Remus grabbed Tonks by the hand.

'Please don't go. Stay here. It's dangerous outside.' Remus' paling face was gentle and calm, and understanding. His dress robes replacing his shabby ones for the night were limp, drenched in the rain that was falling hard outside. 'We were having such a wonderful date, and then you dumped me.'

Tonks looked into Remus' eyes, but was sorry she did, and turned her head down to the floor quickly before he got a chance to change her mind. She had to find out who she truly was, and where she truly belonged.

'Remus, danger has been gone for six years now. Voldemort's gone.' Tonks told him, still looking to the floor. She had dreaded telling him she was leaving, and that she didn't know if or when she was coming back... 'And I told you, I need to go find myself. I can't be with you anymore.'

'But there are still people hunting down wizards, and Death Eaters are still on the loose. It's not safe for you to go away by yourself.'

Tonks started fuming. He didn't think she could manage herself?

'I'm fine Remus. Let. Me. Go!' She forcefully took her hand from his, even though it broke her heart. She kept reminding herself to stay calm. Arguing would get her nowhere.

'Bloody hell, please, at least tell me the truth. Tell me where you're going? How long will you be gone?' Remus tone was quickly turning into a mixture of worry, sadness, and anger.

'I'm not sure. But it doesn't matter, because I'm moving on. Until I find where I belong, I'm moving on. I might never come back. I love you, but I'm sure the love is only skin deep...' Tonks had to say this carefully. She fact that she said her love was only skin deep was a lie. But the part where she may never come back, and that she was moving on when she found out who she was... that was true.

She was trying to be brave and was struggling to keep her now blue hair (it was just recently pink) from turning brown.

Remus opened his mouth to reply, but Tonks kissed him, turned and walked out of the room with her shoulders held high, and a small, sad, smile on her face.

'Don't go. I want you here.'

Tonks put her head down, near tears.

'Why won't you stay?'

Tonks remembers to be strong, and puts her head up and walks out the door, leaving Remus to fall to his knees in defeat.

And softly, almost like he hadn't heard it at all, and it was his heart speaking, he heard the soft mumbled last words, 'I love you Remus.'

Wearing her muggle clothes, she confidently walked out out onto the street, putting her hands in her jaket pockets on the cold Janurary morning, not turning back the whole journey to find who she was. And the great destiny that lie ahead of her.

11 years later.

Tonks sat by the rainy window looking out to the sky. It looked like a gray abyss today. Tonks remembered their last conversation word for word. Might as well... this was the 17th anniversary of the downfall of Voldemort, and the 11 year anniversary of when Tonks left Remus. Remembered the promise she had made to him, in so many words. The promise that she was moving on to find herself, and she might never come home. And she had moved on. Though she still loved Remus, she knew she would never see him again in her life. Even if she did go to Britain, and even though Kingsley was minister. She thought that him being minister would make some things easy on Werewolfs, but appearantly not. But as Minester, Kingsley promised new things no one else had while they were minister. It was something she read a few days ago:


Some people are complaining about the new laws set against werewolfs. As you know, with the Ministers orders, there are new laws every so often, and they are as strict as ever. Since the two wars, restrictions and legislaions against werewolves have decreased a lot, so that they had more freedom, and people didn't look upon them with disgust, but suddenly they have been increased. The following werewolves, and their helpers, two half-werewolves, are to be sent to Azkaban.

Damion Conly Alfred Tanner Remus Lupin Bill Weasley Taylor Creanly Marcus Lest Isabel Hues

Some people will object to some of the punishments towards the individuals concerned in this raid. The Ministry tells us that this is for the safety of our people are to believed to have been attacking the Ministry, although it is thought that B. Weasley and R. Lupin were looking for information when they broke into the M.O.M. on Monday night, and were simply using the others as cover, and were suspected to be working with dark Wizards. The Aurors are leading full investigations on all these accusations, but as of now nothing is promising.

Tonks sighed. Part of her was relieved that he was not going to be there. That he was going to be in Askaban. She really didn't want to talk to Remus, but on the other hand, she did. She was moving back to London after all these years, and she had to admit, it was a tad bit unnevering...

So was this a good thing or a bad? Definatly good, she decided, after a few more moments of thought. What if Remus had moved on? Better yet, what if he hadn't? And for him to see she had... that wouldn't be good.

Tonks. She thought about her name. She used to work at the Minestry, but not anymore. Of course. The only ones she kept in touch with were Harry and Ginny, and of course Hermione. They could keep the secret. Not so much Ron. But that's how she kept getting the Daily Prophet. She was living as a muggle now. Somewhere in Europe called Croatia. Just because it was random and no one knew much about it. Harry had made a habit of sending the Prophet whenever Remus was mentioned.

Being a muggle was hard at first, but she had gotten used to it. She stopped changing her hair. It was now a strawberry blond color. That's the color she kept it.

Tonks was still busy studing the rain patterns on the window an hour later. She couldn't sleep. It seemed like they had long, long, LONG, rainstorms ever since she left him. Then the questions hit her.

What information was Remus supposidly looking for? And why was Kingsley so hard on him? But she decided it didn't matter anymore.

Still the thought of Remus made Tonks' heart flutter, after all these years. But why? She'd truley moved on. She didn't love him. Or, she told herself she didn't.

Tonks shrugged of the thought of loving Remus. 'Not possible. Don't go there. Not again. You're without him, and you have a nice life.' And Tonks forced herself to stop thinking about it, and looked back outside to see the rain still pouring. Only now the sun was shinging through the rain, and there was a rainbow. For a few more moments, Tonks sat at the window, watching the rain ping off of sun dial, and the bird house, and onto the concret cement lining the garden.

The lilys and roses were covered in drops of the still pouring down rain, still relecting the area around to give the drops of rain a colorful hugh, and the rainbow was reflected on the pavement by the colorfully painted house. The house stood painted with blues, and greens, and pinks, purples, yellows, reds... every color imaginable! She would miss the house she had lived in for 10 years and the memories in the house were nowhere else, and all the liles. They were Sarah's favourites. She used to copy their colours so often... it had all changed now. They could grow more, but it would be different. The lilies were there for her. And all the colours you would get after a nice rainstrom like this one reminded her that everything changes with season, and every colour has a meaning. It was exactly the same with her metamorphmagus abilites.

'Well, better start packing. If I'm going back to London, I might as well not put if off any longer.' and she climbed off the window seal.