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The Neo-Allsparks

Chapter Seven: Awakenings

By Delphine Pryde

The sight of his sleeping wife greeted Will Lennox as he awoke from the unwanted dream-no-vision. As much as he wanted to believe the conversation with Primus had been caused by all the stories of Cybertron Ironhide had shared with the soldier, he knew that was wishful thinking on his part. He had noticed small differences in his body since that day in Mission City. No longer did he get the least bit tired during his morning run or the fact that he had been putting on weight but there was no outside difference or reasonable cause.

He looked at his wife, eyes troubled as took in the peaceful looking blond-haired form of Sarah Lennox. How would she react to the news that her husband was turning into a giant robot? He winced as he remembered her reaction to finding out the truth about Ironhide. It hadn't been on of her finer moments, though hysterics are perfectly understandable when your confronted with a cannon-toting Topkick that's really a mechanical being from another world. If little Annabelle hadn't been so enamored with the giant black mech, the woman may never have come to accept Ironhide, however grudgingly that acceptance was.

As thought she felt the weight of his stare, Sarah's eyes lazily fluttered open. She immediately saw the troubled look on her husband's face. "What's wrong?" she asked.

With a deep breath, Will said, "We need to talk."

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That a seatbelt was digging into his side was the first thing Sam noticed as he awoke. He had fallen asleep cradled in the backseat of Bumblebee's vehicle form, fingers of the Autobot's simi-form gently running through the boy's short hair. After the long time coming confession of love for each other and the subsequent make out session, it had been nice just to bask in the young Cybertronian's presence.

Sam pushed himself up into a sitting position and stretched out, trying to work the kinks out from sleeping in a car. No matter how comfortable Bumblebee made his backseat it just didn't have same support as a bed. The teenagers stretched arm barely missed the head of his guardian's simi-form hat had flickered into existence in a previously occupied spot. Sam barely refrained from jumping in surprise at the sudden appearance of a blond-haired teenager. "Jeez, Bee, give a guy a little warning before appearing like that."

The simi-form gave a sheepish grin as the radio blared out, "I'm sorry, so sorry."

Sam chuckled before leaning over to give the other a good morning kiss. Bumblebee scrunched up his face briefly when Sam pulled back. "Ew, morning breath," the Autobot teased.

Sam playfully swatted at the scout's head, which Bumblebee ducked with little effort before flashing a roguish smile at the human. However, the good humor Sam was feeling quickly fled as the night's events came back to him.

Bumblebee immediately noticed the change in his young charge. "What is wrong?"

"I met Primus!" the teenager blurted out and what had happened in the vision he had last night spilled forth. "…and then we were told that all five of us together would have the power to fully revive Cybertron. The he said good-bye and I woke up." He took a deep breath as he finished, feeling a bit better now that he had told Bumblebee.

The blond simi-form's unnatural blue eyes were wide and there was a look of awe mingled with hope. "W-we have to tell Optimus," Bumblebee stuttered, overcome with emotion.

In the last month the Earth bound Autobots had reluctantly come to terms with the destruction of the Allspark and what that meant: no more sparks would be born, the existing Cybertronians were the last of their kind; that Cybertron would remain a war torn world with no resources or energy. Sam, no matter how hard he tried, could never comprehend such loss or how happy his impossible news could make his guardian, though he certainly felt the back breaking hug Bumblebee bestowed him before the simi-form disappeared from the back and re-appeared in the Camaro's driver seat. The back seatbelt strapped Sam in without the boy touching anything as the Camaro disguised Autobot took off to find his leader.

Sam wondered how the others were handling it all in the waking world, especially Mikaela. A familiar tune sounded from the front of the car where his cell phone rested. "It's Mikaela," Bumblebee announced.

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She'd been nearly hysterical when she'd awoken. It took awhile before Mikaela had calmed down enough to leave her bed. Once the hysteria passed all she felt was numb, like she was too emotionally exhausted to feel much of anything. The brunette haired girl went through her morning routine on automatic: bathroom, brush teeth, floss, mouthwash, shower, dry hair, style hair, dress, and all the while the night's events ran through her mind.

Coping with grief, in Mikaela's case the grief of her lost humanity, has five stages: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. Mikaela had gone through the denial stage when she had insisted on going home so soon after finding out about the changes taking place within her body. It's common enough in humans to ignore the problem and hope it goes away, somehow. Of course, that didn't happen and then the shared vision with Primus explaining what was going on with them all had sent Mikaela to the second stage. She felt faintly embarrassed when she remembered how bitchy she'd been, especially to Primus. Geez, pissing off a being that's the size of a planet isn't exactly conductive to along life.

