Light Meets Dark

The ship was suddenly packed with people. There seemed to be ten times the number of people aboard from what Harry remembered. Everyone, however, hastily moved aside as they made their way to the medical bay. The same symbol that they had seen on Hermione's arm was displayed throughout the ship.

Susan stopped in front of a door, waved her hand and pushed. She bounced off "These doors are never locked" she said, annoyed "Lets try the other side" The second door opened for her.

"So, what's going on, Michael?" Harry asked.

"Well, you know about time travel, right Harry?" he asked

Harry nodded "Yeah, I've had some things happen. But we're still in the present…sorta"

"That's just it" Michael replied "We didn't go forward or backward. We went…umm…sideways. Same people, different decisions."

Blaise was nodding and looking around "Different clothes, too" he observed, smirking "Nice outfit there, Bones"

Susan looked down, instead of the Hogwarts dress robes she wore a top that looked like Auror armor, but exposed her mid-drift, a pair of skin tight pants that showed off her curves and black boots. She blushed softly and fired back "Not too bad yourself, Zabini" she said as she stepped close and ran a finger across Blaise's half exposed chest.

"Can we deal with the current problem?" Harry asked, uncomfortably.

Blaise coughed, the Hufflepuff's proximity was distracting 'When did it get so warm in here?' he said "Ahh, right. We're in what's called an Alternate Universe."

"Another Harry…another Michael….another me" Susan thought out loud. She wandered away, looking around the room.

"Harry, from what I've seen, we can't trust anyone" Michael said "You saw how Ron and Hermione were dressed. And that-"

Susan let out a blood-curdling scream, the boys rushed over "No, I'm, alright" she said, grabbing Harry and covering his eyes. "Harry, don't look!" she said, urgently "Blaise, cover that up"

"What!?" Harry demanded, struggling to pull Susan's hands from his face. He finally wrestled himself free and threw off the sheet Blaise had used to cover up two coffins. One contained the body of Viktor Krum, the other he had to study a second "Dad?" he whispered, in shocked disbelief "How did they…"

Susan just shook her head.

"Just tell me, Suz" Harry said.

Susan sighed "Viktor looks like a Bludgeoning Curse. As for your…er…Mr. Potter, I can't be sure"

"Don't give me that!" he snapped at her "Just answer the bloody question!"

"I'd have to examine the body to be sure" she said, earning an angry look from Harry "But from what I can see, it must've been the Cruciatus Curse. Probably a lot. I'm sorry, Harry" she rubbed his back in an attempt to comfort him.

"C'mon Harry" Michael said "We need to focus on getting home."

"I think you're the leader here, Harry" Blaise said "Its like everyone's afraid of you. We can use that. We need to find out what we can do to reverse that mirror. You can keep the crew off our backs"

Harry nodded and asked "Where do we start?"

"I know Celtic so I should go look at that Leprechaun mirror" Blaise offered and left.

"While he's doing that, I should do some research and you'll attract too much attention" Michael said. Both of them looked at Susan.

Susan glared back and said "I'm a Healer, not a librarian"

"Well now's your chance to do something new" Michael said scornfully.

Ron's voice suddenly boomed across the ship, ending their discussion "Commander Potter, to the bridge. Repeat! Commander Potter, to the Bridge!"

"Do what you can to help out, Suzie" Harry said "And please, I'd rather not see-those-again" He put on his best 'Snape Face' and left.

The bridge was a disturbing sight. Ron was lounging nonchalantly in the center chair, while Hermione was sitting at his feet stroking his leg. Four Bulgarians were at their posts with Neville Longbottom and Dennis Creevey standing guard over them. Sitting in a corner, naked much to Harry's shock, was Luna Lovegood playing with a cat, humming to herself. Not one of the Bulgarians would even look in her direction.

"The Emperor wants to talk to you" Ron said, he leaned over and possessively caressed Hermione.

Harry felt like he was in one of his confrontations with Draco "Then don't you think I should sit there?" he sneered.

"Riiight" Ron replied. He fingered a knife as he stood. He stepped close to Harry, forcing him to look up slightly.

