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Author's Note: I know that I am not the only person who was very disappointed to see Chris leave the show at the end of Season 6, so seeing that I have written this little fic changing the last episode of that season and continuing on in my own AR of the show with one heck of a twist on the whole changed future aspect. I hope everyone enjoys it. This is the first story in a series of stories I am planning. Rated T for some violence and possibly language.

Summary: It is time for our favorite neurotic Witchlighter to go back to his changed future, but will another visitor from the future change all of their plans and prove that change isn't always a good thing?

Chapter 1 Moment of Sacrifice

"Just hold on, Chris. I promise I'll find a way to save you." Leo's voice broke as he said the words. This just couldn't be happening. The thought of losing either of his sons was too much for a father's heart to bear. They had all feared losing Wyatt for months now, but none of them had even contemplated the idea of losing Chris too.

"Find Gideon, Dad. If you find him you save both of us." Chris' words came as barely above a whisper. Leo could see the pain radiating from his son's eyes and the sight instilled both a deep agony in his heart but also a burning need to destroy the one who had done this.

"I'll find him and bring him back here. He can reverse this." Leo nodded to himself forming a plan in his mind.

"No, Dad. You have to finish this once and for all, for Wyatt's sake," Chris gasped reaching for his father's hand, knowing it would probably be the last time he ever did so.

"Chris, no! I can't choose between you and Wyatt. I can't let you die to save him." Leo was shocked by his son's suggestion. Fathers shouldn't have to choose between their sons. It just wasn't possible to do.

"Dad, if you save Wyatt then there won't be any reason for me to come back here, so I won't die. The real me, the one that counts, the one that is your future is about to be born. Save his future, Dad, and you'll have done all you can do to save me." The words had cost him dearly but he believed them true with every fiber of his being. He had always known that he might not survive this whole ordeal. He had fought for his life several times since coming to the past. But the one thing that had drove him to do so was his need to save Wyatt and change their future. Now he could see that goal in sight, even if he might not be there to see it come to pass. Always before he had thought that he would be the only one with the strength and determination to see this through to the end. But now looking at his father he could see that same strength there and knew that he wouldn't ever let either of them down again. Wyatt would be saved and Chris' present self would grow up in a better world. A world full of the love of both his parents. And it was enough for him to know that. Enough to make up for all of the pain and disappointment of the past. Tears had started forming in his eyes as he thought of these things. "Please, Dad, go," he pleaded.

Leo had heard his words and knew that they made perfect sense but still his heart was breaking at the thought of losing the son before him. Once all of the lies and deception had cleared away he had been left with a clear picture of the Chris before him. He saw a young man who had lived a life of pain and betrayal. But that very same young man had resisted the evil of his world and still managed to come out of it all with one of the purest, most sacrificing souls he had ever seen. His son had grown into a very good man, despite all of the challenges that he faced. And it was the hardest thing he could ever imagine doing as he stood and leaned over his son placing a gentle kiss upon his brow. "I love you, Chris," he whispered squeezing his hand tightly and then letting go as the blue and white orbs enveloped his body taking him away from his son's side.

Chris had heard his father's words and for once in his life he truly believed them. Even though the father from his future life had never had the time for him, he had always told him that he loved him, but Chris had never believed it before now. Here in this time and place the man that was his father loved him with all of his heart and those three little words had done more to heal his damaged heart than anything in his life could have. It was enough.

He could feel his Aunt Paige kneel beside his bed and take his hand. He was comforted by the fact that he would not have to die alone at least. He could hear her soft sobs but did not have the strength to try to form the words to comfort her. He glanced at her once trying desperately to form that cocky smile of his that always made her laugh.

Paige could see the effort he was putting into trying to ease her own pain. "Chris, just hold on, okay. Maybe once Leo has vanquished Gideon, just maybe he'll be able to heal you. You can't give up hope. We need you."

Chris did manage that smile then but it faded from his face as his eyes closed and his head drifted to the side.

"No, Chris! You have to hold on. Please hold on," she cried reaching out placing one hand on his chest to feel if he still breathed. She could feel just the slightest movement as he still breathed in ever so slowly. She looked up to the heavens and called out in an anguished voice, "Hurry up, Leo!"

Then a loud crash sounded in the attic causing her to jump slightly. She looked back to Chris in worry. She didn't want to leave him but there was no telling what threat might be trying to invade the manor now. So with a reluctant heart she lifted her hand from his chest and orbed up to the attic. She was on her guard immediately. But the sight that greeted her was strange to say the least.

Sprawled on the attic floor in the midst of several boxes was a young blonde man who looked to be about Chris' age. She immediately went on the offensive and lifted her hands to ward off any attack.

"Jeez, Aunt Paige, I know none of you expected to see anyone else from the future, but did you have to pile all these boxes here?" the young man questioned trying to pull himself out of the debris.

"Aunt Paige…." A look of confusion crossed her face and then sudden recognition. "Wyatt?"

Once he was standing he crossed over towards her with his arms held out to the sides in a non-threatening manner.

"Hold on, Mister," Paige said sharply. "Aren't you evil?"

Wyatt smiled a small grin. "You know you all told me about that but I still can't quite wrap my mind around it."

