Teletubbies: Ultimate Censorers

WRITER'S NOTE:Hello again. Just came to say again that I do not own any of the characters mentioned in this story EXCEPT Khim (the tire repair guy from Chapter 12) , and as you'll see later in this chapter, the characters the Telecronies (Tricky Whippy, Dipstick, Blah Blah, and Foe) and King Boozbah. Those mentioned characters are copyright Writer's Blah. Have fun reading, 'cause this is the longest chapter in the story.

Chapter 14: A Hidden Adversary

As the posse watched the cube that once held South Park explode, they headed towards the Telebubbies' home cube. "Hey, aren't you guys going back to your cubes?" asked Po to Spongebob, the Barney team, and Criss Angel.

"Na. We'll stick around for a while," answered Criss.

They had chosen their decision. So they entered the Telebubbies' cubes to return to Teletubbie/Telebubbie Land. However, as they entered, they noticed something different about home…it was night! The Golden Tubbie was nowhere to be found, and the once peaceful and cute bunnies that inhabited the hills near the Tubbie house had dug an underground hole and entered it. The secret area was lifted from the ground and was now in plain view. Phil and Sheila sat on the grass with worried faces. Dipsy first approached them. "Phil! Sheila! What happened here?!"

"Hello Dipsangule. The Golden Tubbie has left us for battle."


"We were invaded…and our home was uprooted from the underground chambers for protection."

"Who invaded us?"

"We were invaded…by the Boohbahs."

(Dun, dun dun)

"What?! How did those oversized marshmallows defeat us?"

"Well, we readied our defenses and Noo Noo activated his defense mode, but all mechanical weapons suddenly went dead, and we were overtaken. Now The Golden Tubbie has left for Storyworld to defeat the Boohbahs, but I'm afraid he won't be able to defeat them alone. He needs help. He needs you guys."

Dipsy returned to his friends. "I can't believe it. We were overtaken…and we weren't there to prevent it," Dipsy said, head down.

Tinky Winky, for once, felt sympathetic. "Don't be so hard on yourself. You did everything in your power to protect the television network from evils. Just because one fell in our absence doesn't mean we're failures."

"Yes. Yes it does. But this won't last long. We are going to the Boohbahs' world, and we will put an end to their horrible tyranny."

"Now there's the Dipsy we all know and love," smiled Spongebob.

Dipsy opened a portal to the Select Show area. "Come on guys. We've got an empire to stop."

So they headed towards the Boobahs' cube and entered quickly. The hills that were once there were replaced by an enormous castle! "Wow. I had no idea the Boohbahs had such good taste," muttered Criss.

"Don't get sidetracked. We need to find the Boohbahs," ordered Dipsy.

They dashed towards the gate, and Criss busted it open with his Mindfreak powers. The inside of the castle was even more impressive than the outside. Red rugs went across the grainy stone tile, and pictures of the Boohbahs were laid across the wall. They walked through the long hallway until they reached a door leading to the center garden. Walls surrounded the garden, a large grass field laid in front of our heroes, as well as a fountain at the center and a small staircase surrounding it leading to a higher part of the garden. They would need all this space though, because as soon as they set foot on the grass, the five Boohbahs jumped from a window from a tall tower and dashed towards the heroes. "Teletubbies? You're alive?" asked Jumbah, the blue one.

"Alive? What do you mean alive? Are we supposed to not be alive?" asked Po.

"I told you that bomb would not work!" whispered Zing Zing Zingbah, the orange one.

"Bomb? You mean the one that knocked us out?" asked Tinky Winky.

"Knocked you out? That bomb was supposed to kill you!"

"Kill me? Why would you want to kill us?" asked Dipsy.

"You see, we have been so underestimated and scored so lowly with the public that we have grown tired of this! We have chosen that we shall destroy the Teletubbies, the only ones that could have the audacity to confront us, and then overthrow every single television show to rule the world!" shouted Jingbah, the hot pink one.

Dipsy tried to coax them. "Overtaking the television network won't just hurt the public. It will hurt everyone…including you. You have no idea what kind of mayhem that would incise upon all shows. Your tyranny would make others plan schemes to overthrow you, and your position in power could jeopardize your entire life."

