A/N: Okey doke. So, this is that Mikey & Leo story I mentioned at the end of Stupid Contacts. In this story, Michelangelo has a nightmare and of course big brother Leo is there for him. Hopefully Leo can help...Also, this is based off of a real life experience. I had a horrible nightmare last night. Yeah, this sounds like a happy story, doesn't it?

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A dark figure crept into Leonardo's room. He was careful to be quiet so that he would not wake his older brother. He snuck up to the left side of the bed and kneeled right next to his sleeping brother. He smiled, pleased with the sight of Leonardo's chest slowly rising and falling. That was not enough for the younger turtle though. He needed to feel that his brother was still alive. He gently placed a hand on his brother's plastron, directly over his heart. He sighed in relief when he felt his brother's heart beat.


Michelangelo looked down on the formerly sleeping Leonardo. Leo was squinting at him through crusty, sleepy eyes.

"Mike, w...what are you doing?"

Leonardo yawned and Michelangelo just gave his brother a small smile.

"Just making sure you're..."


"...still alive."

Leonardo was confused by that confession and sat up on his bed. He scooted over a bit and patted the empty space on the bed, inviting his brother to make himself comfortable.

"Mike, why in the world were you making sure I was still alive?"

Michelangelo was quiet for a moment before answering.

"I had a nightmare. Shredder finally won, and...he - he killed you. I woke up crying and just needed to make sure that it wasn't real, ya know?"

Leonardo looked upon his baby brother with sympathy.

"Aw, Mike..."

He gently wrapped his arms around Michelangelo and Mike leaned into the comforting embrace.

"You have to remember, that wanna be can opener is gone for good. We killed him a month ago, right?"

Leo felt his brother nod and continued.

"And you know that i'm right here, right? You know i'll never leave any of you, ok?"

Michelangelo nodded again and began to tear up. The eldest of the two felt his shoulder getting wet and instantly knew that Mikey was crying. He tightened his hold on Michelangelo and whispered comforting words into his younger brother's ears.

"It's's ok...i'm here, ok? I'm fine...I promise..."

For a few minutes, the two brothers just sat there in the dark, and then Michelangelo sat up smiling at his brother with tears still fresh in his eyes. Leonardo returned the smile.

"Are you ok?"

Michelangelo sniffed and then nodded. Both of their smiles were unphased and Leonardo placed a hand on his brother's shoulder and squeezed it reassuringly. Then Michelangelo stood and started for the bedroom door, and Leonardo laid back down and recovered himself with the dark blue blanket. He waited for the sound of Michelangelo closing the door behind him on his way out, but it never came. When he looked, he saw Michelangelo standing by his bed once more.


"Leo? ...can I bunk with you tonight?"

Leonardo smiled at his baby brother's pleading baby blue eyes.

"Sure. Come on."

Michelangelo beamed and hopped in the bed with Leo. He snuggled up to Leo, but Leonardo didn't mind. Right before they both drifted off to sleep, Leonardo could've sworn he had heard Michelangelo say, "I'm glad you're not dead, Leo. I love ya, bro."


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