The Grounding
By Lacey52


A note: Enjoy. Day one of the fourteen days of Sam's grounding between AOS and AOW. Pure fluff and DannyxSam of course.


Day One:
Lazy Afternoon Memories


It wasn't so much that it was exciting to be sneaking into his girlfriend's house, but it was exciting to be sneaking into his girlfriend's house while she was grounded and supposedly not in contact with the outside world. He was practically whistling while he tied up his tennis shoes, simply nodding as his father requested he not stay out too late.

It was only about four in the afternoon and Danny had finally decided that he couldn't wait any longer. Heading out, he threw one quick glance back over his shoulder to his house, finding it somehow comforting, then sprinted towards the nearest alley, changing easily as he ran, then flew, towards Sam's mansion.

He didn't exactly make it in record time, but he wasn't exactly in a great deal of a hurry. It wasn't like she could go anywhere, after all.

'She'd kill me if she knew how much of a joke I think this grounding is,' he snorted to himself as Sam's window came into view, gliding up to it invisibly as he risked a quick peek. Finding nothing, Danny decided that she might be out of the room and let himself in, trying his hardest to not disturb anything in her room, 'Hope she doesn't mind that I came in uninvited.'

Glancing around, he found nothing particularly interesting. A few books laying open on the window seat he was currently hovering over, an open soda on her computer desk with a website pulled up detailing a number of ghostly happenings in Amity Park, and a rather rumpled bed that looked like someone had just gotten out of it. The radio was still playing softly and Danny wondered if she just stepped out of the room to use the restroom or find a snack.

'I guess she really hasn't had much to do today,' he let himself down onto the carpet and changed back, though he kept himself invisible just in case someone was to walk in, 'Maybe I should have come sooner?'

"I miss this."

Sam's voice had startled Danny and he was up in the air with his hands glowing slightly before he realized who had spoken. Laughing to himself about how paranoid he could be, he forced the energy back down, taking especial delight in how easily he managed to do so. He barely thought on it and it would happen now.

"Do you miss it so much that you would toss a friendly visitor from your room just to reminisce?" Danny landed on the carpet, visibly this time, and started his search for the girl. She couldn't be invisible, and that was a fact, but she didn't appear to be anywhere in the room either.

"Not that much," Sam sounded slightly less melancholy, a sigh making its way to his ears from the other side of her bed, "I was wondering if you really were going to come or not."

"I came, just like I said I would," he shuffled his feet on the carpet as he made his way around the edge of the bed, still finding nothing that resembled his girlfriend, "But, uh…where are you?"

"Here," a hand shot out and grabbed his ankle, making Danny's muscles tense and his powers react, sending him straight through the floor where he nearly ended up face to face with Sam's grandmother had he not stopped his decent and shot back upwards. Sam's questioning voice met him as he reappeared, her face peeking out from under her bed, "Danny? Where'd he go?"

"I'm here, geeze Sam, give a guy a heart attack," he popped back up through her floor, nearly nose to nose with the girl and grinning despite his nerves.

"Not like it'd do much to you," she quipped dryly, sliding back under the bed with Danny's curious blue eyes following her form, "Wondering what I'm doing?"

"Duh," Danny said as he got down on his hands and knees to peer under the bed, holding up the edge of her comforter, "The underside of your bed can not be that interesting…unless you've already gone stir crazy and have cabin fever or something like that."

"I've definitely gone stir crazy," Sam's hand shot out again to snag his shirt front, tugging lightly to get him to join here, "Come see."

Edging under the bed on his back, Danny soon joined Sam in the incredibly cramped space, enjoying his proximity with her and the light smile on her face. She jerked her chin upwards, indicating the baseboard of her bed, and Danny found himself squinting at what appeared to be faded crayon markings. He couldn't quite see what it was however, and so created a tiny ball of energy in his hand to read by, holding it closer to the marks and discovering words. Stories and memories, crudely drawn pictures, and even a few dates and poems lined the underside of Sam's bed.

"I used to crawl under here with my Grandma when I was little," Sam pointed out some of the worst handwriting on the entire board, "I think I was about five when we did this. It's the first one."

"'I rode a pony today and mama said I looked like a princess,'?" Danny shot a puzzled look at Sam, enjoying the way the green light played over her features, making everything that much more ethereal, "How the heck did your grandma get under here?"

"She used to be pretty spry and nimble actually," Sam reached up to trace a hand over a drawing of what looked to be a young girl and an older woman, the words written in a pretty blue cursive beside them stating Sam Manson and Ida Manson would be friends forever, "She wasn't always in a scooter you know."

Danny just nodded, grinning to himself as he slid out from under the bed, Sam sliding out as well before he stopped her with a short kiss, "I'll be right back. Stay here."

Sam did as she was asked, sliding back under the bed and staring up at her childhood memories. This was one of the reasons why she didn't make fun of Danny having his models, his dreams of being an astronaut, no matter how ridiculous it might seem to other people. She hadn't told him at the time, though, because this had been so terribly important to her. So personal.

Now it seemed natural to share something so intimate with this young man. And it very nearly scared her to feel this way. Sam though, as she did with all things different, embraced the feeling and made it her own. They were closer now, though she would never be able to prove it, and she cherished this moment.


'I'd cherish it more if I didn't just have the bejesus scared out of me!' Sam cut a glare to the grinning boy, then melted at the sight of Crayola markers held innocently in his hands, "What no crayons?"

"Couldn't find any," Danny blushed slightly, opening the package to distract himself while he continued talking, "Besides, these'll be a little more permanent this way, right?"

"Sure," Sam reached over, pulling out the black and green markers, "What are you going to draw? Or write? The only rules me and Grandma had were it had to be a memory, a date that something important happened, or a picture of something special."

"Well, I'm going to write the date of this week, and the story of your grounding," Danny chuckled to himself, pulling out a purple marker, "but I think I'm gonna' have to summarize it."

"You do that," Sam reached up and started a drawing, "I'm drawing both of you. Hope no one ever peeks under my bed or they'll eventually wizen up and figure it out."

"I doubt it," Danny laughed as he stopped his story to watch her, "But just to be safe you'll have to keep this bed forever."

"I was planning on it," Sam traced out a little block of black, with what appeared to be a 'D' etched inside of it. She smiled as she pointed to it, "How about I just use this to represent you? See? It's a 'D' with the 'P' inside of it. Danny and Phantom, one in the same."

"Perfect," Danny smiled as he reached to turn her head sideways, stretching to kiss her. It was awkward to kiss at such an angle, but, Danny decided as they spent the rest of their afternoon drawing, writing, kissing, and making so many memories, it was all worth it. He could get used to snuggling up under beds instead of on top of them…