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UNSC Cruiser Keys Bravery: September 17, 2571.

Commanders log Val' Tarsare

Less than three hours ago we intercepted a transmission from a little known planet nearly twelve lightyears from our current position, and it is disturbing. The Flood have indeed survived the destruction of Installation 00 and have evolved into a more human form, a perfect human form. Requesting permission to inspect the planet.

-Transmission Begins-

What will you do when the world you once knew falls apart? Will you run in terror? Will you fight to survive? Will you attempt to resist the inevitable? I should know what happens when you do these things, I did them once, when I was human. You and the village left me for dead, as a result I am what you see. I am no longer mortal but I do bleed and I know what love is despite being a monster, the daughter of a parasite, and the container of the Kyuubi no Kitsune. My name was once Naruto Uziamaki , it is no longer, instead I am now Akira Hasiley Gravemind, the Queen of the Flood. I was once the son of the Yondiman Hokage but that part of me died as well. Now Sasuke Uchiha, you, student of the Snake Sannin Orochimaru, we both knew each others' flesh so well and for a time you had me fooled, I thought you loved me. Yet where were you when those bastards from Aktuskei took our kits?! You were humping the sluts Sakura and Ino! Now my cheating husband you are my lunch. Good bye my love. May you burn in hell.

-Transmission ends-

Message from Cairo Station

Lord Hood II

Commander Val' Tarsare

I hereby give you and your ship permission to inspect the planet. I am rerouting several carrier groups to surround the system, just in case things get out of hand.

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