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Chapter Four: Worst Nightmare

Sakura was sitting on the doorsteps outside her house, wondering. She was deeply in thought. Today, she was going to go to the sportsummer with Sasuke. They both agreed to go together so it would seem to everyone that they're an item.

Sakura was worried, not that she had to pretend to be Sasuke's girlfriend for the time being but the wrath of Karin is a very different story. She doesn't know what Karin was going to do to her after stealing her soon-to-be-boyfriend. Worst, except Sasuke, all of her friends are not going to attend the club this summer. She's got no one to talk to, not that she can't talk to Sasuke or her brother, Tatsuya.

"I am so lucky…not!" Sakura thought.

Sakura was so lost in her thoughts that she didn't notice that Sasuke had already arrived.

"Sakura? Earth to Sakura?:" Sasuke asked, more like questioned, while waving a hand in front of her face.

"huh? Oh. Sasuke." Sakura said as she stumbled.

"Sakura, you should pay more attention to your surrounding." Sasuke said as he leaned to her. Sakura, because of the close proximity between them, blushed. She didn't want to be seen blushing so she looked away.

"Whatever, Sasuke." Sakura said as she him softly enough, so she could get out of the closeness between them and the situation they're in. Sakura walked over to her bike not looking at Sasuke, making sure the blush was gone.

"Hay Sakura. Gomenasai. I really didn't mean for you to stumbled like that." Sasuke said, walking up to her.

"Whatever." Sakura simply replied, still not looking.

"it's not that I was mad at you. I just couldn't let you see me blush." Sakura thought.

Sakura legs crossed, sat on the ground facing the bike, checking if everything was alright with it. Just then Sasuke came up and caught her off guard and hugged her from the back. Sakura blushed, beet red. Luckily for her, Sasuke didn't noticed because he was staring at the beautiful blue sky.

"really Sakura, gomenasai, I didn't mean it. Please don't be mad at me." Sasuke pleaded with puppy eyes and Sakura blushed but it went away when she giggled at his action. He would never do that out in the public.

He did change around people, being less cold to everyone but he's completely nice to Sakura and Naruto, not that he needed to change or anything around both of them. Sakura couldn't take it any longer and even though she is blushing she couldn't help but laugh out loud. Sasuke had to let her go when she laughed and clutched her stomach leaving a terribly lost and confused looking Sasuke,

"What are you laughing at?" Sasuke said pouting.

"It's not what –laugh- it's who? –laugh- and guess what? It's you! –Laughs-"

After some seconds she managed to gain her posture and Sasuke, still pouting at her. "Why were you laughing at me?"

"It's so funny how you would never do that in public but only if you're around me or Naruto." She smiled, she liked how he was like that to her and not to people especially his fan girls.

"I've got something for you."

"really now?"

Yup" Sasuke walked to her back then placing a necklace around her neck. "Arigatoo…Sasuke-kun." She saw a cherry blossom pendant hanging from the chain.

"come on. We better go now or we'll be late for our lesson."

"mm." Sakura nodded and both of them jumped on their bikes and started cycling. As they rode their bikes they passed the street where Sasuke lives. "Sasuke-kun, you know that your house is nearer to the club than mine?"

"of course I do. I'm not an idiot like Naruto." Sakura giggled at this.

"I know demo… I could have just gone to your house instead of you going to mine. It would have been easier and faster that way."

"I know but it isn't polite for a boyfriend to let his girlfriend to his house instead of him picking her up, right? Ur such a dummy" she just nodded in shock

"it's not like it's for real." Sakura thought.

Arriving at their destination, they parked their bikes and looked at the chain so that their bikes wouldn't be stolen. Just right after they have arrived and chained their bikes, they saw HER.

"HERE COMES MY WORST NIGHTMARE." Sakura said softly but Sasuke heard it. He then held her hand and squeezed it a little for reassurance, then Karin came. Karin, the snobbiest, ugliest bitch ever!

"hello Sasuke-kun!" Karin said emphasizing on the name. she was about to go all over him when she noticed Sasuke and Sasuke holding each others hand.

"so I take your Haruno Sakura?" she said cold and as if in her town of voice she wanted Sakura dead. She nodded with a yes.

"why choose a girlfriend like that forehead girl there than a girl like me? Ne sasuke kun? Dump her!" Sakura wanted to punch her so badly and Sakura looked so disgusted.

"Karin I don't like you talking about my girl like that and especially when she's right here ." Sasuke said rather cold. Karin just dismissed his remark to her and started asking questions.

"so…when did you guys started to go out?"

Sakura replied "Friday while Sasuke said "Monday" at the same time. Karin looks suspicious, erase that, she looks so suspicious. "don't tell me you guys don't even know when you started going out?" she raised one eye brow.

"of course we do." Sasuke quickly said. " it's just different to me. Coz I was going to ask here on Monday but then I couldn't see the right time until Friday. It's my bad"

Both of them sighed and were relived that Karin just let them off for now about that but she asked another question. "oh I see, well why don't you tell me how you told here Sasuke-kun?"