"Is there a problem, Weasley?" Harry asked borrowing Professor McGonagall's most annoyed tone.

Ron moved and Harry sat down. There was a muffled giggle. Harry hadn't identified the source, but Hermione had "Crucio!" she yelled, and Dennis went down in agony.

"Contact the Emperor!" Harry snapped, forcing himself to ignore the suffering Dennis. The face appeared and Harry jumped up involuntarily "Dumbledore!" he exclaimed

The Emperor smiled pleasantly "Not the customary form of address" he said mildly "Sire or My Lord is more proper. Perhaps I might allow you to address me as Master."

"Apologies, My Lord" Harry replied, "I was just surprised"

The Emperor waved his hand dismissively and said "Never mind, my boy. What is that racket?"

"A little discipline problem, Sire" Hermione replied.

"Well, stop it, Miss Granger" he ordered "I have important matters to discuss"

Hermione bowed "Of course, Sire" she said, and cancelled the spell on Dennis "On your feet" she demanded, harshly.

"Word has reached me that my General and the Captain of my flagship are dead." Dumbledore said "What I haven't learned yet, is how. Explain it to me, Harry"

Harry hesitated, then opted for the truth saying "We don't know, yet"

"I…see" Dumbledore replied, his voice hypnotic, "Mission status?"

Harry felt a brush of legilimency and nearly panicked. But, it was only a brief touch. "I visited the Leprechauns" he reported "I don't think they're going to help us"

"If they oppose you, wipe them out" the Emperor ordered "I will tolerate no delay…General Potter" Then he abruptly vanished.

Ron whooped with joy "That makes it official!" he yelled.

"Contact the Leprechauns" Harry ordered "I want to talk to their King again" he slumped down into the command chair, moodily. "We appear to have a problem, Majesty" he said.

King Eire turned red with rage "You would only destroy here! And you would spread your destruction further! We are compelled to refuse your demands!"

"You have twenty-four hours to reconsider" Harry said, hoping he and his friends would be long gone by then.

"I wouldn't care if it were twenty-four years or twenty-four million" the King countered.

"I'm done talking!" Harry declared "Twenty-four hours! No more! Ron, close the floo!"

"That's not what the Emperor ordered, Harry" Hermione said.

Harry glared at her and said "That's none of your business. Your job is to do what I tell you. I'm going to my quarters. Creevey, follow me" He felt an urge to get Dennis away from this Hermione.

"Thank you for that, General" Dennis said, quietly as they walked. Harry was about to reply as they turned a corner but a fist connected with his nose and he was pulled into a room. When the haze cleared Dennis had a wand pointed at his heart. There were two Bulgarians holding him "Did you think I forgot about my brother?" he sneered "I've been waiting for this for a long time, General"

Harry thought he was doomed but the Bulgarian holding his right arm let go and attacked Dennis. Harry struggled with the other one, finally tossing him into a wall. Dennis did the same then cast a spell Harry had never heard before. It hit both Bulgarians and they both vanished in a blue haze. Dennis turned to fire again, but Harry was faster. He yelled "Expelliarmus!" and Dennis went flying.

"Not very bright, Harry!" Ginny exclaimed as she stormed into the room leading five men in armor. She helped him up and stopped the blood dripping from his nose.

Two men pulled Dennis to his feet, roughly. He groaned, semi-conscious. They dragged him over to Harry and Ginny "What should we do with this one?" one of them asked.

"Put him in the cage on the main deck and tell Luna Lovegood to…ahhh…amuse herself for a while" Ginny replied. She laughed in a way that reminded Harry of Voldemort.

The soldier looked at Harry for confirmation. He just nodded and allowed her to lead him to his quarters. "Thanks for the help, Gin" he said when they were alone.

"I wouldn't have had to rescue you if…UURRR!...What made you trust Creevey?!" she ranted.

Harry laughed, now she reminded him of his Ginny, except for the amount of skin her outfit was showing "I love it when you get all fired up like that" he said

"No need to sweet talk me" she replied in a sultry voice.