The Boohbahs, unfortunately, did not care for these things. "Our tyranny would send out soldiers to spy all people, so no one could dare overthrow us without us knowing about it."

"Please! You don't need to do this!"

The Boohbahs readied a fighting stance. "Apparently, I do. And now, I will destroy the only thing that's standing between me and absolute power: the Teletubbies and their friends!"

The Boohbahs suddenly whistled strangely, and a giant door behind them opened slowly with loud, creaking sounds.

From the door came the usual Boohbah sidekicks, Mr. Man, Mrs. Lady, Grandmamma, Grandpappa, Brother, Sister, and of course, Little Dog Fido, but behind them came what looked like the opposite of the Telebubbies! "Teletubbies, have you met your match, the TeleCRONIES? Teletubbies, meet the Telecronies, each with their own weapon specialty! I present to you, Tricky Whippy—whip! Dipstick—poison darts! Blah Blah—dual swords! And lastly, our personal favorite…Fo—bazooka!"

Unlike the other Telecronies, Fo looked nothing like Potelier! Where his antennae should be, a black Mohawk replaced it! Fo also had grown a light beard, he sported shades, and when he grinned maliciously, which he almost always did, he bared his gold tooth…a far cry from the real Po! The only thing he held that made him look more intimidating than he already was, was his giant bazooka! Fo again grinned Fo style, slightly scaring Spongebob. "Ready yourselves, Teletubbies, for the beginning of the end!" Jingbah claimed.

Spongebob looked more closely at the Boohbahs, and suddenly realized something. "That's them! Those are the fat silhouettes I was talking to you about when we left futuristic New York!"

Jumbah looked at Spongebob. "Ah, yes! The Swiss cheese cube man that ruined our plans for Barney's show! We are sure to take care of you too!" revealed Jumbah.

"Any ideas?" gulped Barney.

"Well, let's see…there's nine of us, and sixteen of them…just fight 'till your last breath!" counted Dipsy.

"That will be sooner than you think, Teletubbies, you fools!"


The Boohbahs, without warning, jumped an inch in the air, their legs moved insanely, and dashed at an incredible speed! They easily dashed over the heroes, toppling all of them over! Blah Blah came in jumping in with her dual swords, and slashed Lala crazily, nearly shredding her. Luckily, Lala's boomerang blocked the sword slashes barely, protecting her face. Tricky Whippy danced around with his whip, hitting Tinky Winky several times while Tinky danced to avoid the lashes. Dipsy was reflecting Dipstick's darts with his antennae bolts, making them fall. Not one hit him, but Criss was hit directly in his navel, paralyzing him! Luckily, the effects were only temporary. Po was dealing with Fo's lit shots. Fo laughed maniacally while Po barely dodged the shots. Po found an opening in the slaughter, and fired an antennae bolt at Fo, but his sunglasses prevented him from being blinded from the shot, allowing to hop out of the way.

Barney was dealing with Mr. Man and Mrs. Lady. Mr. Man was secretly a Taekwondo champion, so he aerial kicked Barney, supported by Mrs. Lady, using her fingernails to scratch. Barney bit the nails, and spit them at Mr. Man. He lifted his arm, the nails digging into his skin. His right arm was disabled, but for him, it was no great loss. Baby Bop was circling Grandmamma, and Baby Bop attempted the head butt her, but Grandmamma ninja jumped on top of Baby Bop, making Baby Bop shake her off. Spongebob was…err…intimidated by Little Dog Fido. Fido barked and growled at Spongebob, creeping him out. As Fido attempted to pounce Spongebob, he formed a giant gap in his body, which Fido jumped through as if jumping through a hoop.

Criss finally lifted himself from the grass, over the poison effect. Stubborn Brother lifted his fist at Criss, but Criss easily dodged, by vanishing and reappearing several feet back, where Sister slapped his face. B.J. came to Criss' rescue and squashed Sister. But all the Boohbahs dashed at Criss, and before he could Mindfreak, the crazed feet bounced him to the wall, creating a small crater in his shape. "Okay, that hurt!"

The Boohbahs ran over everyone else in just a matter of ten seconds, and as they began to climb back on their feet, they would come back and knock them down again…painfully. "This is impossible!" shouted Spongebob.

