(a/n): With the crossover complete characters from the evil universe will be in italics.

Dark Meets Light

Harry looked around, seething. First, the treacherous Leprechauns sided with the Irish Ministry. Then, they sabotaged his return, embarrassing him. Finally, Hermione failed to ensure his safe return. His hand went to his wand, he was tempted to kill her. But his hand was in agony, a small whimper of pain escaped his lips.

"You broke two knuckles General" Susan said, examining his hand "Easy to fix, but the potion I need is in the medical bay" So busy with submerging the ship that the crew hadn't even seen Harry level Hermione. The Imperials also hadn't seen that Viktor Krum, a dead man, was in charge of the operation.

Below decks, activity was just as rushed. One crewman crashed into Harry, causing him to howl in pain. He muttered an apology and vanished before Harry could recover. "I'm gonna rip that little idiot limb from limb" he growled as Susan treated the injury. His torture plans were interrupted by the arrival of a panicky Ron.

"Suzy, 'Mione's hurt bad! You gotta help her!" he exclaimed. Ron set her unconscious form on an examination table and started pacing, adding "They found her out cold on the main deck! Look at that awful bruise!" Hermione's right eye was swollen shut and there was an ugly black and blue mark spreading from her nose to her temple.

"Oooohh! That looks like it hurt" Harry said, feeling rather pleased.

Ron turned on him and growled "Ya think? Didn't you four see her?! She must've been hurt in the storm."

"Easy, Ron" Blaise said soothingly "Susan will fix her up fine, right"

Susan looked at him blankly for a moment, then at Harry "Ah…sure" she said, hesitantly as she leaned over to examine the injury.

"Maybe she should stay unconscious for a while" Blaise suggested, handing Susan a Dreamless Sleep potion.

Ron eyed him suspiciously and asked "What do you know about it, Zabini?"

"Its called education, Weasley" Blaise sneered "I know plenty"

Realizing that Blaise seemed to know something Harry stepped in talking to Ron "Look mate" he said "It might be best if you wait outside. I'll stay here and keep an eye on things"

"If she wakes up, you'll call me right?" Ron asked anxiously

Harry smiled at him "Sure Ron, you can trust me" he said. After Ron left, Harry cast a privacy spell and turned to Blaise asking "Right, what's going on?"

"Corner and I were talking" Blaise said "and we've been noticing things. We aren't where we think we are"

Susan, who had finished pouring the Sleeping Potion into Hermione, laughed sarcastically "Oh" she said "I suppose we aren't on our ship then"

"Take a look around" Michael said "Notice anything out of place?"

Susan gave him a disbelieving look, but obeyed "Its bigger" she observed "Half this room should be for weapons and there's no Imperial emblem anywhere"

"Another thing" Michael continued "There should be over 500 troops on this ship. I haven't seen evidence that there are more than a hundred"

"WHAT!?" Harry roared "Did they desert!? I can't fight a war with a hundred soldiers!"

"No, sir, no, no, no" Blaise said, nervously shaking his head "That's n-n-not wh-what we mean"

"Explain" Harry ordered

Michael cleared his throat "What we think is that we are in another universe. The people are the same, mostly. But, the details are different. I think this proves a Muggle theory I read about called Quantum-"

"I'm not much interested in guesses. Muggle or otherwise" Harry interrupted "What I want to know is how do you get us back where we belong?"

"I don't know that" Michael replied, then added "err…yet"

"It must have something to do with that mirror, though" Blaise said.

Harry gave a thoughtful nod, then said "Here's what we'll do. Zabini, get on that mirror… I swear I'll roast those pip-squeaks over an open fire. Luna had the right idea for troublemakers…Anyway, Corner, get into this ship's library. See if there's a spell, potion, magical object, anything to get us out of this"

"What about this?" Susan asked, pointing at Hermione "If she's got half the brains our Granger does, she's a threat"

Automatically, Harry ordered "Kill her, then"

"NO!" Blaise yelled "It'll attract too much attention! That's why I said to give her the sleeping potion!"

Susan looked disappointed "I hate to say it, but he's right" she said.

"I don't much like loose ends either" Harry said "Bones, it'll be your job to make sure she stays out. I guess you'll have to heal the eye though"

Ron practically tackled him when he appeared "Will she be alright, Harry?!" he asked, panicky "Can I see her?"

"Go on" Harry said with a slight chuckle "Be careful of Bones though, you know how she is with patients" He was contemplating the retreating back of the imitation of the real Ron when he sensed approaching footsteps. His wand was out.

Whistling a merry tune came Luna Lovegood "Why hello Harry" she said, airily "How's Hermione?"

"Nothing serious" he said "She just banged her head"

She studied him for a moment "That's good news" she said "Hopefully she'll be able to help me figure out what's out of place. I think we lost something"

"Maybe I can help" he offered, trying to sound casual. The real Luna was crazy but she had a way of looking at things and she was smart. That worried him. All he needed was a few seconds…A thousand curses came to mind when Ginny appeared.

