Teletubbies: Ultimate Censorers

Chapter 15: The Wrap-Up

As the Telebubbies overlooked the horizon, Criss came to their attention. "Hey guys. So, I just came to tell you that I'm gonna go back to Vegas."

"All right. See ya."

As Criss opened a portal with his hand, he turned around again. "Oh, and another thing. Now that you've defeated the Boohbahs, someone needs to take their place as manager of Storyworld, in other words, king. So, I figure that would be…"

Tinky popped up, "Me?"

"Umm…no. Dipsy."

Dipsy perked back. "Me? Shouldn't the Golden Tubbie…"

"I talked to him. He says that you're ready."



Dipsy was more surprised than he ever would be. "Wow. I'm speechless!"

So it turned out being that Dipsy became king of both Storyworld and Telebubbie Land! He was assisted by his siblings, his original leader, Spongebob, and a mysterious young man who insisted on being referred to as Writer's Blah. Days passed. One day, all of his acquaintances and allies came to visit him in the new Telebubbie Citadel. Dipsy was in the new laboratory with Tinky, his, as mentioned near the beginning of the story, dim-witted assistant. "Hey there, Dipsy, Tinky," greeted Cody.

"Oh hey, everyone. Check this out! All I do is pour a drop of this red liquid into this orange fluid, and…" The container exploded. "…I've invented my new trademark 'Kaboom Juice'! When you drink it, you feel an imploding feeling in your stomach, yet it is unharmed when you look at it. Observe." Tinky took a sip, and jolted into the air. He then burped, and smoke went out of his mouth.


"Plus, it doesn't harm your lungs or heart or brain like a cigarette!"

"Cool! So the reason we came here was to tell you that there's a strange portal in Piñata Island, and it's…"

At that moment, Lala, Po, Spongebob, and Writer's Blah entered. "Hey Dipsy. What's going on?" asked Spongebob.

"There's a new portal at Piñata Island."

Writer's Blah stepped in front and said, "Yeah I know. It leads to the alternate universe Franklin once went to. Colonel Cuddles and Spanklin are arguing on the state of their world, being so close to the string universe, or the Piñata Island that Franklin, Fergy, and the piñatas live on."

"Wait a minute, how did you…"

"…know? Yeah, I wrote that."

"What do you mean?"

"This is all a story. That's right. None of this ever actually happened."

"WHAT?! So, this a story…"

"…on a website known as It is a site on the internet where people write stories based on things that already exist, so unless the person has enough money to borrow the rights to the thing they based their story on, it can't be published as a book. That applies for all the stories on the site, including this one."

"So…what now?" asked Criss.

Langston popped his head up. "What now? I'll tell you what now! Now, Paulie and Fergy are going to a party!"

"Cripes! We're out of here!" Paulie and Fergy said together, and left the citadel running, followed by the chaser, Langston.

Dipsy looked at Franklin, who was still there. "Do ya think Langston will ever catch them?"

"Na. Langston is a persistent dude, but he'll never catch the rebels."

"Strike that, Frankie. Langston will catch them one day, and that day is soon," corrected Writer's Blah. "And now, what will really happen now, to answer Dipsy's question, is that this story is going to be followed by a character parade."

"Um, okay, sure. Let's have it shown now," guessed Dipsy.

"You mean written. This is a story, remember?"

"Oh, that's right. Then let's read it now!" said Dipsy.

"Got it. The parade starts now!"

You have been reading Teletubbies: Ultimate Censorers, an original story by Writer's Blah, featuring the following characters:

TINKONIUS WINKOLEMUE- "I'm the star of this story!"


LARENTILA- "Actually, we all are!"

POTELIER- "But it leans more towards Dipsy."

SPONGEBOB- "That's pretty hard to comprehend."

BARNEY- "I love you, you love me…"

B.J.- "This is not your show, it's a stoooory."

BABY BOP- "The show is still on the air it's not a shame, this story will be made into a video game."

ROSEANNE- "Those silly pop rocks broke my awesome badness."

D.J.- "Mommy, help. I'm still good!"

JACKIE- "Yeah, but there's no cure. We'll be stuck like this FOREVER!"

DAN- "Thanks for putting me on this list for only being mentioned in this story."

DARLENE- "My dog can too race! And it can totally beat your dog's (beep) in any sport!"