"Exactly, fool! Now prepare to die!" shouted Fo.

As they all trembled in fear, and expected the worst, there came a voice. "Looks like you guys could use some help!"

It was someone they knew. Dipsy looked up, and stayed sitting there, mouth open. From out of the blue…came the Hover Shell! As it landed, the Boohbahs were knocked back from the weight of the thrusters. "Yes! Right back at ya!" shouted Tinky.


From the Hover Shell came out not only the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with Splinter and Cody, but from the bridge also came Noo Noo, Fergy, Paulie, Franklin, and Langston! All of their allies were here! "Say, how did you find us?" asked Dipsy.

"Yeah well, earlier I planted a GPS system on Spongebob to not lose him by accident. Since we kinda saw you needed help, we'd figure we could round up your other allies and catch up with you later," explained Donatello.

"O…kay, that's still weird, but who cares? Now we're more evenly matched!"

The turtles readied their weapons and looked at the Boohbahs. "…That's it? This is the big problem?" questioned Michelangelo.

"They may look harmless, but they're actually extremely tough." warned Donatello.

"Yeah, right."

The turtles took no warning, jumped on one of the Boohbah's bodies…and was bounced back. "Ha, ha. Nice try, reptile," taunted Jingbah.

"Reptile? Does that also include me?" asked Langston.

"Langston, dude, chillax. They just meant the giant turtles, not you," explained Franklin.

"Really? Well then, I guess they won't mind if I do this!" shouted Langston, as he took out his net, slammed it down on Zing Zing Zingbah's head, lifted it, spun it dizzily, and threw it at the brick wall.

"Whoa…bumped by a dang piñata!"

He then collapsed.

Zumbah headed towards Langston, but as he did, Noo Noo and Cody's Turtle X started throwing a barrage of different weapons at him. Zumbah was encased in ice by all the cold weapons thrown at him, and then melted by Noo Noo's flame thrower.

Leonardo picked himself and his brothers up, and were about to try to kick Jumbah's body again, but Splinter stopped them. "Wait, my sons. Wait…" Jumbah dashed crazily at the ninjitsu masters. "…and then attack!" Splinter kicked Jumbah on his face, rolling him into the fountain, knocked out.

The only Boohbahs left standing were Jingbah and Humbah, so they took drastic measures. "That's it! We've had enough of this foolishness, prepare to be defeated!" Jingbah and Humbah lifted their feet off the ground, and started flying!

"Oh, man. These guys can fly? They're really light on their feet for oversized marshmallows!" complained Tinky.

"Fliers or not, they must be taken down!" said Dipsy.

"I'm afraid we will not allow that," said Humbah.

The two Boohbahs held hands like a skydiver circle, and both emitted a strange bolt of colored power that was launched downwards, taking half of the turtles out of commission! "Oh, snap!" yelled Mikey, as he fell to the ground disabled temporarily. Donny fell with him, leaving two out of the party.

"Hey! What's the big idea?! For a couple of guys that look like gumdrops, I don't feel like eating you. For hurting our friends, I feel like taking you two out of commission!" yelled Fergy. "Paulie, cover for me!"

"Much obliged, my friend," said Paulie.

Fergy jumped out, spinning his ridiculously shaped body at the Boohbahs. Humbah got out of the way, which was more than I could say for Jingbah, who was knocked down like a bowling pin. "Grr…that's it! I've had enough! See you later fools!" yelled Humbah, in a scary sort of way.

Humbah started dashing towards everyone in the air, scaring almost all of them out of the way. The only one who didn't move was Franklin, who simply held out his hands and caught Humbah. "I don't believe in fighting, but as I might have done with Monty Mousemallow, I will do anything to do protect my friends, so let us engage in combat!"

"Have it your way, grizzly bear!"

"That's Fizzlybear to you!"

Franklin spun Humbah like a weight in the Olympic Games throw, crashing him into the wall, which after so many hits, crumbled into pieces. "That's the last of the Boohbahs," studied Paulie.

"Which leaves the Telecronies to us!" commanded Dipsy.

Tricky Whippy stepped forward with the rest of the clan. "Are you sure you want to mess with us?"

