morning Maragex awoke to find that he and Xigbar, who had slept through last night's event, were the only ones left in the room.

"Xig hey Xig" he started.

"hmm huh?" was his only response.

Sighing Maragex raised his voice "Xig! Xigbar wake up" he continued like this for several moments till he got fed up and took a deep breath.

"Booze, Babes, and Blasters 90 percent off!" he yelled into Xigbar's ear.

"huh what wait a minute" Xigbar said groggily as he shot up and looked around. His eyes finally came to rest on Maragex.

"Damn it what the hell man?" he grumbled then said "what was that for?"

Maragex smirked "wake up call" he replied "plus the idiot is gone" he said motioning to Comix's empty mat.

"Yeah and?" Xigbar asked.

"Aren't you worried?" Maragex asked while raising an eyebrow.

"No" was Xigbar's simple reply then "For the month he's been with us he's always the first one up" he finished. Before Maragex could say anymore their was a knock at the door.

"Wake up sleepy heads time for breakfast!" said a cheery voice one obviously female.

'Yuffie' both men thought. "be there in a minute" Xigbar said. Maragex got up from his sitting position as Xigbar literally rolled out of bed. Maragex snorted before helping his friend up.

Both men went out into the dining hall where they found a table set for breakfast with soup and rice balls. Both men sat cross legged on the pillows next to the table.

"Finally we thought we were gonna have to eat without you" Riku, who was already seated with Yuffie, said jokingly. Maragex rolled his eyes while Xigbar chuckled until

"Blame sleeping beauty here" Maragex said motioning toward Xigbar. Xigbar stopped laughing and growled at Maragex. Yuffie clapped her hand together suddenly as Comix and Mulan sat down.

"ok lets eat!" she said and started to dig in. Maragex looked around and was surprised to find that he and Comix were the two eating slowest. Comix felt the stare and looked up.

"What's up Emo-king?" Comix asked in a cheery voice. Maragex's eyebrow rose.

"I'm just a bit surprised that your eating so slow." the man responded then turned to Mulan.

"Mulan who made this it's really good?" Maragex Questioned. Xigbar stopped eating long enough to give Maragex a quick 'I know something you don't' kind of grin. Mulan stopped eating and turned to Maragex.

"Well it was Comix who made this breakfast." she responded slowly. Maragex blinked and then blinked again. He sat blinking for a few moments then.

"Your kidding me right?" he asked with a 'your joking right' look on his face.

Xigbar smiled.

"No she's not since Comix came to the castle he's been cooking breakfast and bakes and makes great deserts" Xigbar said grinning "Xaldin has been asking him for tips on cooking." Maragex stared at Xigbar like he was crazy.

Meanwhile Yuffie was laughing at a random joke Comix was telling her. Riku meanwhile was staring at Comix like he was trying to figure out a puzzle.

After everyone was done and they cleaned up Comix jumped up and yelled

"I challenge the alter emokid to a spar." Riku blinked.

"Me" he asked "your kidding right?" Comix shook his head.

"No I'm not lets go alter emo!" Comix repeated as he grabbed Riku and dragged the boy out into the court yard. He left Riku at one end and went to the other. Turning back he said

"Hey Captain can you be the ref?" the cheery nobody asked Xigbar. Xigbar thought for a moment.

"Hmm sure why not this'll be interesting" Xigbar said with a laugh. Xigbar stood in the center of the courtyard and first turned to Comix.

"are you ready?" he asked.

"yup!" Comix said jovially. Xigbar then turned to Riku.

"are you ready?" Xigbar asked the key blade wielder. With a sigh of resignation Riku nodded his consent. Xigbar grinned.

"ready and begin!" Xigbar shouted as he jumped back out of the way. Riku summoned his key blade while charging Comix who stood there. As Riku came close and swung at Comix the nobody back flipped away and summoned a pair of tonfa and blocked Riku's next blow. As he parried the key blade's strike Comix twirled the tonfa in his other hand so that the longer end that should be toward his elbow was pointing at Riku as he jabbed at the boy's ribs.

Riku in response jumped back dodging the blow but as soon as the keyblader regained his footing the green eyed nobody was attacking him with a flurry of combos with both the tonfa and his feet. After a few moments of repetition Riku noticed an opening in Comix's guard and swung at the nobody's chest.

He hit nothing but air.

"What the?" Riku was shocked. He was faster then Sora and this Comix guy just dodged his strike. Riku was brought back to reality when a kick to his midback sent him face forward into the ground a few feet from where he was standing. He got up to see Comix laughing at him.

"Aww your not don't yet are you alter emo?" Comix asked childishly. Meanwhile Maragex was standing next to Xigbar watching the match.


"He's …. not bad" Maragex said shortly. Xigbar shook his head.

"He's playing with Riku." he stated matter of factly. Maragex quirked an eyebrow and turned to look Xigbar in the eye.

"Wada you mean?" he asked, a bit curious, not that he would tell anyone he was. Xigbar took a deep breath.

"I saw some crazy shit when we first got here man." he said. Seeing Maragex's questioning look he elaborated.

"Comix may be crazy but I think he has a good excuse considering he can hear the heartless in his head plus we fought a bunch of heartless when we got here and he slaughtered em like a grizzly bear attacking a house cat." Maragex got his answer but that wasn't what he expected especially not in the way Xigbar said that with a straight face. The weirdest part was seeing his friend shiver when talking about the other nobody's ability to hear the heartless. That's when the answer actually hit him.

"Wait wait wait your saying that this annoying nut job is not only really strong but can literally hear the heartless?" Maragex hoping he heard wrong. Xigbar just nodded his head. Maragex snorted.

"Not bad I guess." he affirmed as he watched Comix knock 'way to the dawn' from Riku's grip.

Riku jumped back and swiftly picked up his key blade and quickly parried and pushed Comix back before swiftly swinging at Comix's left shoulder. Comix's eyes opened wide 'that was just like…'


-flash back-

As the club came down on Coner he swore he was dead before he heard the clang. He looked up to find a swordsman parrying the club. The swordsman proceeded to knock the other man back before swiftly cleaving him from should to hip. Coner had seen death many times for one so young but it was never pleasant. He ended up puking on his savior's boots. The swordsman looked down at the sound of wrenching.

"aww man eh kid you all right?" he asked rubbing Coner's back. "what's your name?" he asked Coner. Taking a deep breath Coner replied.

"Coner, Coner Mikos" he said looking up into the swordsman's dark face. The swordsman smiled.

"well little Coner Mikos I'm Bahk Nalim and from now on your teacher….

-flashback end-


As time went back to normal for Comix he quickly blocked the key blade. Mumbling to himself Comix dropped the other tonfa grabbed Riku by his shirt and threw the boy over his shoulder and through the door back into Mulan's house. Shocked for a moment Xigbar finally said.

"Umm I think that makes Comix the winner." Comix blinked a few times before taking a deep breath to calm him self he spun around and cheered.

"I win I win!" he yelled happily. "take that alter emo!" Maragex meanwhile had seen the angry look on Comix's face moments before and was wondering to himself 'is this guy bipolar or something?' he didn't get a chance to ponder this as an explosion at the city gates drew everyone's attention.

"Lets go everyone!" Maragex shouted taking command. The others nodded and ran toward the gates. It seemed as if someone or something wanted to play.

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