Ginny gave him a tender hug and laid her head against his chest "That storm was rough" she said "What happened to Hermione?"

"Nothing to worry about, I think" he replied "Ron's visiting with her" He found this version of Ginny softer than the Ginny he knew. He ran his hands up her sides, mildly surprised that the only weapon he'd felt was her wand on her hip. Even half naked, his Ginny would've had six weapons. Fully clothed, like this one was, she would've had another ten hidden.

Ginny chuckled in response "Well, I'm sure she'll be fine then. What happened to you?"

"Idiot Leprechauns and their mirror happened" he growled. His grip tightened on Ginny's waist.

Ginny squirmed away "Ouch! Harry that hurt!" she exclaimed. "What's wrong with you?!"

"Nothing that concerns you!" he snapped back

Ginny looked at him in shock "FINE!" she yelled "IF THAT"S WHAT YOU WANT!" she stormed off angrily, with Luna following her.

"What'd you do to her?" Ron asked, accusingly.

Harry glared at him and said "Mind your own business, Weasley"

"If you're getting into one of your moods again, Potter, leave my sister out of it" Ron snarled

Harry's short temper flared. He pushed Ron into a wall, hard. Ron, stunned, slumped down.

"Sir, please" Susan said, investigating the noise "This world is so different from ours. If we act like this, we'll give ourselves away"

Harry nodded, still angry. He looked down at Ron, pulled his wand and Obliviated him "You alright, mate?" he asked, sounding concerned as he helped him up.

"Wha'happen?" Ron asked, confused.

Susan brushed his hair out of his face, saying "The ship rocked in the storm. You must have fallen"

"I don't remember that" Ron said.

Susan fretted over him a bit "Hit your head probably" she diagnosed "You'll need to sit for a while. Stay here, Ron, I'll get you a headache potion"

"She's probably right, Ron" Harry said "Good thing you got a thick head"

Ron laughed sourly and said "Quit sounding like Hermione, will ya"

"Very funny" Harry grumbled, annoyed. But, it seemed to fit what Ron expected. They were sitting quietly when Michael Corner appeared and asked to speak with Harry. "Stay here, Ron" Harry said quietly. Ron just nodded.

"Zabini says we'll need another blast of lightning, or an equal amount of magic to hit that mirror if we want to get back home" Michael reported.

"There's a lot of power in a lightning bolt" Harry said.

Michael nodded "Its our major problem, sir. The other problem is that we also have to count on our counterparts doing the same thing at the same time"

"They don't stand a chance against our people" Harry said, disdainfully "From what I've seen this ship is populated with a bunch of fluff"

Michael snorted in amusement and said "I agree. I heard about your encounter with this world's version of your girlfriend." He winced when Harry gave him a dirty look "Sorry, sir" he said "rumors spread aboard this ship as fast as aboard ours"

"Keep that up, Corner and maybe you'll spend a week at her tender mercies. That is after I'm done with you" Harry threatened "There has to be something else we can do. Find it. I'm going to try my hand at the library"

During the next few hours, the crew was so occupied with repairing damage from the storm that they didn't notice the movements of the Imperials. Due, in part, to the fact that they had managed to blend in. The slip-ups diminished and they had fewer outbursts of temper. Harry came to realize that his counterpart was rather moody. If he just grunted and turned away he could avoid trouble. In the library, he found a number of books on the subject of his counterpart. He felt nothing but contempt for the pathetic boy he was here.

"Have you found anything, sir?" Blaise asked, when Harry came out on the main deck.

Harry nodded shortly and explained "A Muggle idea. We need a long piece of iron, the longer the better. The metal will attract lightning.

"Might just work" Blaise said "I've also rigged a way to channel the ship's magical energy directly to the mirror."

"Good work" Harry praised "The sooner we get out of here, the better"

Michael approached looking dour "We need to hurry, there's another problem" he said.

"What'd you do now, idiot?" Harry growled.

Fury flashed in Michael's eyes "Just shut up and listen!" he snapped back "We-"

The approach of several highly angry Weasley brothers interrupted the conversation "You've got some explaining to do Harry" Ron said, as spokesman for the group.

"I've had enough of this!" Harry exclaimed. He pulled his wand, aimed at the group, and roared "AVADA KEDARVA!"

The Weasleys dodged and the spell impacted on with the main mast, severely damaging it. This brought the entire Bulgarian crew. Every variety of curses and jinxes were fired at Harry. Michael was also caught in the crossfire and went down as well.

"Ve should throw him overboard!" Viktor exclaimed "He nearly destroyed my sheeep"

Ron glared at him "Oh, and why didn't you go to Azkaban for throwing an Unforgivable at him in the Maze?"

"That vas different" Viktor replied stiffly "I vas being controlled"

"Then maybe he is too, you idiot" Ron growled. Viktor pushed him and Ron swung back to throw a punch.