Dipsy shook his head "yes". Fo stepped forward, grinning menacingly with his gold tooth glittering like a blinding sun. "Ha ha ha! These are the fools we are supposed to face? I pity the bubs!" he said in his unique Mr. T voice.

"Grr…that's it! Allow me to take on this joker, the Mr. T wannabe!" challenged Po!

Po suddenly took a fighting stance and launched himself, feeling like a full-fledged powerhouse. "Okay, I give you points for toughness, but can you handle our weapon onslaught?" threatened Fo.

The Telecronies also prepared for battle, as Fo cocked his bazooka. Tricky Whippy readied his whips, and threw the first lash at Lala, who blocked the whip with her boomerang. As the whip rolled around the boomerang, Lala swung it back at Tricky and knocked him down. Dipstick rushed to Tricky. "Are you going to let a girl do that to you?"

Tricky lowered his eyelids smugly, and quickly got back to his feet. He grabbed his whip back and hit Lala again. Without the boomerang to protect her this time, she raised her arm and allowed the whip to roll around her arm. She winced at the pain, but quickly got over it, and landed the whip in her hand. She lashed out at Tricky, slashing him once or twice. Dipstick came to Tricky's assistance, and blew a poison dart at Tinky Winky. It hit him in the antennae, not hurting him, but temporarily disabling his antennae bolts. "Ach!"

"Tinky, no! You'll pay for that!" shot Dipsy, ironic as he shot his bolt at Dipstick. It blew away his blowgun as well, leaving him defenseless. Dipsy shot another one at Dipstick, who was in front of Tricky, toppling both of them down to the ground.

Meanwhile, Lala used her new whip and boomerang to take out Blah Blah. It wasn't easy, because Blah Blah's dual swords slashed at Lala repeatedly, like when Kirby faced Bugzy, but due to master skills of alternating with the boomerang to lunge Blah Blah's arm outward, then using the whip to slash her several times while disabled. Lala then jumped back as Blah Blah attempted to aerial slash her, then when open, Lala sent an antennae bolt at Blah Blah, knocking her out.

For the last one, Po was facing the malicious Fo. Fo popped out his bazooka. "GET READY TO ROCK AND ROLL, DUDE!"

"You can bet on that, sucker!" Po challenged.

Both circled each other, waiting for an opening. Fo reacted first, and fired his bazooka at Po. Po was hit in his leg, but it didn't hurt him much. Po laughed at the pain. "You call that a shot? Ha! How's about this?"

Po fired an antennae bolt at Fo hardly, and punished him! Fo went flying upwards, and Po jumped in the air, while spinning insanely. While the antennae spun wildly, it smacked Fo several times, and submitted him into the stone fountain. The crater from the smash landing made grey bricks go flying across the garden, and Po landed on top of Fo's body. "Any last words, shooter?"

"Just these. I pity the me!"

Po kicked Fo between his legs, and he went flying to the top of the front tower of the palace. "That takes care of the last one! Looks like we've won again!" said Tinky Winky.

As soon as he said that, the extremely large wooden double doors that lay several feet in front of the floor led by two small staircases opened. "I wish that were true Tinky. Looks like we're not finished yet," warned Dipsy.

The Telebubbies and company headed in the door, leading to a circular room with a winding, seemingly endless staircase. "Up there! Let's go!"

As they climbed the staircase, they breathed deeply, exhausted from sprinting so much. "Huff…hey, guys…puff…what's that?"

As the end of the staircase reared its head, another circular room with many windows spread evenly across the walls appeared in front of them. But what caught Dipsy's attention was small, levitating, white and multi-colored, semi-transparent sparkled ball. "I don't know, but we're gonna find out!" answered Criss.

Po approached the mysterious ball, jumped into the air, and dived into the ball while he shrunk to fit inside the ball, like when Mario enters Boo's Big Haunt world in Super Mario 64. " PO! Are you alright?"

Po's voice echoed from the balll, "Of course I am! Come on in here! There's like a whole 'nother world in here!"

So they took heed to Po's words, and they all entered the floating ball. Inside they encountered a lined room whose walls would change colors. They also found a white five-seated carousel whose seats resembled spoons. "What kind of joke is this?" asked Paulie.

