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Summary: "pretend girlfriend? Are you kidding me? Sasuke I never had a boyfriend before or even be a girlfriend of some guy let alone pretend one!...no way!" Sakura said. "Come on Sakura I though you wanted to have an adventure when you're still a new girl?" Sasuke said. "You call pretending an adventure…and besides I was a new girl 3 years ago!" Sakura replied… [sasuXsaku

Thinking Sasuke

Thinking Sakura

Pretend Girlfriend...for now...or for real?

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Chapter One: the new girl.

A pink haired kunoichi named Sakura was walking down the street with her best friend Yamanaka Ino. Ino had blonde hair tied in a ponytail.

"I can not believe you're here with me! In Konoha!" Ino said.

"Yeah me too! Well, you know I want to be with my best friends than living alone without friends!" Sakura said.

"of course! Hinata, Ten-ten and I are your best friends! What are you saying you don't have friends!? Excuse me, but, you had like, a million friends over there." Ino replied.

"yes, you, Hinata and Ten ten are my best friends always have always are and always will I don't know huh? They just can not simply believe that my hair is pink." Sakura said.

"well I do!" Ino said. As they were talking, they also laughed at what they were talking about.

Meanwhile as Ino and Sakura were chatting, four boys were walking down the street as well. A boy that has onyx eyes, a blonde haired boy –that is the loudest boy in Konoha-, one genius boy and a lazy-ass boy.

"guys why are we walking down this way?! I thought we were going to my house and as a matter of fact the way to my house is the opposite direction…this is way troublesome for me." Shikamaru, the lazy ass said.

"stop with the trouble some Shikamaru! Dobe here wanted to get some Ramen before going to your house…and everyone knows that no one can stop Naruto about this whole Ramen thing." Sasuke said the onyx-eyed guy.

"ohhhh come you guys I know you all are just pretending not to like it but clearly you guys praise it secretly even in you dreams." Naruto the blonde haired boy said with pride.

"Naruto poor you! Listen to yourself okay?! You're clearly talking about yourself. Yes! None other than you. Besides you're the addicted one here and you're just dragging us along when we were supposed to be spending our time relaxing in Shikamaru's house not wasting our time walking to get some Ramen!" Neji said…the genius.

"yeah whatever…hey guys…who's that?" Naruto said as he pointed at Sakura.

"I heard she's the new girl in the village." Neji replied.

"really?...hey look!...she's with my Ino" Shikamaru said emphasizing on my.

"how quickly can she make friends?" Naruto asked.

"yeah your right!...and she's with my Ino" Shikamaru said again

"your Ino Shikamaru…if your going to say that I think you better start talking to her… I think she likes you" Neji gave some advice

"true…maybe I'll ask her out on a date or something…whatever comes to my head first and she doesn't look that troublesome either…so maybe I'll give it a try." Shikamaru agreed to Neji.

Okay stop with the subject of Ino…its kind of creeping me out just talking to that violence girl…I wonder if that girl is like as violence as Ino...?...hey teme what do you think about the new girl?"

"hn!" Sasuke replied…coldly.

Pink hair huh? Is that even natural? And I wonder why is she laughing? What is so funny?

As Sasuke was in his thoughts he didn't realize that he was staring at her. Sakura was so happy she was smiling. Sakura was looking around; she accidentally had a glimpse of Sasuke. She looked at him and gave him a smile. A hi smile. Sasuke smiled back to her.

What the hell?! It feels like my face is burning. There was a tint of red on his face.

That smile it feels so warm…its so cute as well…loving and so happy! It feels like it's the perfect smile any person would want to see right now this second…

Sasuke shook these thoughts of his.

"Sasuke stop staring at her! Emergency: fan girls! Fan girls" Naruto said out loud. Sakura heard it and looked at their direction. She saw maybe about a million girls behind the four boys.

Part of them say " I love you Sasuke-kun, the other says " I love you Naruto-kun", the other part says "I love you Neji-kun" and the other part says " I love you Shikamaru-kun." .

"Sakura come her!" Ino said as she pulled Sakura into a alley.

"Ino what the hell?!" Sakura said.

"Look!" Ino said pointing at the four boys and the girls running to them well…running their way.

"oh yeah!" Sakura said "who are those girls?" Sakura asked.

"Fan girls of those four boys!" Ino said. Sakura giggled.

"we have to help them get away from those girls." Sakura said.

Sasuke, Naruto, Neji and Shikamaru came close to the alley.

"where do we go?! Those girls can really run just to catch up" Naruto said.

"hey guys! Over here!" Sakura said as she signaled them to come to the alley.

"ohhhh…hey thanks." The four of them thanked Ino and Sakura. As they all catch their breaths Sakura and Ino were talking.

"Ino when is Hinata and Ten ten coming?...they are late…soo late." Sakura asked.

"I don't know maybe something were holding them up" Ino said.

"true" Sakura agreed.

"hey you know Hinata?" Naruto asked Sakura.

"yeah…" Sakura said.

"you know Ten ten as well?' Neji asked.

"yeah…"Sakura said.

"guys why don't you introduce yourself to each other." Ino suggested.

"good idea… I think you all know I am the new girl… the name is Sakura… Haruno Sakura" Sakura said.

"Naruto…Uzumaki Naruto" Naruto said.

"Shikamaru… Nara Shikamaru" Shikamaru said.

"Neji…Hyuuga Neji." Neji said.

"Hyuuga?" Sakura asked.

"he is the cousin of Hinata" Ino explained.

"why didn't I know that?" Sakura asked.

"well he just came here about two years ago…" Ino answered.

"Ohhhh I see… and you are?" Sakura asked Sasuke.

"hn!' Sasuke replied with no emotion at all.

"well I suppose your name is hn… then…am I right?" Sakura said teasingly.

"The name is Sasuke…Uchiha Sasuke" Sasuke said.

"I knew I could make you talk besides that hn of yours." Sakura said as she giggled and then everyone laughed.

"hey Sakura! Look! Its Hinata and Ten ten" Ino said.

"hey!" Ten ten and Hinata said to everyone.

"what do you guys say…we eat some ramen"" Naruto asked.

"fine by us…!" the four girls said.

"okay then!" Neji said.

The night passed quickly and everyone went on with their lives at night in their sleeps. Tomorrow will be a new day.

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