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Time skip

Naruto was laying on the bed bored Gaara was laying there on the bed reading and Naruto to see blood he needed blood..but Gaara didnt want him to change into what Gaara use to pouted and sat up.

''Fine! Gaara I see how you wanna be letting me get bored like this! iam going out''Naruto slipped on his clothing and his head band but this time wraping it around his waist.''See you later on''

Gaara just smirked and shooked his head ''No one is forcing you to stay..''

Naruto smiled slightly''I know..but I want to see this village fall..I think iam turning into Sasuke I want blood..tho not power..''Naruto jumped out the window and walked to the ramen shop and ordered ten bowls of ramen.

Right there on his eighth bowl Sasuke,and Sakura walked in hand an smiled and waved at me I cursed inwordly' Damnit..they wont let me have air!'''Hello..Sakura..Sasuke..''He smiled slightly..ever so slightly.

Sasuke smirked''So Naruto you heard the news?''

I blinked 'What news?'''What news are you talking about the one about me kicking your ass or Sakura becoming a medic nin''

Sakura giggled and Sasuke smirked and whispered in Naruto's ear''Iam gonna be the nexts hokage'

Naruto's eye's widden.

Sakura looked at Sasuke in shock and said''W-what? I thought you were going to tell him about us..''

Sasuke smirked and wraped and arm around Sakura's waist pulling her close,She blushed and he said''Oh..and Sakura and I..are going to get marryed soon..after I become hokage..''

Naruto growled and clenched his fist bleeding''Congrats..suprised that they didnt pick Arashi would look down on this village picking a tratior over..''He was cut off

''Over a demon? just cause your Arashi-San son doesnt mean a thing..''Sasuke smirked loving the reaction on Naruto face.

Naruto chuckled loudly and Sakura was confused..and Sasuke was pissed.''Whats so funny dobe?!''

Naruto wiped a tear from his eye laughing still''Y-you are! pssha do I look like I care about this village? all iam doing is becoming higher the hokage level then iam out of here''Naruto was begining to walk away and waved his hand.

''Dobe!'Sasuke growled and was suffercating Sakura by squeezing her waist she had tears forming in her eye's but didnt say anything she just let there be bruise and walked away with Sasuke.

Naruto continued walking intell he was far enough then he let out a demonic scream and started punching into a tree crying his eye's out'How dare they! pick a tratior over me! I shed blood and tears for the god for saken village and this is what happen! I dont know what my father saw in this village! hope?love?I dont think so! how can this happen to me!'

He continued his yelling and punching.

Three hour's later

Naruto was laying on the ground nuckles bruised ,and battered he stared up at the sky with red eye's his blond hair blowing in the breeze..he felt at piece..Then he heard clapping sound and jumped up growling intill he saw who is was..

Gaara...Gaara came walking over to him with an eyebrow raised''Told you so..''He wraped his arms around Naruto's waist''Can we go back suna now..this place is boring..''He nuzzled into his lovers neck earning a sweet gasp.

Naruto pouted and pulled Gaara off''But we just got here..cant we cause a little chaos..''He did his famous Naruto smirk and kawai pout.

Gaara smirked brushed his hand lightly on Naruto's face to get his hair away from his eye's''What do you have in mind?''

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