Her choice.

She felt the pain. All the pain she'd ever caused. All the lies she'd told. All the havoc she'd wrecked. It all came down to this.

He took her hand in his. She knew what he would ask her. She knew what they all would ask her. They would smile and say it was her decision. But when the choice was made she knew the looks she'd recieve.

Angel would look at her with sadness and understanding. He had lost a love. He wanted to be mortal. He wanted his soul. He could live without Cordelia. He couldn't live with out her as well.

Spike would sneer at her openly then in solitude praise her and disappear into the night. He too wanted her. But she couldn't let him.

Dawn would smile before returning to tracking down the New Slayers with Willow. Dawn would be happy. Happy for the decision she made. Happy for Willow.

Willow... Willow would cry.

She turned to Giles and nodded. She was ready.

Willow ran a hand through her short redish hair. She wrinkled her nose at the template Dawn held out.

Dawn laughed. "Why not? It's a nice color!"

"Dawn, honey, it looks like dried blood."

Dawn laughed. "It's for the living room. God knows how much blood we spill there all the time. It will be... camoflaged."

"Speaking of camoflage," Angel said, coming into the room to dispose of the dirty dishes in the sink. "Anyone heard from Xander?"

"Still in Africa and loving it." Dawn announced, reaching into her bag for another paint chip.

"Not taking up theivery again, eh, Dawny?" Spike asked, coming into the kitchen again.

Dawn stuck out her tongue in a very ladylike manor. "I got them at Home Depo. They were free."

Angel straddled the back of a chair. "Just how did you get to Home Depot? It's on the other side of town?"

"Um..." Dawn began. The door to the back yard opened.

"Ohh! look, Buffy!" Dawn exclaimed.

Sure enough her older almost sister stood in the door way. She smiled at the group as they seemed to hold their breath collectively. Everyone knew about Buffy's wish.

"So, did you reach a decision?" Spike finally asked.

Buffy nodded and stepped aside. Into the vacant place stepped a young woman with honey brown hair to mid back. Willow gasped. Her hands fluttered to her mouth and she took a step forward.



Ginny Weasley sat up in her bed. Her hands flew to her hair and she grabbed at a ribbon that was no longer there. She tore the snarls from her hair and dashed the broken strands on the ground. She uttered something between a snarl and a sigh. The same dream. The same faceless adversary. The same urge. The urge to act. She pushed aside her scant blankets and sat up.

She forwent the faded pink slippers by her bed and walked on barefeet to her closet. She pulled on a pair of socks and the dingy green sneakers. She paused to tie her hair up in a high pony tail. Then on silent feet she slid out of the house. Down the hall, past the room where Ron lay occasionally muttering Hermione's name and other things Ginny would rather not think about. Down the stairs past the twins now vacant rooms. Down the stairs, silently past her mother and father's room. Through the kitchen, because that door creaked less. And out side.

She let the urge take her and began to run, thinking all the while, damn Riddle.

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