She looked at him skeptically. He didn't look evil. Or at least not how she would expect him to look. He wore faded blue jeans and a red t-shirt. His blonde hair was cut short and he still held that slightest look of youth that some men of his age found it so hard to lose and in his eyes he still held a small twinge of innocence. "But Leo hasn't saved you yet," she questioned frowning in confusion. Had he?

"Aunt Paige, the moment that changed my future wasn't when Dad saved me. It was when Gideon stabbed Chris. That one horrific act is enough to give Dad the strength and will to kill Gideon and save me. It's already written in stone and the future has already changed," Wyatt explained.

Paige's mouth dropped open in astonishment. Then as the wheels turned in her head the look upon her face turned to one of anger. "So let me get this straight," she started in walking even closer to Wyatt. He backed up slightly after seeing the anger brewing in her eyes. "You are saying that the only way for the future to be saved is for Chris to die!" She had started tapping his chest with her index finger, the force of it becoming ever stronger with each word. "Because if that's what you are saying I'm not so sure the end gain is worth the price we have to pay, the price your brother has to pay."

"No, no. I'm not saying that at all," Wyatt assured her. "I'm here to try to stop that part, actually," he explained hoping she would believe him. "Please, just tell me where Chris is. I'll try to save him."

Her eyes squinted angrily. She wasn't anywhere near sure that this was not a trap. But the honest look of worry on his face finally made her decision for her. "Your parent's room."

They both orbed to the room and Wyatt immediately sat on the bed next to his brother. He could see that Chris was becoming extremely pale from the blood loss and wasn't quite sure just how much time he had left. He sent out a small prayer that they weren't too late. "Help me, Aunt Paige." He turned to her his eyes beseeching her, begging her to help. She could see that his eyes had taken on a watery look as he fought to hold back tears.

"What can I do?" The tears had started to slide down her own cheeks again as she stared at the limp form of her nephew.

"I know you've had some problems the few times you've attempted healing, but maybe if we try together we can keep him alive until Dad breaks the curse and brings back little me," he suggested laying one hand over the athame wound in his brother's stomach. "I can't counteract the curse that Gideon put on that athame, but we just might be able to keep him alive until it's broken."

Paige nodded nervously. She wasn't sure she'd ever be able to heal properly but for Chris' sake she'd try. She moved to the other side of the bed and placed her hands next to where Wyatt's had started to glow. At first there was nothing.

"Just concentrate, Aunt Paige. You want more than anything to keep Chris alive. Pull the feeling of the love you have for him from your heart and into your mind. Let it consume you. Don't let any other thoughts enter your mind." With his words he noticed as Paige's hands began to glow also. "That's right," he encouraged.

They could feel it when the tide turned and Chris started to truly heal. "What happened?" Paige asked in confusion. The healing hadn't seemed to be doing any good until that moment.

"Gideon must be dead. The curse he placed on the athame is broken," Wyatt explained grinning at his Aunt. They weren't gonna lose him.

They heard the tinkling sound of orbs behind them but neither turned to see the shocked look on Leo's face.

"Who are you?" he growled at the back of the man sitting next to his son.

Wyatt turned slightly so his father could see the profile of his face. "Dad, if you aren't gonna help you could at least keep quiet while we save Chris," he said with a cocky smile on his face.

Leo began to sway on his feet and moved forward setting the younger version of his son down on the foot of the bed and then collapsed there himself. He had recently seen the grown up, evil version of his son but this was definitely not that version.

A small voice broke the silent concentration in the room. "Cwiss?"

Older Wyatt looked at his counterpart. "Hey little guy, you want to help save Chris?"

Leo watched in fascination as little Wyatt also added his healing powers to the task. With the addition of the third set of hands Chris' whole body seemed to light up from within and in barely seconds a loud breath sounded and Chris' eyes flew open as he sat bolt upright gripping his stomach where he had just been healed.

For a moment he seemed disoriented as the memories of the days events came crashing in on him. Then he looked at everyone surrounding him. Once his eyes fell on the older version of his brother tears began to stream down his face. "It's over isn't it? It worked."

"Thanks to you, little brother, yes it did." Wyatt nodded solemnly.

A large grin broke over his face as young Wyatt climbed into his lap. "Cwiss, better?" the childish voice asked.

"Yes, Wyatt, everything is all better now," he answered hugging his smaller older brother tightly.

"Well, not exactly," Paige said looking over to Leo.

"Piper," came his worried reply.

"Mom… what's wrong?" Chris asked hearing the worry in his father's voice.

"She was going into surgery when we left the hospital," Paige explained. "There are complications."

"We better get going," Leo said standing and holding his arms out to take little Wyatt.

"I can't," Chris said as a frightened look crossed his face. "I was supposed to be gone before mini-me was born."

At that statement older Wyatt laughed. "Chris, do you not see both versions of me sitting here together? Nothing catastrophic is happening to us. So don't worry so much," Wyatt said shaking his head in mirth. "Thanks to the spell that brought both of us back here we even get to keep our powers."

"Wait, you know how this all turns out. Mom…" Chris swallowed hard. This was one thing about his birth that he had never knew. None of the adults in his life had ever mentioned complications surrounding his birth. He could only guess that they had some how been brought on by the changes he had made in this time line.

"Let's just get to the hospital and you can all see for yourself," Wyatt suggested.

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