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The Neo-Allsparks

Chapter One: New Beginnings

By Delphine Pryde

The Allspark, the life-giver to a sentient race of machines that we would call Transformers, since its uncountable eons of existence was in danger of ending. The small organic male had thrust its ancient cube body into the very spark it had once bestowed on the Transformer known as Megatron. Energy clashed, overload eminent, the Allspark couldn't allow its destruction to happen-time halted. With effort, the conscience separated itself from its body, leaving a bit of its power behind to not alert others of its attentions, and then it sought a new receptacle for its power.

At first it looked at the various Transformers and then dismissed them as viable candidates, it wouldn't be able to inhabit a body that already held a spark. The sparkless bodies of the dead Transformers were also dismissed as they were far too damaged; it did pause at one body that had been torn in two. While the Allspark could not bring back a spark that had already joined the Matrix, it could heal one that still clung to this plane of existence. So with a brief shot of energy the injured Transformer's wounds were healed, the two pieces mending back together, and the spark revitalized, then the Allspark continued its search.

The non-sentient machines it found were too primitive to contain its essence. Finally, the powerful being turned towards the sentient organics that were so prominent on this planet. With work they would be suitable, the transformation of from carbon-based to metal was simple, and manipulation of atoms was easy for the Allspark. It would have to be a gradual change, allowing for mental adjustments of the chosen organic. With this in mind, the Allspark then evaluated the organics in its immediate area that would be suitable. It was only as its attention briefly came upon its former body, frozen in the middle of its destruction, that it realized that it might be foolish to only have one holder for its power. It might not be able to escape destruction so easily next time, better that it should have more than one holder. Splitting itself wouldn't be too hard, after all it served first and foremost as a key to accessing the essence of the Matrix in order to create new Sparks, being a piece of the whole wouldn't effect its ability in the least.

Decided, it once again looked at the various organics for suitability. The first chosen was the very organic that had caused the need to look for a new body in the first place. Sam Witwicky was willing to sacrifice so much to help his world and the Transformer faction, the Autobots, surely he should be suitable to hold the very power he was trying to keep out of evil hands. A piece of itself split and joined its new body.

The next two were simple choices as well. The young female, Mikaela Banes, and hardened captain, Will Lennox, had proven themselves courageous to the Allspark. Mikaela purposely put herself into danger to save the injured Autobot known as Bumblebee and Will was an experienced leader who looked out for those under his command and was willing to put his self in harms way to protect what was important.

The last ones chosen weren't so easy to find. Most of the organics left were panicky, scared creatures that had just been in the wrong place at the wrong time and would not be able to handle such responsibilities. Then the Allspark found them, a pair of sisters hiding in one of the many damaged buildings. The older sister had calmly placed herself protectively over her younger sibling in an attempt to spare the younger from any danger. Though clearly scared, the younger sister wasn't panicking, her elder sibling's calm attitude giving her confidence that everything would turn out alright. With a brief brush through the sisters' minds to confirm its choice, it allowed the last pieces of self to join with the two.

With five connections to the living plane in place, the mind of the spark-giver settled back to watch how the universe would handle these new Allsparks.


One month…it had been one month since Sam had destroyed the Allspark and the leader of the Decepticons, Megatron. One month ago he had gotten together with his crush since elementary school. A week later they had broken up, Mikaela deciding they made better friends that boyfriend and girlfriend. Sam hadn't been as upset about the breakup as he should have been, because by then he had already realized he was in love with someone else-Bumblebee. Not that Sam had told his black and yellow, sometimes a Camaro, guardian. Part of him was convinced that humans and Transformers couldn't be together and Sam just knows he would be able to stand the heartache of rejection from the 'bot.

It had been one month since the Autobot leader had sent a simple message into the depths of space:

"I am Optimus Prime, and I send this message to any survivors of my kind who may be taking refuge among the stars. Your are not alone. You have a home here, among others of your kind. We are waiting."

The message hadn't been answered until three week later. A ship of Autobots had confirmed that they would reach Earth within the week. Optimus had sent them coordinates to their new base. Well, base was something of a misnomer, it was more a temporary camp until the actual base could be finished from parts of the Autobot ship, the Ark, and what the U.S. government had given them as a thank you, including the large piece of property to locate their base that was far from prying eyes. They were originally going to be given the former Sector Seven base at Hoover Dam, but between the tourists and what had actually gone on in the base all it was decided against. Only the most essential rooms were actually ready, mainly the medbay (though Ratchet complained about the lack of equipment), the main control room featuring the Autobot computer system Teletran-1, and a restroom for human visitors (Mikaela had been most insistent). Mikaela and Sam had tents set aside to sleep in, while the Autobots had taken to recharging in their automobile forms.

To avoid attention and lesson the danger of an ambush from Decepticon survivors, the new ship of Autobots had been ordered to enter Earth's atmosphere at irregular intervals in different location in their cometary protoforms, with the last to bring down their ship. The first of the new group of Autobots to arrive had taken the vehicle form of a Police car, much to Sam's chagrin. When the black and white form had first arrived, Sam had immediately thought it was the Decepticon Barricade and had steeled himself for a battle until he had noticed that the Autobots, minus Ironhide who was off with Capt. Lennox, were completely calm. When Sam got a closer look at the police car he realized that the only similarity between Barricade and the other was their paint color, even then the decals were totally different. The 2006 Chevrolet Impala had the correct phrase of "to protect and serve" instead of the twisted "to punish and enslave."