They were interrupted by Harry's private floo connection, it was Hermione "I've just received private orders by owl, Harry" she said ominously "I'm risking my life by telling you about them"

"OK" Harry replied, cautiously.

"The Emperor has ordered me to wait until the arrival of General Black with reinforcements for you to invade Ireland" she replied.

Harry leaned forward "And if I don't?" he asked, almost knowing what she would say.

"I would rather not oppose you Harry" Hermione replied "We would both do much better if we worked together. But I won't let your odd behavior affect my position."

"We'll see" Harry said "And just out of curiosity…When will Sirius arrive?"

Hermione blinked in surprise, but all she said was "Sometime before dawn tomorrow"

"Alright" Harry replied and, realizing he'd made some kind of mistake, he ended the conversation.

"I'm not one to agree with Granger, much" Ginny commented "But, this time, I am confused. You're up to something. Have you got a deal with the Leprechauns?"

"I don't think I should say too much, right now" he replied.

Ginny went over to the floo connection and said "Well, you'll at least want to see what she's doing, right."

Harry nodded curiously.

"This is a nasty little invention of dear old dad's" she said, activating it in a way he'd never seen before. This time, Hermione appeared in the fireplace but she seemed to not notice. She was carefully studying a familiar book called Moste Potente Potions. "All that talent and knowledge" Ginny said speculatively, she pulled her wand, waved it near the image and added "And to think all I'd have to do is put my wand into it, cast a curse and poof. No more Granger, she'd never know what happened. Should I, now?"

Harry grabbed her arm at the elbow and forced it away "Turn it off" he said coldly. Inside he was quivering. He couldn't imagine Ginny killing Hermione under any circumstances, let alone in cold blood like this.

"She'll come after you with everything she has!" Ginny exclaimed.

Forcing her away from the floo roughly, Harry waved a hand at it, shutting it down "I'll handle Hermione, if I need to!" he snarled "Don't you worry about it!" Ginny bumped into a chair and fell over it. He automatically helped her up.

"You mean it, don't you?" she asked, baffled by his behavior "You used to be like this when we first met. Can this plan take you so far, so fast?"

The look she gave him was just like the Ginny he knew and loved. Harry couldn't help kissing her. "You're something else, Ginny Weasley" he whispered, dreamily. Almost forgetting where he was.

"I'm not sure you ever kissed me like that" she sighed, leaning fully against him "I have a dress…you've never seen it before…I've been saving it for something special"

As he watched her leave, Harry suddenly felt confused and guilty. He felt like he was cheating on Ginny, yet this Ginny was the same person (wasn't she) He was trying to make sense of his feelings when his floo connection sounded. "Potter, here" he answered, distractedly.

"Throwing yourself into the part, My Lord?" a scornful Susan asked.

Harry rolled his eyes at her, but smiled "Good to see you too" he said "What's going on?"

"I think we should all get together here" she replied.

Harry nodded "OK. Give me a few minutes. I'm on my way" he replied.

"You're going!" Ginny exclaimed, bitterly "After that kiss, you're chasing after that twit, Bones! I shoulda known!"

He could've just left, perhaps he even should have. After all, he reminded himself, this really wasn't the Ginny I know. But he didn't "I have no interest in Bubbles Bones" he said, deliberately using the nickname he'd first heard from his Ginny "But, she's an important part of what I'm trying to do"

"Does that mean I'm still the General's girl?" she asked, still flushed with anger.

"For as long as you want to be" he replied tenderly. Saying that, he felt even guiltier than before. He didn't know how the other Harry treated this girl. "Look, as soon as things calm down, we'll talk. And that dress looks beautiful." He kissed her cheek and left.

Half-way to the library, he was stopped by Hermione "Hold it right there, Harry!" she said "Hand over your wand"

"Are you gonna kill me now?" he asked, more bravely than he felt "I thought I had til tomorrow"

Waving both wands, she replied "I overheard your chat with Bones. Shall we pay them a visit?" Harry turned down a corridor. But, she stopped him saying "The library is that way. MOVE!"