"Well look above the carousel! There's some sort of incomplete portal!"

"Then let's see what it is!"

They all shimmied up the carousel and entered the portal. Inside, the room turned upside down, and they all slowly floated downwards onto some blue-colored floor, with these weird different colored, sparkly, rubber-looking stones with a spiral trench, the path paved with colored stones. At the center of the trench, was a circular floor of…sand. "Okay, I have to admit. The Boohbahs are great interior decorators."

"Well, I'll keep that in mind once I destroy all of you!" said a mysterious voice. Everyone looked up…and saw a Boohbah! But this one wasn't one of the ones the Telebubbies had already defeated. This one was much larger, fatter, and was colored white. He also wore a golden crown with different jewels on it. He slowly lowered himself to the floor. "Grr! My lackeys have failed me! But this is alright. You know what they say! 'If you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself'! In this case, the matter would be destroying my long time adversaries, the Teletubbies!"

"That's Telebubbies." said Spongebob.

"Whatever! I warn you however, to attack me is futile. Your king came 'round here a while ago, but he won't be leaving anytime soon!"

"The Golden Tubbie! Where is he?"

"He's hidden in these very walls. But why do you care?"

"Why do we care?! He's our leader and friend, gosh-darn it!"

"Well, take my word. Abandon your silly king and give up! Submit to my rule!"

"Never, marshmallow man!"

"THAT'S BOOHBAH! And my name is King Boozbah! Now then, prepare to be vanquished!"

King Boozbah started floating upwards, and dived headfirst at the group. The members from TMNT: FF and Viva Piñata were hit, while everyone else dodged. "Guh!" shouted Raphael.

Dipsy back flipped to dodge, and while in the air, smashed himself into Boozbah while firing an antennae bolt. Both attacks hit him, but he absorbed the bolt! "Ha! Those measly electric shock balls do me no harm!"

"Darn it! That's our most useful and easiest to fire attack!"

"Then you are fools for thinking that you can defeat me!"

"Oh well. Guys, it looks like we're gonna have to do this old school-style!" decided Dipsy.

Spongebob flew into the air, wrapped himself on Boozbah, and brought him to the floor, while everyone else ganged up on him and mercilessly attacked Boozbah with punches and kicks. After a while, Boozbah lifted himself, and shook off everyone on him. He then threw his crown at Criss, who forced it back at Boozbah. But he only grabbed it, and landed it back on his head. "Not bad."

"Not bad? Then you could use some help!" said someone.

Everyone looked up, and saw all the Boohbahs, along with the Telecronies and the Storypeople, now bringing Auntie and Riff with them! "Wonderful! Now, Mr. Man…Mrs. Lady…beat them!" commanded Boozbah.

"'Beat them'? You couldn't have gone the extra mile and say something like, 'Kill them', or 'Annihilate them', or even 'Exterminate' or 'Obliterate them'?" recommended Tinky.

"I'm part of a children's program. It's against my nature," answered Boozbah.

"Yeah, tell that to the Willy Wonka guy."

"Fine. Anyway, do as you're told, servants!"

Mr. Man and Mrs. Lady started at our heroes. The minions took a lead by performing a dual spinning piledriver. It got in a couple hits onto the Telebubbies, Spongebob, and the piñatas, who were batted into pieces. "This is humiliating! All my life I avoid parties to stay candy-filled, and now I am being beaten by a mutant piece of candy! I never thought candy had a dark side, for piñatas, anyway," complained Fergy.

"Let's just hope that the others don't end up like us, because unlike us, they won't stay alive if they're wrecked into pieces!" explained Langston.

"Gee, thanks for that comforting thought," muttered Dipsy sarcastically.

"Whoops, sorry."

In the middle of all this action, the turtles recovered. Mr. Man attempted to headbutt Michelangelo and Spongebob, but they both jumped onto his back, and slapped his butt. "Hyah! Giddyup, Rising Sun!" they taunted together.

They choked him enough for him to stay alive, but enough to keep him under control, so they rode him into Mrs. Lady, who was trying to scratch out Raphael and Tinky. They collided into each other, and they all went flying into the air. Mrs. Lady crashed onto the floor, but Raphael and Tinky hitchhiked a ride on Mr. Man. "Looks like you owe me one, Raph!" smiled Mikey.

