The Belle of Notre Dame

Disclaimer: I do not own The Hunchback of Notre Dame or any of its characters. They belong to Victor Hugo, and the movie belongs to Walt Disney. I only own Josafine (or Amelie) La Chantefleurie.

Chapter One: The Gossips of Paris

"About eighteen or so years back, two years after Judge Claude Frollo adopted the bell ringer, Quasimodo, and hid him in the bell tower; he sent out a thousand men to attack the gypsies living in Paris at the time. The gypsies fled, but in their haste left behind two of the triplets they had stolen from a woman on the outskirts of Paris a month before."

" Of course I knew that, Mahiette. Beautiful little girls, they were. One had olive skin, black hair, and green eyes; one was an ivory-pale brunette with huge brown eyes; and one was a rosy, blue-eyed, blonde angel."

The black-haired one was the one the gypsies remembered, I know, and the blonde was taken in by a group of street gamins. But nobody knows what happened to the brunette."

"Nobody USED to know, Oudarde. But it was recently discovered that she is, in fact, alive. Tell us, Mahiette, what do you know about her?"

"Well, Gervaise, for starters, we certainly can't keep calling her 'the brunette.' She does have a name, you know."

"They call her Josafine."

Ok, just so you know, they are introduced in this fashion: Mahiette, Gervaise, Oudarde. They narrate Josafine's story, as Clopin narrated Quasi's, except with gossip instead of puppets. Like Clopin, they will show up quite a few times in this story, so be warned!