They entered a darkened library a few minutes later and Harry was tackled by Susan. Blaise and Michael fired disarming spells at Hermione. Both wands went flying, but she managed hit Blaise with a cutting curse, slicing his arm open. Harry scrambled out from under Susan and charged Hermione. She neatly side-stepped and pushed him over a table. Michael grabbed her from behind, pinning her arms to her side. Hermione spun in his grip and lifted her knee into his groin. He emitted a faint squeak and collapsed. Susan, having just healed Blaise, tried a body bind curse but Hermione dodged it and punched her. Blaise, one-handed, tossed Harry a massive book and pushed Hermione at him. Harry did the only thing he could think of, he bashed her on top of her head with it. She stood there for a second, then her eyes rolled up and she crumpled to the deck, out cold.

"Bloody hell" Harry complained "Remind me never to piss off Hermione when we get back"

Michael stumbled to his feet "Got that right, mate" he groaned, still clutching himself.

"Not like its the first time that's ever happened to you, Corner" Blaise quipped.

Harry helped him sit on one of the benches "What's that supposed to mean?" he asked, baffled

"Rumor has it he enjoys that kind of thing" Susan commented as she checked Hermione's injuries "I think you cracked her skull with that book. Help me get her onto the table, I can heal her"

"I don't even want to know" Harry said as he floated Hermione onto a table "So, do we have a way out?"

Blaise nodded "All we have to do is say this rune backwards" he explained, handing each of them a piece of parchment "Any one of us can say the incantation. What we need is power"

"I got that covered" Michael said "I attached a lightning rod to the Leprechaun mirror. All we need is a hit and we're gone. But we need to hurry before that storm vanishes."

"Let's go then" Harry said, and they all headed for the door, except for Susan. Harry stopped "C'mon Suzie" he urged

Susan shook her head "Not until I know she's stable" she said, carefully checking the head wound "Five minutes at the most"

"She is a lot like our Hermione, isn't she?" Harry asked. He nodded "Alright, but any more and I'll carry out there myself"

Susan giggled "That sounds like fun"

"I mean it" he said, oblivious to the flirt.

She just rolled her eyes "GO!" she said in an exasperated tone "I'll be there" Harry didn't even make it out the door.

"You Pure-Bloods are all alike" Dean Thomas sneered as he entered with two Bulgarians and the Patil sisters. He toyed with his wand as he continued "Hermione has orders to kill you, my dear general. She will appear to have succeeded. Regrettable that she will also die in the duel. Quite unfortunate, but I'll do my best to take your place. AVADA KED-"

The Killing Curse never finished. Pavrati suddenly vanished with a loud popping sound. Everybody looked at the empty spot in shock. Then, both Bulgarians disappeared and finally Padma was gone. Dean spun around, but Harry was ready.

"EXPELLIARMUS!" Harry screamed. Dean was slammed into a row of bookshelves and slumped down, unmoving. Harry snapped his wand. "Are you ready yet, Suzie?" Harry asked.

"Go on ahead" she replied "I'll be right behind you. The wound is almost completely healed."

Harry rolled his eyes "Girls!" he complained. But he complied.

Susan turned back to examine her patient and found herself facing the business end of her own wand.

"Why did Harry spare me?" Hermione asked as she sat up "Tell me what's going on"

In response, Susan just shook her head.

"Fine" Hermione said coldly "We'll do it the hard way…Legilimens!"

Susan fought the curse valiantly, hoping to buy time for her friends to get away from this evil place. It seemed like hours to her.


"Clear the deck!" Harry ordered "Just Zabini and Corner with me! MOVE IT!"

After the crew obeyed, Michael asked "Where's Bones?"

"Coming…" Harry replied, slightly winded "Are…we…ready?"

Michael nodded "Lightning rod in place" he said.

"I also managed to reroute the ship's magic, just in case we need it" Blaise added

Harry nodded "I guess we're ready then." They waited for a nervous minute and still no Susan.

"Take me with you" a voice said.

Harry spun, it was Ginny "I don't know that I can" Harry replied.

