CHapter Twenty Two

Final Battle (Part 3)

"Got it," Spike said, coming into the dungeon room that Willow was making the potion in. She looked at him then behind.

"Where's Ginny and Draco?"

"They're fine," Spike said succintly.

Willow opened her mouth to argue but shut it again. She still didn't exactly trust Spike, but she had the feeling he wasn't lying.

"You have it?" she asked.

"This doesn't look right," he said.

"What are you talking about? I checked it seven times."

"It's too small."

"What do you mean?"

He told her. She bit her lip.

"Can you do it?" he asked.

"I'll have to change a few things."

"Will you need more hearts?"

"No. I've got this. Get out there. You'll know when I succeed."

Daphne wasn't ready to die but it looked pretty iminent. She knelt over Pansy, wand at the ready. Voldemort had not come for Pansy but his minions had.

"I don't know how long I can keep this up," Faith said. She looked like hell. Daphne had cast a pretty strong sheild around her but she was still beat to hell. Daphne couldn't help but admire her. This was what a real slayer looked like, she thought.

"If you needed help you could've just asked."

Daphne looked around and nearly cried with relief.

"Spike, who invited you?" Faith demanded, soundind cranky.

"Guess I'll just leave you to it then," he said but made no move to leave.

"Spike, what Faith means is we would be grateful of some help," Daphne said. "Incendio!"

"Hey! Watch it, luv."


"Watch how it's done," Spike said.

"Should we be worried?" Daphne asked as Spike began dismembering the attackers.

"Why? How's Pansy?" Faith asked, kneeling down by them.

Daphne cast a quick spell. "She's just got a bit of a concussion. She'll be fine."

"Want to get her out of here?"

"And go where? Best we can do is keep her safe. There's no neutral ground right now."

"Should we bring her around? I mean there's spells for that right? I saw Gandalf do it in The Hobbit."

"And if Gandalf can do it..." Daphne grinned at her. The adrenaline was still singing in her veins and levity came easy.

"Smart alec," Faith laughed.

Then the world exploded.

Ginny lay in his arms. Draco was ready to kill Spike but at the same time he couldn't have asked for a better chance. He just held her.

He knew how to Apparate. He probably could do it but with Ginny unconscious, it was a risk. Unfortunately, time was not on their side.

Maybe it was...he thought. He reached into her shirt, resisting the urge to cop a feel. He drew out the charm on the golden chain.

"Take your time, Ginny," he said.

(A/N: Short chapter, I know. I was just at a loss for how to continue this chapter without going overboard. So here you have it.