The third stage, bargaining, was completely skipped. Who would she bargain with? Primus had made it clear that the Allspark and made its decision and there was no backing out-no choice, the change to her was going to happen whether Mikaela agreed or not. The fourth stage of depression came in the form of her moment of hysteria upon awakening. Mikaela wasn't normally prone to hysteria or depression. Being the only child of a convict in prison for grand theft auto and a woman who believed her job to be more important than family, Mikaela was used to being on her own. Sure her father tried to be a part of her life, by taking along on some of his jobs as her Juvie record would attest to, but then he got arrested and left her in the custody of his ex-wife, her biological mother.

Veronica James, the former Mrs. Banes, had wanted little to do with her daughter as possible. She'd never wanted children in the first place, she'd gotten tired of her husband's persistence on having children and given in, and had been happy to foist the custody of her daughter off to her ex as soon as the divorce was finalized. So when she was forced to take responsibility of her daughter once again, Ms. James had been less than pleased. To say the least, Mikaela's mother had very little to do with her daughter as possible, probably would have sent her to an orphanage if she wasn't so conscience of how that would appear to her co-workers. Instead, the business woman provided food, clothing, and other items a teenage girl needs and in turn Mikaela was expected to act like the perfect daughter to the outside world.

The stereotypical popular high school persona took over until Mikaela began to forget what it meant to be herself. Then cam Sam Witwicky, and she soon found herself embroiled in a conflict involving alien giant robots. The flames of war burned away the mask and Mikaela had found strength in herself she hadn't realized she'd had.

Anyway, getting back on track, Mikaela got through the depression stage with that single fit before she moved onto the fifth and final stage: acceptance. She'd been so preoccupied with the thought of no longer being human, that she hadn't taken into account what she gained by becoming a Transformer. The ability to turn into any vehicle she chose, that fit whatever size she ended up at, certainly appealed to her hidden grease monkey side. Then there was the significant increase in her overall life span, all the Transformers she knew were way older than the human race had been in existence.

Now that her rational side was in charge, Mikaela decided the best thing form her to do would be to meet up with the Autobots. Taking a deep breath, she punched in the number for Sam's cell phone with her home phone.

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Marie's voice was the first thing Louise heard as she woke up. The woman groaned and buried her head under her pillow, trying to drown out the noise coming from the opposite side of the house. Her sister never had grasped the concept of an inside voice.

A male's voice brought all of last nights events back to the sleep mussed twenty-one year old. That voice belonged to Bluestreak. He must have used his simi-form to enter the house. If the social Autobot was awake then she guessed his scientist friend would be as well. She slowly moved the pillow from her head and opened her hazel eyes and let out a brief yelp of surprise as she found herself staring into Wheeljack's face, those un-earthly blue eyes looking at her with an emotion Louise couldn't even begin to guess. "Frippin' hell, give a girl a little warning before popping up all willy-nilly."

The faux Asian face gave a puzzled look. "I was already here before you came out of recharge, so I don't think that constitutes 'popping in willy-nilly.'"

Louise waved away his reply. "Never mind, I'm guessing you being up here and the blabber mouth duo going on down stairs that you know about that whole vision thing?"

"Yes, it must have been fascinating meeting Primus face to face-so to speak."

"That's one way of putting it," Louise said, scratching the back of her right ear absently. "Another is intimidating. Seriously, he's so big his alt form is a fricking planet."

"Cybertron…" The look on Wheeljack's face was one of sad remembrance of his dying home world as he gazed off, his eyes staring at blank air for a few minutes.

Needing to cheer him up, Louise, reaching out to hold his hands with hers, pointed out, "Primus said that with all the Allspark, uh, avatars-I suppose would be a good name-anyway, with all the Allspark avatars working in unison we can bring Cybertron back to what it was before the war."

Those glowing eyes were on her now, staring, as if the their owner was trying to memorize every nuance of her face. Louise felt her face heat up under the intense scrutiny and she quickly dropped his hands. Finally Wheeljack spoke. "You're co-creation had not mentioned that, though I partially suspected the power with in you within you would be enough to revive Cybertron I didn't fully dare to hope, I didn't wish to cause my spark anymore grief over the loss…perhaps it would be best if your told me of the conversation with Primus to see if there is anything else Marie failed to mention."

And so she retold the even, describing the other Allspark avatars Wheeljack had yet to meet in as much detail as she could remember. There was a moment of silence as she finished while Wheeljack gathered his thoughts. "Your creator requested a 'family meeting' as soon as you were available," he told her. Louise supposed he changed the subject as he didn't have anything relevant to say on the whole vision thing.

"Fine" She waited a few minutes in silence before speaking up, "I need you to leave so I can change."

"Of course." The simi-form faded from existence in a pixel like fashion that reminded Louise of the teleportation sequence fro the old Star Trek: the Next Generation episodes. With a deep sigh, the young woman got started. She had a feeling today was going to be a very long day.

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And so finishes the next chapter…finally. Hoping to bring the twins back for the next chapter, whenever I beat back my writers block.