One month later….

It had been exactly one month since the incident with the elders and just like the man had said, both Ryan and Chris retained the memories of how their life could have turned out if Piper had never left Wyatt that day.

But to be perfectly honest that didn't bother them at all, they both accepted that that life was never meant to be and even though it occasionally still hurt Ryan when he met up with his biological family, he could honestly say he no longer cared. He was actually happy with how everything had turned out and what's more the elders hadn't made any contact with them since.

"Hey!" Ryan called out as he spotted Kelsi sitting on a bench in the middle of east high park. She instantly gave him a small wave in response but didn't say a word as she tucked her curly hair behind her ears and adjusted her light blue hat.

The witch frowned slightly wondering instantly just what was bothering his best friend. As he approached her, it became obvious that she had been crying for her eyes were bright red, with tear stained cheeks.

"What's up?" He asked instantly as he took a seat beside her. She didn't respond however, instead she just wrapped her arms around his neck and burst into tears. "Kel, what one earth is the matter? What happened?" He asked softly as he wrapped his own arms around her and began to draw small circles on her back in an attempt to calm her down.

"He's back!" She replied though her tears as she buried her head in his shoulders.

Realisation instantly dawned on the blond as his mind wondered back to the last time she was so upset, the day her father had returned, determined to fight for custody of the two nelson girls, three years ago now.

"What does he want?" He eventually asked after Kelsi pulled away, his attention completely focused on the teenager in front of him.

"My Sister! He said he's taking mum to court, he wants sole custody of her."

"That's not going to happen!" he replied instantly as he grabbed hold of her hands in an attempt to reassure her that what he was saying was true.

"You don't know that!" Kelsi replied as she wiped at her eyes to try and get rid of the tears.

"Oh yes I do. No judge in the country will award that drunk custody of a seven year old, no matter how much he claims he changed." Ryan replied as he put his arms round her shoulders and pulled her closer.

"You think?" She asked as she rubbed at her arm and glanced up at her friend.

"I know so, besides I could always use a little hucus pocus to make damm sure he stays away!" Ryan continued with a grin, which caused Kelsi to give a genuine smile as well as a small barley audible giggle.

"Isn't that personal gain?" She asked with a sort of smug look on her face, causing Ryan to poke his tongue out at her.

"I don't care if it is, he doesn't deserve Honey, so even if it is against the rules I will make sure he changes his mind one way or another…"

"Promise?" She asked slowly as she glanced up and stared into his eyes.

"Here's my promise."

With that he leant forward and placed a small kiss on Kelsi's lips. The brunette looked completely shell shocked and for a second she pulled away. Ryan instantly began to wonder if he had done the right thing; however her expression soon turned to a large grin as she leant forward and wrapped her arms around his neck, only this time it wasn't to cry.

As their lips met once again, it was almost like sparks were literally flying every where, like the two of them were merged as one.

"Oi love birds!" Chad called out as he approached the duo, causing the two teenagers to pull apart and look in front of them, to where Chad, Gabriella, Taylor and troy stood smirking at finally catching them in the act. "Break it up or we'll miss the movie!"

"Shut it Chad!" Kelsi replied with a sheepish grin. "Besides me and Ryan could do this for the next ten minutes and still beat you over there." She continued before sticking her own tongue out and leaning into Ryan slightly.

Chad just shrugged, knowing full well she was referring to him orbing there. Ever since about a week after the elder incident everyone became a lot more comfortable with magic being about.

"Whilst I'm sure that's true, we still better go!" Troy replied as he wrapped his own arms around Gabriella's waist. Everything had eventually worked itself out between them after Troy had apologised for being a jerk after a gentle nudge from Ryan. Somehow, although no one really knew quite how, Troy and Taylor had discovered that the blond had powers yet neither of them were to bothered by it. Although Taylor had tried to work out how his magic worked and what made him tick using her science skills. In fact for about a week she had basically treated him like her own personal project.

"Yeah I guess we had!"Ryan replied with a smirk as he got to his feet then pulled Kelsi to hers.

"How's Sharpay?" Gabriella asked as the six of them began to walk though the gardens.

"Better, she's gone to Paris for the weekend shopping with my mum, she apparently needs a new wardrobe before the next school musical." He replied with a laugh, causing the whole group to roll their eyes.

"God it ahs been one hell of a summer hasn't it?" Chad said as they wondered onto the road, thinking back to everything which had happened.

"You can say that again!" Ryan responded instantly as he ran a hand though his hair.

"I can't believe we are seniors!" Taylor explained as she took a deep breath, causing Troy to turn to look at her.

"Scary huh?" He said with a grin as the others all nodded in response.

"What about Piper and that lot? Are they still moving here?" Gabriella asked as they all came to a stop at the traffic lights, causing Ryan to divert his attention a way from Kelsi and over to the einsteinet.

"Yeah Chris is starting school here next month and there moving here when Piper opens her new business." Ryan replied with a shrug but everyone noticed the small smile on his face as he said that.

"You all getting along okay then?" Chad asked turning his attention away from the road and over to his friend who nodded in response. "Well that's good, what about the whole, you have to return to the Halliwells think that the old guy was talking about?"

"I love my family and they are my family so I'll be staying where I am for the foreseeable future, but the Halliwell's have already said im welcome any time, so it's sort of like having two homes." He replied, causing Chad to laugh as he stepped out backwards into the road.

"Chad!" Troy yelled out instantly as he noticed the red car coming down the road, clearly having no intention of slowing down but with Chad having no real time to get out of the way.

Shooting his hand out Ryan used his telekinesis to make Chad go flying forward and away from the car. The vehicle just went flying past not even bothering to stop as Chad went crashing to the ground.

"You okay?" Taylor yelled out as they all rushed forward and tried to help Chad to his feet.

"Sorry."Chad said nervously as he rubbed the back of his head in embarrassment before looking over to Ryan and mouthing a thank you.

Ryan just shook his head in amusement before they all walked of towards the movie theatre.

Stopping for a moment behind the group, Ryan grinned as he watched his friends joke about with each other. At the beginning of the summer he never even imagined he would be part of something like that, especially when people learnt who he was. Everything was just so different know and truth be told, despite the complications he couldn't be happier.

"Ryan! Come on!" Troy yelled out as he noticed the blond had dropped behind, grinning like an idiot he dashed after them and ducked as Chad jumped forward and put his arm over his shoulder.

"We are so teaching you to play B ball later!"

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