It was early morning when Gaara was waking up to the slight beeping sound of his alarm clock he picked up his alarm clock and threw it against the wall he growled slightly and ran his fingers threw his long red hair and sat up.

''Gaara-Chan! time to get up''Yelled Temari in her happy voice like always.

''Bite me..''He growled and she got scared and backed away.

He got up and walked to the bathroom and striped down he opened the shower curtin and turned the hands on the tub to hot and fliped on the shower switch and it begain to rain in the tub.

He sat his forhead up against the wall and hissed slightly at the burning on his sensitve skin but he loved the pain..

He turn off the water and then the shower and hoped out he threw on his black him shirt and then his long sleeve fish net his chained black jeans he would of put eyeliner on but he rarely gets sleep from the raves,and had black thick circles around his eye' looked at the clock it said 6:51am he wondered why he set the clock so early he went into his older brother's room Kankura.

''Kankura let me borrow your nailpolish..''Gaara said in a deep angry voice.

Kankura rolled his eye's and sat up and tossed his nailpolish at him''Shut my door to''He was on the phone with his boyfriend cought it with eass and shut the door like his brother asked.

He knew his brother was gay and his sister was bisexual,But he didnt know what his orientation he didnt really care eather he went to his room to paint his nails and messed up on his pinki nail he growled.

''FUCK!''He yelled and fixsed it quickly before it dryed on his tan brother and sister didnt come in cause they knew what was looked at his clock and it said 7:20 he sighed and sat up sliding on his black and dark grey D.C shoes .He slide his studded black belt on,and grabbed his black dubbled chained backpack with a bloody red sign on it saying ''Love'' Just like his temple tattoo.

His brother and sister already left and he grabed his keys from the shelf and went down stairs and grabed his black helmet with white scratches on it he locked the door and went to his black honda motorcycle,and hopped on it and kicked the peg up and slid the keys in and rode off.

He went 80mp loving the fear of not being able to stop feeling the rush of the wind warning him of danger he was so excited when he was on his was getting to excited and was about to go faster before..

He slamed on his breaks and put his leg down almost throwing himself off the motorcycle he was right there infront of a black with blond tips his eye's were as light as the ocean abiss. Gaara was speechless and then his eye's bore into his eye's

Naruto Pov

Naruto was late 'Shit I cant belieave Kyubbi left with out waking me up and she even turned off my fucking alarm clock! what kind of sister is she!' He ran across the street not paying attention while he was arguing with him self he turned around and was about to get hit and saw some guy slam on his breaks Naruto's hair blew across his face from the pressure of the bike stoping so sudden.

Naruto stared into the man's red eye's and was about to blush but he played it off.

''WATCH WHERE YOU GOING YOU MOTHER FUCKER!''He ran as fast as he can leaving the man speechless.

Gaara Pov

Gaara blinked and looked at his watch'Shit..'He was almost late he rode his bike to school making a sharp turn and parked outside the school he placed his helmet on the seat and grabed his keys he walked inside and dug in his backpack for his schduel and saw where his homeroom was.

Gaara walked to his homeroom and Iruka opened the door''Hello you must be are new transfer student..umm Sabaku no Gaara right?''Gaara nodded.

Iruka let Gaara in and interduced him''Gaara how about you tell us about your self your likes,Dislikes,and dreams''

Gaara eye's harden for a split second but Sakura cought it ''My name is Sabaku no Gaara,I like to lestin to music and watch gore movies.I dislike loud,Wanna be's,Cocky people and alot others.I want to get threw highschool with out being bothered''.He said out in a sharp tone hoping people would get the memo to back off.

Iruka blinked abit and shuddered thinking he was another Uchiha Sasuke he sent Gaara to the back Gaara sat down nexts to the guy he was about to run scanned over him he had shoulder length black hair with blond tips his eye's were blue as the ocean abiss he wore baggy blue jeans and a tight stripped orange and black long sleeve shirt.I noticed these three scratch marks across is tan face that looked like whisker marks it gave him that kawaii foxs look.

Naruto Pov

Naruto was looking out the window and he heard Iruka say somthing about a new student he tore his eye's away from the window and gazed to the front and saw his red eye's and knew from the start that was the guy who almost ran him over his eye's widened'Ugh the crazy driver is here this will be interesting'Naruto looked back out the window.

He shuddered abit