CONSTABLE BIGGLES- "Those turtles will put me out of a job."

LEONARDO- "Sorry, Biggles. Just have to keep doing our thing."

MICHELANGELO- "And now, I've got to go to destroy the cast of the game Halo!"

DONATELLO- "Help. I'm still in Storyworld and I don 't know how to get out."

RAPHAEL- "Looks like I'm gonna have to beat the answers out of someone."

SPLINTER- "I need to get out of here! I'm missing my soaps!"

CODY- "Which is more than I can say for me."

DARIUS- "I've been watching too much Wizard of Oz."

ZIXX- "You mean that film which is more than 150 years old?

TRIPLE THREAT- "Yeah, that's the one."

DARK TURTLES- "How would they know?

THE COLLECTOR- "They are freakier than me, that's why."

SH'OKONABO- "Why are we all arguing?"

VIRAL- "Because of that (beep) movie."

ZUKO- "(grunts)"

STERLING- "That means that he thinks that this entire cast list is stupid!"



SQUIDWARD- "Whatever."

MR. KRABS- "You should visit therapy Mr. Squidward."

PLANKTON- "Finally, we agree on something."

SANDY CHEEKS- "With Spongebob's low salary, it will be a miracle if he proposes with a nice ring!"

RIFF- "Why am I a villain?"


FRANKLIN- "No one is gonna be, like, quiet until this list is, like over."

PAULIE- "Fergy! Langston is catching up to us!"

FERGY- "Don't worry, Paulie. He'll never catch us!"

LANGSTON- "That's not what Mr. Blah told me!"

PROFESSOR PESTOR- "I have no regrets!"

THE RUFFIANS- "(blabber incoherent gibberish)"

COLONEL CUDDLES- "Spanklin, how can you say that there's nothing wrong with our universe if we're collapsing with our originating universe?"

SPANKLIN- "Well, that's because Spanklin is filled up with candy again! Spanklin is sweeter than ever! How can anything possibly be wrong?"

MONTY MOUSEMALLOW- "Put up your dukes! I would give you a good whuppin' for taking me out of this lousy story!"

LESTER- "(chatters in Galagoogoo)" (translation: I wasn't even in this story! Okay, it seemed like it had to be forced! I'm in every episode!)

RANDOM GUY- "I don't even have a name!"

CRISS ANGEL- "It's a Mindfreak that I showed up for this."

THE GRIM REAPER- "This really isn't good for my image."

CHEF- "Come get your disgustingly pungent burger right here! Would you like beer to go with that? I can't decide which comment to use!"

ERIC- "Then use both! I'm too lazy to use one anyway, so you can cover for me!"

KENNY- "That was some battle."

KYLE- "How are you alive again?"

STANLEY- "He won't be for long… (takes out a gun)

JUMBAH- "I can't believe we lost to the Teletubbies!"

ZING ZING ZINGBAH- "It's all your fault!"

JINGBAH- "No, it's all our fault."

HUMBAH- "Nice going, ya little kiss-up."

ZUMBAH- "Whatever."

MR. MAN- "Hey! Squidward already used that comment!"

MRS. LADY- "Ahh, why do you care?"

BROTHER- "I'm too old for this show!"

SISTER- "Then why did YOU sign us up?"

GRANDMAMMA- "Because he's a softy for cute, fuzzy creatures."

GRANDPAPPA- "And because of all the cute women that come to the set."

LITTLE DOG FIDO- "Woof! Woof! Arf! Arf! Bark, bar…oh, forget it. There's no use in covering up my English tongue."

AUNTIE- "Why is there no Uncie?"

And making their initial debut in this story, we are proud to present…

KHIM- "It's spelled without the 'h'. And I'm from Korea, not Japan!"

PHIL- "Phil, Piiil of the future…"

SHEILA- "I didn't even have a line in this story!"

THE GOLDEN TUBBIE- "I'm setting in the sky, say goodbye!"

TRICKY WHIPPY- "Why is this my name if I don't even own a whip?"

DIPSTICK- "Because you used to!"

BLAH BLAH- "Yeah, before my clone originator stole it from you!"

FO- "I pity the cast list!"

KING BOOZBAH- (Unavailable for Comment)

WRITER'S BLAH- "This is the end of the cast list. Now comes the foreword, and then comes the end of the story, finally!"

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