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Spoilers (For those not updated to the latest chapter of the manga)

This story starts after Orochimaru is killed by Sasuke. Team Hebi exist and Uchiha Itachi is killed shortly after. It then goes AU from there. Sorry there will be no details for the Sasuke vs Itachi fight. I'll leave it to Kishimoto-sensei to do the honours.

End Spoiler

Summary: What will happen when Naruto's spirit is broken? How much will he change?


'inner Sakura or Kyuubi talking'

21st May 2008 – This is a repost version after abyssgirl has kindly beta-ed for this story. Thanks!

Arc 1: The Exile


Somewhere in Hi no Kuni.

"Damn! Where's that Naruto!" shouted Sakura.

"Fighting Sasuke. Please calm down Sakura," Sai replied.

"Don't tell me to calm down Sai! You know perfectly well that they'll kill each other."

Ever since Naruto came back from his almost three years training with Jiraiya, Sakura had been closer to Naruto. She felt extremely protective of him, especially after finding out about Kyuubi. He was now kind of like a little brother to her but he was still annoying at times though.

"Maa… Sakura, it's ok. Naruto won't kill Sasuke," Kakashi assured.

"Then what if… what if Sasuke kills Naruto! I can't let that happen Kakashi-sens-"

Sakura was cut-short as they all suddenly felt a huge demonic chakra blast. 'Naruto!' all of them thought simultaneously. Wordlessly, they sprinted forward as fast as possible towards the origin of the chakra blast. A short while later, they came into a clearing.

It was a disaster. The once dense forest was now bare. The clearing was no natural clearing. It seemed that Naruto and Sasuke's fight had ripped trees of the ground and leveled the land. It was a horrible sight. Blood was spilled all over the place and the sight of a demonic looking Naruto standing over Sasuke was incomprehensible.

Snapping out of her shock Sakura moved forward wordlessly to check on Sasuke's condition. She started to stop the raven's bleeding and also healing critical wounds. Working professionally with precision and grace, no one could guess what was going on in her mind. Inside, however, Sakura and inner Sakura were fighting for dominance.

"How is he?" breaking the awkward silence.

"Four broken ribs, few broken bones, burns, multiple lacerations, stab wounds, and a bad concussion," the medic-nin answered tonelessly.

"What happened?" she added as an afterthought.

"I'm sorry! I didn't mean to do it! It's just he-"

Naruto's panicky voice was drowned out as an irate Sakura, inner Sakura finally winning the battle, shouted.

"Didn't mean to do what! Kill him?! And Kakashi-sensei was assuring me that you wouldn't! I even ventured on the thought of Sasuke-kun killing you! And now this?! What was that chakra blast for? Added power to kill Sasuke-kun?! I don't understand you, Naruto! How can you claim that you cared for Sasuke-kun when you intend to kill him! And you call him your brother! How could yo-"

"That's enough Sakura!"

"But Kakashi-sensei! I was ri-"

"I said that's enough!" Kakashi interjected warningly, casting a glance at Naruto's expression. He was shocked, so to say. That calm demeanor was not suited for Naruto. He nearly flinched, as that glowing gaze locked with his for a moment, and he found himself looking into mirrors, the blonde's gaze flat and lifeless.

"Hai," she answered stiffly as she continue working on Sasuke's wounds.

"Where's the rest of Team Hebi?" a cold tonelessly flat voice enquired. If Kakashi was not looking at the blonde the moment that voice spoke, he wouldn't have believed that it came from Naruto.

"Back there," answered Sai while pointing back the way they came from, looking curiously at Naruto's display of emotions, or rather the lack of it.



"Should I go get them with my toads? Then we can travel back to Konoha immediately after Sasuke's wounds are stabilized," his voice calm, level, utterly emotionless.

"Sure. Sai go with him."

"Hai," they both answered.

Dead silence reigned supreme after both the boys sped off.

"Sakura, you should apologize. It may not have happened the way you thought it did. You should know better than anyone that Naruto is exceedingly sensitive to other people's emotions and words," Kakashi reprimanded.

The jounin then fell silent as he allowed the kunoichi to think about what he just said.


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