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Yuri, Lemon, Het

Ichigo x Rukia

Chizuru x Orihime

Tatsuki x Rukia

Soi Fong x Unohana

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Chapter One


An orange haired young man swung his sword only to match the one of his opponent. The lazy shop keeper side stepped out of the way of the adolescents next strike and kicked his foot out from under neath him putting his blade to the teens throat.

" You had enough yet Ichigo?" The lazy man said.

" Not quite." he said as he leaped backwards his sandal moving through the dirt to catch a grip.

The teen moved his blade out in front of him as he began to glow blue. His eyes where white as he smirked. " Ban," He started as the rubble around him began to shift and move under his Reiatsu. " Kai!" He said as he erupted in a blast of light that was quickly reflected by the lazy shop keeper. Ichigo 's sword turned into a slim black one with the swastika around the hilt. He looked up at the man. " Kiisuke!" He said as he vanished and in an instant he reappeared with his sword at his opponents throat.

The man kicked the sword out of Ichigo's hand a couple feet away from them. He kneed his opponent in the gut and dropped him to the ground putting his katana at his throat.

" Never use your bankai, unless you absolutely have to, I mean a life or death situation Kurosaki!" Ichigo grunted as he shifted back to his normal form. He looked up at Kiisuke. He sighed.

" Yeah I know, I just wanted to win this time." he said rubbing his shoulder and popping his neck.

" Yeah well let that show you where you stand with me, I didn't even have to release my zanpakutou." he said with a serious look on his face. Ichigo merely shrugged and walked away.

' Man he ticks me off,' Thought Ichigo. He glanced over at the tall tan woman in her orange suit who had been watching them train.

" Hey Yoroichi-san," Ichigo said after wrapping up Zangetsu and putting him in his rightful place.

" Ichigo-kun, You were reckless out there, what were you thinking trying to use bankai on a friend?" The lady scolded. Ichigo just shrugged and climbed up the ladder leading to the shop. He walked out as two kids and a fairly large man put supper on the table for Renji and Kiisuke. He left the room without even saying goodbye to anyone and started towards home, wondering how Kiisuke Urahara had ever gotten to be so strong.

After arriving at his house he walked inside. He catch a foot with his right hand. He held his father in the air with one hand by his foot. And tossed him out of his way like a toy. Ichigo payed no attention to the welcome home nii-san's that he was getting from his little sisters. He walked straight to his room and plopped down on his bed. He took a big breath and fell asleep.

In the middle of the night Ichigo woke up looking at his clock, 1:30. he sighed wondering why he had woken up. Until he heard aloud bump from the closet. He stood up and opened it to see a very frightened young lady sitting there in the bed trying to change out of A robe into her clothes.

Ichigo blushed ferociously at the sight before him, a beautiful young girl who was completely naked and trying to put pajamas on was setting before him. He just sighed and asked her a question .

"Rukia what are you doing here." he said with a groggy voice. The girl was blushing and slammed the door close.

" Pervert!" She said noticing how he had just stared at her. She blushed wondering if Ichigo might like her. She sighed. " Well, nii-sama is on a mission somewhere and I got lonely so i thought I'd come to the human world." She said between grunts of pulling her clothes on. Ichigo sighed and scratched the top of his head.

" Well okay, but yeah we need to get some sleep so I'll talk to you in the morning okay?" he said walking over to his bed with perverted images of The Kuchiki girl popping into his head. He shook them away and fell asleep. They came back however in a dream.

Ichigo woke up scratching his eyes when he felt something moist on his waist. He sighed realizing that he must have had a wet dream. He got up and changed his clothes/ he knocked on Rukia's door to get up and get ready for school. She did and jumped out the window. Ichigo walked out the front door and walked with Rukia all the way to school.

" Come on Hime,will you please go on a date with me." A mousy red head said rubbing her face into a Voluptuous girls breasts.

" Well, maybe someday," Orihime said as she was still with Tatsuki at the moment. Chizuru pouted and walked away. Orihime walked into he class room to be greeted by all the familiar faces hugging her.

Everyone went over to greet her, even the teacher, everyone except Tatsuki. Tatsuki just blushed at her arrival and turned away. She was lucky Orihime didn't see her. Orihime has become one of the jealous types when it comes to Tatsuki. After all had died down and class was over they all sat outside eating their lunch under the tree. Tatsuki sat with her head in Orihime's lap, while she ran a hand through her hair in a protective way.