As the Impala closed upon the group, gears whirled and shifted as car turned into a bipedal mech. The mech turned his bright blue optics on Optimus and saluted. "Reporting for duty, sir."

"At ease, Prowl," Optimus said, turning his head to glance at the two humans nearby. "In order to fit into our new planet, please, speak the local language."

A confused Sam, asked, "Wasn't he already speaking English?"

"You understood that?" asked an astonished Jazz.

"We both did," piped up Mikaela.

Looks passed between Optimus and the other Autobots as they communicated wirelessly. Sam felt a strange itch in the back of his head and Mikaela looked just as uncomfortable.

"Prowl was speaking Cybertronian," explained Optimus, "you shouldn't have been able to understand it."

Ratchet had started scanning the two humans without being asked. When he finished, there was a look on his face that could only be described as dumbfounded. "This is impossible."

"What is it?" Optimus asked his medical officer.

Fiddling with some buttons on his arm, Ratchet made a hologram of the inside of the human body appear before them. "This is what a normal human male body looks like," Ratchet stated. Another hologram of a body appeared next to it. "This is Sam's." It was like looking at the schematics for cyborg what with wires and pumps and an occasional human organ, where the heart was supposed to be was a pulsing blue light.

Bumblebee made a strange sound before rasping out, "Is that a spark?"

"Yes and it appears to be cradled in a rudimentary spark chamber…Mikaela's scan showed similar changes."

"What's happening to us?" Mikaela mummered.

Ratchet let out what must have been the equivalent of a Cybertronian sigh. "I…don't know. It would appear that you both are changing into Transformers-"

Bumblebee cut him off, radio blaring out a song clip from Guns 'n Roses, "You're crazy, hey, hey. You know you're crazy, oh my." (1)

Another sigh, this one sounding more exasperated, then Ratchet explained, "I'd already triple checked my findings before I said anything. I'll need to do more testing before I can come up with the exact hows, but I'll need more specialized equipment. Equipment that we don't have and I have only the vaguest idea on how the go about building with what we have available to us."

"Providing nothing unforeseen happens," Prowl spoke up, "Wheeljack was the next one scheduled to make planet fall, along with Bluestreak."

The Autobot inventor, Wheeljack, would surely be of use, but as for his companion… "Primus, how have you kept your ship intact?"

"Pure luck."

A confused Sam turned to his Guardian. "What'd he mean by that?"

Bumblebee was silent for a moment. "Wheeljack is a great scientist, it's just that his experiments are known to…well, explode."

"And with Bluestreak there to distract him with incessant chatter, Wheeljack's chances of blowing something up are greater," Jazz put in. (2)

Sam and Mikaela looked at each other with unease. First they find out they're not even completely human anymore and now they were to undergo tests with a machine that was to be built by the Cybertronian equivalent of a mad scientist. "Okay that's it we're out of here." Mikaela said, grabbing Sam's arm.

"Mikaela, it might be best if you continue to stay here," Optimus said, gently.

"No, I'm going home. When you can explain what's happening to us, then I'll come back."

Ratchet started to protest, but was cut off by Optimus Prime. "Bumblebee, please take her home."

The voice of multiple children sounded for the from the Camaro's speakers, "Aye, aye, Captain. (3)" Mikaela bit her lip to stifle a giggle.

"I'd like to go as well," Sam said. "Not home, just to drop her off."

"Just be careful, we still don't know if any other Decepticons have made it to this world," the Autobot leader cautioned.

"Don't worry, we'll be fine."


The ride to Mikaela's house was filled with a quiet tension, the low hum of the engine and soothing tunes from the speakers doing nothing to ease it. It was something of a relief when they finally got to her house and dropped her off. The brunette beauty was a lot more upset about the whole thing then Sam was. While part of him was confused and angry at the loss of his humanity, another part of his was happy about the whole thing. He felt that the gap between his guardian and himself was being bridged. Sam, wondering what the Transformer thought of him becoming one as well, asked.

Bumblebee gave no response at first, instead he changed directions from heading back to the Autobot base to the lookout point they'd spent time at until the base had finally been established. Gently shaking Sam out the door, Bumblebee took on his bipedaled form. He crotched down, bringing his bright blue optics close to his young companion and with a rusty, yet sexy voice that sent a shiver down Sam's spine, began to speak. "I am sorry that you were not given a choice, but I'm glad that this has happened. I won't have to lose you so soon like I'd feared."

Bumblebee used one of his large fingers to gently caress Sam's face. It was in that moment, looking into electric blue optics, that Sam realized that his love might no be as one-sided as he thought. Gathering his courage, he uttered the words he'd longed to for what seemed like forever. "I love you, Bumblebee."

Finis, for now.


Didn't have any idea on how to continue from there, so I just ended the chapter. Ideas would be very much appreciated, I am the Queen of Writer's Block which is why most of my stories are very rarely finished or I'm slow to update.

1. You're Crazy belongs and is performed by Guns 'n Roses

2. Read something similar, about Sam being told that Bluestreak wasn't allowed near Wheeljack, because he actually tries to listen and then gets distracted and WHOOPs there goes another explosion, in another fanfic, which I can't remember the name of, but I liked the idea. If anyone knows the name of the fanfic, let me know, I'd like to reread it.

3. Beginning of the Sponge Bob Squarepants theme song.