Ginny trained her wand on him.

"We're not who you think we are" he admitted. Ginny got shoved and Harry twisted her arm, taking her wand.

Susan appeared and he assumed it was her. Then Hermione appeared, wand pointing at her head. Susan had a blank, empty look on her face.

"What did you do to her?!" Blaise yelled, outraged.

Hermione withdrew her wand and put it away "She'll be fine" she said "You people need to work on your Occulumency. I was shocked when I read her thoughts, but it certainly explains what's been going on the last few hours"

"Thank you, Hermione" Harry said.

Hermione grunted "Hmmph! You could've gotten out of here sooner if you had come to me"

"The way this ship is run, why would we trust you?" Blaise asked.

Hermione nodded and said "I can't argue with that. Its sometimes a little crazy when a general is overthrown."

"I wish I'd had the chance to meet my father" Harry mused.

"It was actually-" Ginny began, but she was cut off by a lightning bolt hitting the mirror.

The whole ship rocked under the impact. It was like being in an earthquake. When they got back to their feet, the mirror was glowing. Reflected in the glass was a hazy impression of their own ship.

"You must go, and I must have my Harry back" Ginny said. Was there a trace of regret in her voice?

Harry gave her a warm smile and took her hand. He turned to Hermione and asked "How long will it hold?"

"Maybe three minutes" she replied

"Time enough, I hope" he said "Tell me, did you enjoy torturing Dennis on the bridge?"

Hermione shook her head "No, not particularly" she replied "Fear is the only way to ensure discipline. Otherwise, the Empire is doomed"

"And is your Empire a good thing?" he asked.

Hermione stiffened at the question "We control nearly half the planet!" she said with an icy look.

"That doesn't answer my question" Harry said with a shrug "But I possibly know more about Legilimency than you do. And if you got through all of Susan's shields, then you got all of her memories. My world isn't perfect, but this one is a mess. Study what you got from her…all of it" Harry imagined he could see the wheels turning in her mind.

"I am one person" she countered "Even if I agree with what you say…and I don't….yet. No one person can change the world"

Harry laughed and replied "The smartest witch I've ever known created an organization that's fighting for elf rights in my world. Her name is Hermione Granger"

"And has she succeeded?" Hermione asked

Harry laughed again "No…not yet." He admitted "But that doesn't mean she's given up."

"I will think about it" she replied.

The image in the mirror briefly vanished, then it came back. "Move it Potter!" Michael and Blaise yelled at the same time.

"One second" Hermione said "I have something for you and something for my counterpart" she handed him two shrunken books. "Now go"

Another flicker of the image in the mirror sent Harry running. The three boys charged at the mirror, pulling a still badly shaken Susan with them.

"Tell us something only my Harry would know!" Ginny said.

Harry rolled over. That landing was worse than the first one. He rolled over, laughing. Then he abruptly stopped. The displaced quartet was surrounded by people, all with wands drawn. "Whhaooo! Hold your fire" he said "Can we stand first?"

"Answer the question first, mate" came a rather surly reply from Ron.

Harry held up his hands in surrender "Okay, Okay, Okay" he said "ummm…let's see…errr….I know, does everyone remember a certain singing Valentine? Eyes like a pickled frog, I think it was"

"Pickled toad" Ginny corrected, not entirely pleased he chose that particular memory "Why did that have to be the first thing you thought of?"

"It wasn't" he replied "It was the fourth, but one isn't a good memory and I'm not mentioning the other two with two of your brothers pointing wands at me!"

Ginny held out her hands and pulled him up "That's Harry!" she announced happily and everyone cheered.

"Can I ask a couple of questions? Just to make sure?" Harry asked over the noise "Uhh…has my Dad ever been on this ship?"

Everyone shook their heads "Was he there? Did you meet him?" Ginny asked quietly.

"I…ahh…saw his body" Harry replied "Where's Viktor?"

Hermione pointed at the bridge and said "Right up there Harry. Are you alright?"