Charlie shoved Viktor away and Bill grabbed Ron, saying "Knock it off! Both of you! We've got bigger problems than your jealous fits!"

"Ve can use Veratiserum to qvestion them" Viktor offered.

"Good idea" Bill agreed "But not out here. The hospital would be a better place. The Healer can also check him for the Imperious Curse" Fred, Charlie and Ron picked up Harry, while Viktor, George and Bill picked up Michael.

They were almost there when Ron suddenly stopped "Why do I smell asphodel and wormwood?" he asked

"Its coming from the hospital" Bill said "Someone's brewing the Draught of Living Death" Harry fell as the brothers ran. They burst into the room, where they saw Susan tilting Hermione's head back, about to administer a potion "DROP IT!" Bill yelled

Ron charged past his brother and jumped across the room. He crashed full force into Susan. The vial shattered on the floor "Is it what we thought?" Ron asked. His knee was on Susan's chest and his wand was pressing into her throat.

"Yeah Ron, it is" Bill replied.

All Ron saw was blood "You're gonna pay for what you did" he snarled through clenched teeth "CRUC-"

Bill yanked away his wand and petrified Susan "Ron, she could be under control like Harry is" he said.

"O-O-OK" Ron said, trembling. He stood shakily and asked "Charlie, how is she?"

Hermione was actually starting to wake up "Ron why did Harry hit me?" was the first thing she asked.

"We think he's under an Imperious Curse" Ron answered "Are you alright?"

Hermione sat up "That actually doesn't make sense" she said "Something else is going on"

"If Harry's not being controlled, I'm gonna kill him" Ron declared "Her too"

Hermione was confused "What did Suzie do?" she asked

"We stopped her from giving you the Draught of Living Death" Bill answered.

Hermione's jaw dropped "Maybe you should tell me what's been going on" she said. After they were done, she stood up, a little unsteady, but Ron supported her. "Someone should go after Blaise Zabini as well" she suggested.

"Knew we couldn't trust Slytherins" Ron said.

Hermione rolled her eyes in annoyance "Ronald, this has nothing to do with Houses" she lectured "Everyone that went to the Leprechauns is acting strange. It must be something to do with when it got hit by lightning. What were you planning to do?"

"We're going to give them Veritaserum. Harry didn't seem interested in answering questions" Bill replied.

"Lets go then" Hermione said.

Ron squeezed her shoulder softly and asked "Are you sure, Mione? You're still weak"

"Thanks Ron, but I'm fine" she said as she kissed his cheek "Oh, and after what you said, Ginny should be there too" Still rather weak, Hermione shuffled her way to the room Harry, Susan, Blaise and Michael were being held in. They were all magically bound to individual chairs.

"I could make you rich, Granger" Harry offered "Name your price"

Hermione stared at him, then she brushed his hair "Notice anything different, Gin?" she asked.

"He's not Harry!" Ginny exclaimed "He's an imposter! This is for making me mad at Harry!" With that, she lashed out, scraping her nails across his cheek leaving two lines of blood.

Harry gave her a nasty grin and licked at the blood that dripped to his mouth "We'll get loose and I'll teach you some manners" he threatened.

"You don't frighten me" Ginny sneered "I've had worse from Voldemort. Maybe you'd like to try me. Where's Harry?" She slashed at the other side of his face, drawing blood there too.

Hermione pulled her back "I don't think you're exactly local, are you?" she asked

"You're pretty bright, for a pale imitation" Michael sneered.

Harry snarled at him "Shut up, Corner!"

"Oh, please" Susan said impatiently "They've already figured it out."

"How do you get anything done in your world?" Hermione complained "Look we don't want you here, we just want our people back. In order to do that I need to know what you've been doing to try to get back. It obviously involves the Leprechaun mirror and that lightning bolt"

Blaise looked at Harry for instructions, Harry shrugged "Right" Blaise answered "I've already rigged the ship to deliver a burst of magical energy to the mirror. It should be enough to open the gateway back to our world"

"And in case that didn't work, I figured a lightning rod would attract another bolt and have the same effect" Harry added.

Hermione nodded, easily following the plan "And hopefully the same thing is happening on the other side" she said.

"So we're just gonna let them go?!" a shocked Ron asked. "They're evil!"

Harry laughed wickedly "You dolt! There is no good and evil-"

"-there is only power and those to weak to use it" Ginny finished "Riddle gave me that little speech, too. And if you believe it, then you're no better than him"

Harry glared at her contemptuously "That pathetic excuse of a wizard" he scoffed "I finished him off a year ago"

"Yipeee!" Ginny squealed happily. Everyone gave her odd looks. She rolled her eyes "Arrrg! Don't you get it? It means that Harry can win!"

Hermione stood up again "Well first, we have work to do. Viktor, would you check on the connection between the ship and the mirror? I think the Creeveys would be best suited to making a lightning rod. The rest of us will make sure our…ah…guests…are near the mirror at the right time"

"I just don't want to hear them talk" Ginny said, casting a silencing spell on the Imperials.