"Don't push your luck, bro."

To top it off, Riff came into contact with Barney, B.J., and Baby Bop. "Did you really think I was your friend, Barney? Ha! Fool you are, just like your personality," insulted Riff.

"What?! You think I'm a fool?! We'll see who's the fool now!" erupted Barney.

Barney flipped in the air, landed on Riff, and punched her for a very long time, until Riff was knocked out. "…That was easy," muttered Baby Bop.

As King Boozbah watched the dog pile closely, he realized that these "cute, defenseless Teletubbies" were a force to be reckoned with! However, just when things seemed like things couldn't get any wilder, on the east wall came a bright, yellow wave of light through the wall. Soon after came out another wave of light, then another, and another until it would blind you if you looked directly at it, and in several seconds, the purple, glittery stone wall was blasted into medium-to-large, jagged stones. A white light came from the shadowy gap, and out came the Golden Tubbie…in the form of a regular Telebubbie! He resembled Lala in color, and Tinky in figure, a radiant light surrounded his body, and the regular Telebubbie antennae was replaced by a rickety ember. "Hello, bubs," greeted the Golden Tubbie. (The Golden Tubbie's voice resembles that of Avatar Roku's from Avatar: the Last Airbender.)

"The Golden Tubbie? Is that you?" asked Dipsy.

"Please, call me Goldie."

Goldie smiled, and the Boohbahs panicked. "Boozbah! We were outnumbered to begin with, and now we've got another rival who is super-powerful! How in the heck are we gonna triumph in this handicap match where our opponents have the edge?" rushed Jumbah.

"Not to worry, underling. I have a foolproof plot. Jumbah! Round up your siblings and activate the rainbow portal!" directed Boozbah.

Jumbah saluted his king, and harvested his siblings. They flew into the air, while our heroes looked up in awe. The Boohbahs looped around each other and without warning, grabbed arms, formed a skydiver-like circle, and each emitted a different note from their head. The colored note beams merged together, launched into the sandy floor, and activated the rainbow portal. "That is all, underlings, but I say to you all, do not enter the portal!" shouted Boozbah.

King Boozbah flipped into the portal. The Telebubbies were aware of this and chased Boozbah down into the portal. "Oh, you're not getting away that easily!" warned Dipsy, and with that, Tinkonius Winkolemue, Dipsangule, Larentila, Potelier, and the Golden Tubbie followed into the portal. Spongebob and the others chased after the Telebubbies. "Wait! You forgot us!" bellowed Spongebob.

But as the rest of them jumped to dive into the portal, the portal deactivated, and they hurt as they smashed face first into the dust. "NO! I'm sorry, guys."

As Spongebob drooped his head in guilt, Franklin Fizzlybear and Langston Lickatoad had amazingly fixed themselves, and helped reform Paulie and Fergy. "It's all right, sponge dude. We have to take care of business up here getting rid of these pests that so-called king calls underlings!" reminded Franklin.

The Telebubbies including Goldie dropped into a room that looked like it was snow covered or made of ice, the walls were turquoise with white, sparkly circles, and the landscape of the floor was another spiral ditch, the center, this time being about ten yards in circumference. The Telebubbies looked up to see Boozbah slowly come about eight inches off the floor. As he stood in midair, he laughed calmly, with a hint of evil. The Telebubbies readied themselves for anything. Their eyes were smug, constantly moving. After about several minutes of ominous atmosphere, King Boozbah dive-bombed the five-man squad. (including one woman) They ducked, and Goldie back flipped onto Boozbah's back. As he surfed on the white Boohbah's back, he jumped two inches in front of his path, and ground pounded him down onto the icy spiral.

As Boozbah collapsed onto the ground and rolled to the base floor, the other Telebubbies body slammed the giant Boohbah. They then started punching him like there was no tomorrow! Just as sudden as a shrill whistle, Boozbah levitated several inches off the ground and shook them all off his body, dropping them onto the floor. "Higuh…not bad. However, you're still pretty mediocre. Tell me, opponents, can you fend against this?"

