Kabuto's Revenge

Chapter 1:"Preparations for War

By: Kiba Inubake

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"Preparations for War"

The winter breeze blew by as a man in his early 20s walked against the wind towards an ice-covered tree.

This looks like a nice spot to rest at, thought the man. He climbed up the tree and sat down on a branch. The wind picked up. A few remaining leaves brushed against the fan decoration on the man's jacket. He picked up on the sound of soft steps, the pattern that belonged to his effeminate friend Haku.

"Good morning, Sasuke," Haku spoke, gently sliding his hand over the two long locks of smooth black hair hanging over his face. "How are you today?"

"Fine, actually. I thought moving to the Land of Waves might be hard, because of my friends back home. Yet, I'm surprisingly fine," Sasuke replied. "Hey, Haku, would you mind showing me around the area?"

"I'd be glad to!" Haku replied. A warm smile took over his face.

Sasuke opened his mouth, but was stopped by a letter protruding from his pocket that Haku just happened to notice.

"Is that a letter?" He asked, with a glint of curiosity in his eyes. "May I ask who it is from?"

"Oh, right. The letter…" Sasuke said, slowly pulling it out of his dark blue jeans. "I haven't read it yet. Care to join me?" He asked, beginning to read the letter aloud.

"To the bastard Sasuke Uchiha,

My loathing of you has not dropped; in fact, it has risen. So far to the extent that I, Kabuto Yakushi, am declaring war. Meet me at Tanzaku Town's outskirts at dawn three days from now, or my army, even though small, will destroy the village you currently occupy. Gather all the fools you need; there's no way you'll beat me. Expect no mercy, Uchiha!"

"This man is demanding a war?!" Haku shouted, shocked and confused. "Who is this man and why does he wish for a war?!"

"This is the right-hand man of the evil traitor Orochimaru, who I killed. Or, should I say 'was'. He's wanted revenge ever since, and he's come this far to declare war. Haku, will you join me?"

"Of course I will, Sasuke. You are my best friend, next to Zabuza, of course. I'm sure he will offer help as well." Haku answered sweetly. "I think it would be best if we shared our techniques."

"Sounds fun," Sasuke calmly said. "Let's find Zabuza and begin. He's at his hideout, right?"

"Zabuza went out early to examine the new restaurant and is bringing back breakfast. He should be home by now." Haku corrected.

"Okay then, let's go," Sasuke said in a slightly laid back tone.

"A war, is it?" Zabuza said in his deep voice, chomping down on a steak. "I've been dying to fight! Count me in!"

"Well, well… You're more enthusiastic about this than I thought," Sasuke smirked.

"Sadly, it's been dull lately. I haven't fought a real battle in a while; Haku and I have just sparred," Zabuza said excitedly. He then took a sip of water. "So, what is this about jutsu? You want to exchange knowledge?"

"Yes, Zabuza," Haku confirmed. "We wish to share our techniques with one another for the war."

"It does sound interesting…" Zabuza said. "Okay, but Uchiha, teach me that "Raikiri" attack your Kakashi taught you. He showed me it once, and I'd like to combine that with my pounding."

"Deal," Sasuke confirmed.

The three ninja shared their techniques with one another. Some included were the "Water Prison Jutsu," "Flying Death Needles," and "Grand Fireball Jutsu," along with "Raikiri."
Two days had passed. The three practiced their new techniques, sparred with each other, and ate the food Zabuza brought back from the restaurant, which they found delicious, if you were wondering. The trio then departed on their trip to Tanzaku Town. Nothing exciting happened, so I'll skip it.
They finally made it to Tanzaku Town with two hours before sundown. They checked into a hotel, slept the night, and woke up early for the Sound ninja. They walked toward the outskirts of town when they noticed a few figures standing in the area.

"That doesn't look like the Sound ninja…" Sasuke said to no one in particular. "Actually, one sticks out… Is that Itachi?!"

He stared closely at the tall figure in the Uchiha jacket. (The Uchiha massacre never happened.)

The figure instantly appeared in front of Sasuke. It was, in fact, Itachi Uchiha in all his glory!

"Sasuke…" Itachi said. "You've grown so much since I last saw you!"

"Big brother!" The younger Uchiha shouted. "I missed you so much! But how did you know I was going to fight here?"

Itachi stood silent for a moment, then said, "…It's a secret."

"Humph…" Sasuke pouted, recalling his younger years, imitated the scene back then.

"I will teach you an advanced technique first," Itachi stated. "It's called the Shadow Clone: Smash."

Sasuke learned the new technique, tested it out, and happily practiced it once more.

Thanking his elder brother, the four walked towards the rest of the group. "I brought help," Itachi stated.

Glancing around, the younger Uchiha noticed Naruto and Gaara, Rock Lee and Guy, and Sakura and Kakashi. After greetings, the group noticed the Sound ninja finally showing up a ½ hour late.

"Sorry we're late, but Jirobo had to spend an hour on the toilet!" Kabuto seethed, looking in Jirobo's direction.

"I told you, I ate too many spicy chicken wings last night!" Jirobo whined. "They lured me in with their tasty spiciness and their hot aroma wafting around my nose…" Jirobo started to drool, realizing that a few seconds later.

"Oh well, now that we're here, I'll be killing you, Sasuke!" Kabuto growled at the unaffected younger Uchiha.

"Yeahhh, no you won't," Sasuke replied in a bored manner.

"Take me seriously, Uchiha, or I'm gonna get upset!" Kabuto whined.

"Look, can we start now or what? You're boring me, Yakushi…" Sasuke said, pretending to yawn.

"Oooohh! You make me so angry, you bastard! First you kill Lord Orochimaru, and now you make fun of me?! I'll really kill you!" Kabuto yelled, losing his temper.

"Oh, really? SHARINGAN!" Sasuke yelled, using his Kekkei Genkai. End of Chapter.

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