Summary- Everyone always knew that Ryan was different, but little did they know just how different he really was. He's always had magical powers and demons on his back, but when those creatures start attacking the ones he loves and people begin to discover his unusual abilities, will all hell break loose? Or will people be more accepting than he first thought? And what exactly do Leo and Piper Halliwell have to do with any of it?

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Running down an empty ally way, a woman in her thirties screamed as the men chasing her threw fireballs in her direction, almost knocking her and the small child she carried to the ground. It wasn't that she had never seen men like them before, evil beings, known to many witches as demons; it was just every time she vanquished one, two more appeared in its place, all wanting the same thing… her baby!

Turning a corner she dived behind a bin, her hand covering the whimpering child's mouth, begging him to be quiet. As soon as the demons past, the woman darted off in the opposite direction and kept running until she reached her desired destination, a small orphanage on the corner of sanfansico.

Making sure the blue blanket was wrapped tightly round the two year old baby and that he had his favourite teddy bear tucked in-between his arms, she placed him on the step, before ringing the door bell and charging back off down the street.

It wasn't that she didn't love him anymore; it was just too dangerous for her to look after him. Not only were demons targeting the little boy but his father was refusing to let her bind his powers, which meant even more of the creatures were turning up, wanting to kill him. As well as that, the underworld had started targeting his six year old sister and his four month old brother.

Waiting just long enough for someone to answer the door and pick up the crying infant, the witch pulled a piece of paper from her back pocket and began reciting a spell.

"I call upon my magic tonight

To help prevent my child's fright

So with this spell I cast

I bind his powers to the past

Until he relives this day

Don't let his powers become astray"

Pulling out a lighter, the brunette burnt the paper and smiled sadly as she carried on down the road, mumbling something only just hearable under her breath.

"Goodbye Wyatt!"

Fourteen years later….

Sighing in annoyance, rather dramatically too, Ryan Mathew Evens grabbed hold of one of the golf bags and dragged it across the green after his family, who were already out of sight. Why was it, half the population, his twin sister included, seemed to forget he even existed?

They had all jumped into Sharpay's pink golf cart and drove off down to the next hole, leaving him behind, even the two caddies; Troy Bolton and Chad Danforth got a lift.

After a few minutes of walking up hill, the sixteen year old came to a sudden stop and glanced around the empty golf course. His father, being the owner of the lava springs country club, had booked it private for the afternoon, meaning there was absolutely no reason why he couldn't use his special… gifts… to catch up with his parents.

Double checking that no one was around, the blonde closed his eyes, tightened his grip on the golf bag and concentrated on the area he knew his family would now be. Feeling the oh so familiar tingling sensation he relaxed his body and allowed the blue orbs to fully take hold of him, then in a swirl of blue and white lights he was gone.

Re appearing behind a tree at hole eighteen, he smiled as he saw Troy, Chad and Sharpay standing around the pink cart as his parents argued on whose turn it was.

Deciding to stay put for a bit, Ryan sat down in the shade and just stared at the surrounding area. He very rarely used his power to transport himself from one place to another, which he had appropriately named orbing when he was younger. He considered using that particular power way to risky; after all it did make him turn blue!

He couldn't actually remember the first time he orbed, or even when he had first discovered he had powers, it was like they had always been apart of him, even when he was younger. Some how he had managed for the past sixteen years to keep his abilities a secret, no one knew about them and as far as he was concerned no one ever would.

He was different, he knew that, and so did every body else, they just didn't realise how different, different actually was.

You see, he was a witch, and a very powerful one at that, so powerful that since the age of four, he had people, who called themselves demons trying to kill him, in order to get hold of his powers. He had soon learnt how to vanquish them, but that wasn't something he particularly enjoyed doing, after all it was taking a life.

Seeing the air shift, the teenager knew what was about to happen and knowing his family and 'staff' were close by, shot his hands out instantly, blowing the lower level demons up before they managed to fully materialize.

That was two of his other powers, sensing and, to call it its proper name, molecular combustion. They were both incredibly useful when dealing with the creatures he nicknamed the devils at the age of six.

The first power, allowed him not only to sense demons, but also who ever he liked and find out their exact location. The second basically blew someone, or something of his choice up…unless he was angry, then it tended to act on its own.

"Where the hell is Ryan?" He heard his none magical sister screech. "He has my pink balls!"

Groaning, he reluctantly got to his feet and headed in the direction of the noise, pausing for a split second to contemplate leaving the bag and orbing back to his bedroom, unfortunately, another shriek from Sharpay changed his mind. It was more than his life was worth to leave when she was in one of her moods.