"Yeah" he answered "Its just that the other me. He was in charge there. And the other Ron was Captain. That Viktor was dead too. I guess I…er…he murdered them"

"You don't know that for certain, Harry" Hermione explained "And even if he did, you're not him…umm…you are but, not really" she threw up her hands in frustration and stomped her feet "This makes no bloody sense!"

Susan looked up and stared at Hermione for a moment, then let out a primal scream and charged. Harry stepped in front of Hermione and grabbed Susan, restraining her. Susan almost pulled away, but Blaise and Michael helped. Between them, they took Susan to her room, and gave her a Dreamless Sleep Potion.

Harry was the first to leave Susan's room after she fell asleep. The corridor couldn't fit the number of people as the main deck, but it was crowded. "What happened there?" Hermione asked anxiously "Why would Susan-" she couldn't even finish the question.

"It's a long story" Harry answered "It began with us getting tossed out of the mirror-"

Hermione stopped him "Wait Harry…" she came back with a huge scroll and a quill "This is a Dictation Quill. Tell us everything you remember, even if it seems unimportant"

"Can I get started, please?" Harry asked, irritated "Here goes…" After nearly two hours of talking, not counting a much needed bathroom break, Harry got to the confrontation with Hermione. "It was incredible" he said, describing the fight "Four against one and I think she would've beat us if I hadn't bashed her over the head with a book"

Ron couldn't help laughing "That'll teach you to slam books" he said. Hermione gave him a nasty look, but that only increased his amusement.

"None of you reacted to me like Susan did, though" Hermione said, still glaring at Ron "I still don't understand"

"Well your counterpart used Legilimency on Susan" Harry explained "And I guess she just forced her way in. The next time we saw her was right before we left. Maybe Madame Pomfrey should check her over when we get home"

Blaise had walked in just as the story finished "I dunno" he said "I liked her better than this one. She certainly dress more…ahhh…interesting"

"Stuff it, Slytherin!" Ron bristled.

Surprising everyone, Harry said "Easy Ron, remember, we're talking about two different people. Besides, he's right" Then Harry pointed his wand at Hermione and Transfigured her robes into the provocative outfit the mirror Hermione wore "Is that about right, Blaise?" he asked

"HAAARRYYYY!" Hermione screamed.

Blaise smirked and nodded "Almost, although I think the skirt was about two inches shorter" he said

"Don't even think it!" Hermione hissed "If your wand even comes close to pointing at me, I'll hex your bits off, Zabini!"

"So what was the other me wearing?" Ginny asked with a mischievous grin.

Ron snatched Harry's wand out of his hand "NO BLOODY WAY, POTTER!" He bellowed. Then his eyes wandered back to a scantily clad Hermione. His smile faded slightly when she returned her clothes to normal.

"That reminds me" Harry said, snapping his fingers "Right before we left, she gave me a couple of books" he pulled the shrunken books from his robes "One, she said, is for you and the other is for me"

Hermione unshrank them. One was notebook sized. The other was so big that Harry toppled over, yelling in indignation. Hermione instantly went for the large book and her eyes lit up with greed. It was called THE EMPIRE: A HISTORY

"Looks like the same one I hit her with" Harry commented "She wasn't all bad" He turned the notebook over, found the title and looked at it in awe THE END OF TOM MARVOLO RIDDLE it was called. Underneath the title said BY HARRY JAMES POTTER and it was dated two years ago. He caressed the cover reverently then opened it and started reading…


The Potter Cast: by JK Rowling Played in the Mirror, Mirror Star Trek episode- So Who Was Who?

Harry Potter - Capt. Kirk

Hermione Granger - Spock

Ginny Weasley - Marlena Moreau

Susan Bones - Dr. McCoy (had to be. Kirk nicknamed him Bones)

Michael Corner or Blaize Zabini - Uhura or Scotty

Dean Thonas - Sulu

Dennis Creevey - Chekov

James Potter - Capt. Pike

Dumbledore - Starfleet Command/Emperor not seen in the Episode

Ron and Viktor didn't have characters in the Mirror Mirror episode.

And now for my next story. The first chapter is up. Please follow this link, just remove the spaces.

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