Chapter One: Storybook Distractions

I know I shouldn't start another story, but I like multi-tasking... It makes life so much more vibrant! Enjoy kiddies!

"Once upon a time, there was an enchanted kingdom where a fair king and queen ruled peacefully. They were saddened, however, because even though throughout several years of their prosperous and wonderful marriage and rule over the kingdom, they had not yet been blessed with a child. One day, on the seventeenth year of their gracious rule, the Queen announced that she was going to bear a child. The kingdom was overjoyed with the great news and began preparing celebrations for the coming child.

"When the day came and the child was born, many joyous cries rang out throughout the land. It was set for a grand feast and party to commence the following week, and as the time crept closer all the people of the land received invitations. Surely they would reply, and they busied themselves with preparing a gift for the new baby. Many were invited, from the eldest to the young children, from people far away and close in the city, and many faeries as well. One who was not invited, however, was the cruel Malefeasant, who lived in the castle high in the mountains. Not many came to visit her in her throne above the rest, and not many wanted to. She was a cruel, evil, vile faerie, and-"

"Wait, why is she evil? I think she sounds awesome!"

"This isn't your story, so don't be siding with one person!"

"Who says I can't like her? I'd want to be her, if only I was a woman…"

"Which, thankfully, you are not. I don't know how I'd be able to put up with your raging hormones if you were one…"

"Shut it!"

Inuyasha became flustered and scrunched his face tightly against Kagome's comments. The rest of the group were all staring at the two of them arguing trivially, all faces confused and bored.

"Ahem, excuse me you two! Do you want to take the tiff outside?" The director stood up from her seat and glared menacingly at the two of them. "We are trying to familiarize ourselves with the story of Sleeping Beauty, an age old tale of true love and the fight against evil!" With this she gazed off into the distance, a hopeful look in her widened eyes.

InuYasha whispered softly to Kagome, "She should play Malefeasant…"

A soft whooshing came out of nowhere and the director lady smacked the script directly down upon Inuyasha's head, causing him to cringe in minor pain.

"I heard that," she said stiffly, "and I'll have you know that I played Rose in our high school's production of Sleeping Beauty. What a dream it was, but with you in it, it will turn into a complete nightmare."

"That's harsh, Mrs. Keayton," Inuyasha simpered innocently, sagging his lip to pouting quality. "I thought you liked me."

She flashed him a small smirk before turning her back on him and addressing the rest of the group.

"Alright, now that we're out of time thanks to someone," she emphasized while glaring back at InuYasha, "we'll just have to prepare ourselves on our own time. Tryouts for the play are on Friday in the Auditorium, and you will need to prepare a monologue lasting no more than three minutes. I will also ask you to read some lines from the play as a cold audition. Everyone who tries out will be eligible to help out, whether it be on the stage or behind it. I encourage all to come, and I wish the best of luck to everyone! Have a good rest of the day!"

There was a flurry of grabbing backpacks and piling papers, along with the sounds of scraping chairs against the tile floor and scuffling of sneaker shoes as the teens all filed out of the drama classroom. InuYasha followed quickly behind Kagome as she walked calmly out of the room, smirking in her wake.

"So," he said slyly, "you don't think I'd look good as a woman?"

She gave him a look that clearly said 'Are you kidding?'

"Well, you've already got the long hair and the girly eyes… You haven't got that far to go! Just grow some boobs for God's sake-"

He lunged at her side and started tickling her furiously, causing her to fall to her knees in laughter. She was wheezing for breath before he finally relented, feeling satisfied that his work was complete.

"You are… so… horrible…" she gasped, taking a breath between words and clutching a stitch in her side.

He leaned down and sat eye level with her, smirking devilishly. "I know."

InuYasha then extended his hand to her, offering a pull up. She grabbed it cautiously, and as she started to get up she pulled him down. Not expecting this, he stumbled and fell clumsily on the sidewalk, letting out a soft 'oomph' as his body hit the ground. Kagome laughed at her friend, sprawled out across the sidewalk, and started to run away as he got up, pure terror and revenge in his eyes.

"Get back here, you wench! That was uncalled for! Hey, are you even listening to me…"

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