"why should I tell you? It's really none of your business."

"that's alright. Why don't you, Sakura, tell me what happened? Guys aren't really that good at talking about their romantic moves but perhaps you would fell me in?" Karin was expecting a worried look from Sakura but instead she had a confident look.

"it's not that romantic Karin. Sasuke said. Sasuke looked at Sakura that gave out 'what are going to do?' look. Sakura just looked at him and smile which means its okay. I got it all under control. Karin insisted on knowing like what Sasuke would have guessed so Sakura had no choice but to answer it.

"okay, I'll tell you just because you insist so much." Karin was taken back because of this. She didn't think that Sakura can come up with something in such a short period of time unless they planned it or they were really going out. "then, spill it!"

"well, he came to my house in the afternoon like what he always do everyday." Sakura was going to continue but Karin talked. "why was he at your house?"

"he always hangs around Tatsuya and I so he always comes over." Sakura could swear that Karin's look gave out the word 'bitch'.

"my brother said to walk the dog and Sasuke said that he'd go with me and let my brother finish the things he had to do. My brother agreed to him because he said he couldn't be bother walking the dogs. When we were talking it felt so awkward and silent but before I could say anything we already reached the park where we always go. That park is near here. We sat down and let the dogs out of their leashes because the park can be an off leash for dogs. Sasuke and I sat on the chair and talked." Everyone was listening keenly to her.

Then he asked me if I like someone and I said yes. He asked me if I he was allowed to know but I didn't want him to know that I liked him cause I thought our friendship will break if I do, so, I said no. I asked him the same question and he answered yes as well. I asked him who it is and I was so shocked when he sad it was me. I laughed because I though it was a joke but I saw how serious his face was and I sopped laughing. He then asked me to be his girlfriend and I said if he wanted to know who I like but he said I already know. He then wrapped around this necklace around my neck and said that he already knows my answer to his questions too. I smiled at him and said that I love him and he said he loved me too. She finished.

"is that all?" Karin said.

"oh. No." "he also said that this necklace is his sign of his love for me" she said gaining a jealous look from Karin. Sasuke was bout to laugh but Sakura glared at him that said 'don't you dare! Or all of my hard work will be gone! and if that happens I will seriously strangle you!'

Karin just eventually walked away because she thought that their eyes were locked in each other and if someone sees her there she'll think she's an idiot. After she was out of sight and hearing distance Sasuke burst out laughing and Sakura couldn't help it either.

"Sakura? Did you see that look on her face? It was so priceless!" Sasuke said

"and she went away like she was gonna erupt just like a volcano." Sakura replied.

"I couldn't even imagine what is she thinking right now? She must be so embarrassed by doing that to us. Cursing herself even." Sasuke said.

They both managed to catch their breaths again.

"anyways, that idea of yours is so good. The whole romantic thing. The park and everything. How did you do that?" Sasuke asked.

"I do read manga you know." Sakura said

"to tell you the truth, it wasn't from a manga nor was it from any other movies. It was from my heart. I have always imagined so many scenes of us being together so it was pretty easy to make up one" Sakura thought. "I love you but I just can't say it to you. It hurts so much to think that when I tell you our friendship will break apart and everything will rumble down. That's the last thing I want to happen."

A frown appeared on her face and Sasuke noticed this. "hey what's up with the sad and long face?" Sasuke was worried.

"did he just look and sound worried there?" Sakura thought. "oh what am I thinking? He's my friend why would he?"

"oh. It's nothing. It's just that, Karin will be integrating me for awhile and will try to get a chance to get something off me to prove that we aren't together." She replied, lying. she lied even though she knew that Sasuke will find out that she is any second now.

"don't worry. Its going to be alright. We only see here in the afternoon because she's in beginners in tennis." he let the lying slip this time.

"she's like a poisonous snake that's going to try to bite me and kill me anytime she gets the chance to." Sasuke took her hand in his.

Sakura looked up confused." Sasuke-kun?"

"I said don't worry. Whatever happens I'm here. Always be. Ill protect you from any snake that tries to harm my cherry blossom." "after all, I am your boyfriend" he joked a, little in the end.

Sakura nodded and said an "Arigatoo" to him then Sasuke pulled her into a hug and she buried her face on his chest and closed her eyes. "his hug always brings warm to me. Although I wish that this hug wasn't for friends but the sign of us being together. Actually I don't wich I want it to be. But I could im a coward I could tell you what I feel. The worst has done its best. Its wasn't and it isn't."

Sakura pulled out from the hugged and said thanks to him. In the afternoon Karin interrogated them non-stop. In swimming Karin hasn't tried anything yet but they knew sometime in the future she wil. After sportsummer they both went home and went to bed. One thing she was sure of after the end of the day, out of all the nightmares she had experienced, Karin is the worst. Yes, the worst nightmare

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