Rukia looked over at Tatsuki who just looked away when they made eye contact. Rukia blushed at this while feeling very confused at the same time. Ichigo, Chad and Uryuu finished their lunches and Ichigo went to go do some recon at where the girls ate.

" Hey Rukia, where have you been all this time?" Orihime asked.

" I have been visiting my relatives out of town." Rukia said simply

" You have filled out nicely there Rukia," Chizuru said pervertedly. Rukia had barely noticed that she now had A-cups in breast size. Rukia looked down tilting her head to the side. She smiled in accomplishment knowing she had been right all along, she was just late bloomer. She looked up and then heard something hit the ground hard when Orihime asked if Rukia wanted to compare breast sizes.

Rukia narrowed her eyes on Orihime knowing she did that on purpose. Ichigo was sitting behind the tree passed out with a bloody nose.

That night Ichigo and Rukia walked home together. Ichigo pushed Rukia up through the window and he followed, not wanting to have to put up with Isshin. Ichigo sat down on his bed as Rukia sat down too. They just sat there in an awkward silence until Rukia looked at Ichigo. Ichigo knew what would happen if he made eye contact. He turned to look at her. Her beautiful eyes stared back into his with so much fright but somehow caring and considerate. Ichigo leaned in a little bit and was surprised when he felt Rukia's lips touch his own before he got there.

Ichigo's eyes where wide open while Rukia's was closed with the moment. Ichigo melted at her tongue begging for entry to his mouth. He obliged and stopped her tongue entry with his own tongue letting them dance erotically. Ichigo pulled away a bit to watch their actions. Saliva dripped down onto the sheets as Ichigo moved back in to kiss Rukia on the neck. His dream from the night previous becoming reality. Rukia moaned softly as she unbuttoned Ichigo's school shirt and pulled it off her shoulder. On the white under shirt she dug her nails in and ripped it off of Ichigo's back drawing blood from the Orange haired teen a little bit. Ichigo smiled at the Brunettes anxiousness. He unzipped her dress all the way down to her skirt pulling it off revealing a black lace bra in his way. He turned Rukia around nibbling on her neck all the way down to the bra strap. He bit it and ripped it open exposing Rukia's newly developed A-cups. Rukia smiled as she turned around and pressed their bodies together. She smiled at the bulge in Ichigo's pants and unzipped them pulling them off of him. Rukia smiled as she tore his boxers off.

There in all it's glory was Ichigo's member erect and throbbing a bit. Rukia smile as she grabbed it and moved her mouth over the head earning a moan from Ichigo. Ichigo couldn't object, even if he wanted too his words were always cut short. Ichigo moaned when Rukia put his whole 10 inches in her mouth. He grunted as he came. Rukia gagged a bit and coughed but swallowed it all down. He looked at her surprised she was able to handle it. Rukia stood up pulling her skirt down along with her panties. She inched her way over to Ichigo and positioned her self above his member.

Ichigo shook his head as he got off the bed and stood up as she lay down. He thrust himself into her surprised that she squealed in pain. Ichigo waited a few minutes as Rukia gave him the okay. He began bucking his hips forward smiling at the mewls he was earning from her. Ichigo grunted a bit as Rukia wrapped her legs around Ichigo to get him farther inside her.

" Oh.. Ichigo.. Fuck me harder!" Ichigo obliged as his thrusts became harder and more frequent. Rukia squinted as she arched her back and Screamed. She came onto Ichigo as he about pulled out. Rukia leaned forward and wrapped her arms around him keeping him inside of her as she started moving on her own. She pushed him down onto the ground and started moving up and down on his dick . He squinted and his left eye twitched a bit as he came into Rukia. Rukia moaned a bit as she came a second time and fell over onto Ichigo with him still inside her. With this Rukia fell asleep on her warriors chest. Ichigo stroked a hand through her hair.

" I love you Rukia." he said as he picked her up and lay her in his bed. He lay down beside her and fell asleep .

When he woke up he tossed the clock at the wall. He was infuriated. Rukia was no where to be seen along with a note that said that she was sorry.

" God dammit!" he said his Reiatsu getting greater. His substitute Soul reaper license began to beep. He sighed as he transformed into a Soul reaper and leaped out the window with a growing hate in his Reiatsu as it slowly began to change from blue to red...

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