Boozbah spun like a top and created several mini cyclones. The cyclones twisted madly towards the small group. Goldie looked at one of the cyclones, made a strange sound, and the cyclone stopped in its tracks! Literally, you could see the current of air and shape as if it was still spinning, but the image stood in only one image and position! Suddenly, the cyclone started spinning twice as fast as it had before, but it went in reverse, and it directly, no holds barred, hit King Boozbah. He went flying, this time with no control. He dizzily made loops in the air, and crashed into the wall. He was ricocheted back to earth, and the Telebubbies, forgetting Boozbah was resistant to them, shot an antennae bolt. The bolt only made his body be traced with electricity, doing no damage whatsoever. However, Po and Dipsy had charged their bolts, and though it did not hurt Boozbah, it stunned him momentarily. This gave all five of them a fighting chance. They again ganged up on him, and beat the heck out of him. But only moments after the mob rumble began, did Boozbah lift himself up again. Thus, the weapon-filled melee began again.

This time, Boozbah sent a sneak assault with a flame launch that jumped behind the group and flew to the dead center of the room, unnoticed. However, Po did notice it, and antennae bolted it. Crazily enough, now of all times, did the Telebubbies realize that they had another primary attack source. Not only did the flame poof out of existence, but the flame went inside Po's antennae. Po attempted to stun Boozbah with a charged up antennae bolt, but instead of an antennae bolt coming out, a fireball came from Po's antennae! The fireball hit Boozbah, which did a good amount of damage to him, roughening him up a bit. Dipsy took advantage of the sudden confusion, and hit Boozbah with an antennae whirl. The fire hit Dipsy's antennae, so now he had the fireball ability as well as Po. Dipsy and Po threw a hefty amount of fireballs at Boozbah, Lala used her boomerang to keep Boozbah from getting back to his feet, Tinky used supercharged antennae bolts to keep stunning him, and Goldie went about using Mindfreak-like powers to keep Boozbah at bay. Being torn down from the different sources of attack power, Boozbah collapsed again, and the five dog piled him again.

Boozbah had nearly given up, when he got a delicious idea. He shot another flame from his finger, but this time at the wall. The flame began to burn the wall, and before long, it had reached the floor! "Um, Goldie? I hate to complain, but we are about to be thrown into an endless abyss, and Boozbah is about to win! What now?" asked Po nervously.

"I'm thinking…and I'm liking! Okay, remember when you were fighting the Grim Reaper clones?"

"How did you know about that?"

"Long story. Anyway, you guys teamed up to create an enormous antennae bolt! If a charged up antennae bolt can stun him, and with my kind of power, think about what kind of damage that would inflict! The S.C.M.Q.W.S.S., the Super Charged Mindfreak Quintuple Whammy Spiral Shot, is our final option, and it looks like it is right now!"

It was double or nothing, so of course, they went for the 'double'. They formed a circle at the center of the floor, joined hands, and focused all their power in an antennae bolt. They kept their aim on Boozbah so that they could not miss. After about thirty seconds of charging, in the center of the circle, an electric form of matter appeared. Slowly, these blue lines merged together to create a ball. Goldie focused an extra energy into the ball, and the edges of the ball became enticed with a ring of fire, and the color of the ball turned slightly red. Gradually, the ball became larger than any antennae bolt yet, enormous in its size, and it ever so slowly floated into the air. Suddenly, the ball wiggled a bit, a multi-colored core visible at the center of the bolt, and it, as fast as lightning, hit King Boozbah! King Boozbah roared with pain, slowly began to spin, and turned into a mess of white stars!

"That's it. I can't believe it. We finally did it!" said Dipsy triumphantly.

The rainbow portal appeared at the ceiling, the Golden Tubbie threw all the other Telebubbies to the top, and then the Golden Tubbie retained his original form, the sun baby, and floated up the portal.

All the Boohbah helpers and other underlings were on the floor, moaning with agony. Raphael approached the Telebubbies. "Hey, bubs. Glad to see you're okay. And those guys? No sweat. We all joined and defeated them all. Seriously, it was a piece of cake. So how'd it go with the big boss?"

"We did it. We beat him."

"Awesome. So does this mean we're through?"

Dipsy smiled, and answered, "Yeah. We're through."