Harry Potter

Lord Of Light And Darkness

Life's a Prophecy

Chapter 2
Good Bye, Potter

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Warning: Heavy violence in this chapter, Character Death.

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The journey to Privet Drive was for the most part fairly uneventful, for the trio at least. For the Dursleys, it was one of the worst trips they had ever had.

Hermione, Ron, and Harry spent most of the trip talking about magic and other wizarding issues, much to the dismay of Harry's relatives, especially Vernon, who had to struggle very hard to stop himself from turning his head to shout at them.

This made Petunia very worried and after Vernon nearly caused an accident, where he almost drove head first into a truck while going at about 140 kilometres per hour, Petunia had to forcefully relieve a mentally exhausted and very white-faced Vernon from the steering wheel.

This did not, however, save Vernon from a nice juicy ticket.

Harry was sure that the only reason they were not dead was because either Ron or Hermione had somehow managed to Apparate the car and its passengers several meters to the other side of the road. Mentally, he made a note to ask them about it later on.

The rest of the journey went without any further problems, though that probably was because the trio felt it best to leave the Dursleys in peace. One near death experience was in Hermione's opinion, and, Harry hoped, in Ron's too, more than enough for one day.

True, Arthur, Ron's father and a great lover of anything 'Muggle', had once mentioned that he would have liked to have witnessed an accident, but the idea of being squashed to pulp by a 100+ ton truck would definitely not be on anybody's wish list.

Finally the car came to a complete stop in front of number four, Privet Drive.

Quietly the trio watched an extremely distraught Dudley scurry up the driveway and into the house as fast as his overweight body could take him, while a worried Petunia chased after him. After a minute of silence, the trio followed.

Leaving Harry's aunt and uncle in the kitchen to comfort Dudley, Harry led his two friends up the stairs right into his room.

It didn't take them very long to get settled in. The fact that they had to share a room didn't bother them in the least. In fact, Harry was sure that Ron was a little disappointed when Hermione announced that they would all be sleeping in separate beds that night. However, he made a point not to mention it to either of them.

After magically enlarging the room, Hermione conjured herself and Ron two beds, which she placed alongside Harry's. Placing their sleeping bags inside the cots, to act as blankets, she also transfigured one of Dudley's old toys and an old lamp into two wardrobes, one for herself and one for Ron.

Finally, the trio felt it was time for some food. Harry called Dobby, who appeared with a small pop. He asked the elf to bring them something to eat, which the enthusiastic creature did with glee.

What Harry did not know, however, was that Dobby had raided the Dursleys' larder and the next thing they all noticed was a very angry red faced Vernon bellowing at Dudley. Vernon in his rage was convinced that Dudley had not only invaded the fridge, as he usually did, but this time the larder as well, much to Harry's and Ron's amusement, though Hermione wasn't very impressed.

Ron just shrugged; anything which annoyed the Dursleys was more than okay with him.

The Dursleys had starved Harry for his whole life, and in his opinion it was only right to pay them back in kind.

After their meal, Ron suggested that he would like to go for a walk outside.

At first Hermione tried to explain that Harry had effectively made a deal with his aunt for them to stay in his room for the next two weeks, but when Harry pulled out his father's old Invisibility Cloak, her eyes lit up with understanding.

Before leading his friends down the stairs and through the back door, right under the eyes of his uncle who was trying to leisurely read a newspaper, Harry had explained that the front door had been rigged with something, which his uncle called an alarm system.

When asked what that was by Ron, Harry had answered that Vernon had openly claimed that it would alert him if he, Harry, were ever to attempt to leave the house without his permission.

Luckily, while they rigged both doors, they usually left the alarm on the back door off, unless they were out for the night, thinking that as long as one of them was in the kitchen at all times Harry would never be able to leave through the back.

This had made Harry laugh since neither of his relatives had known about his Invisibility Cloak, and he was more than happy to let them believe that they had effectively imprisoned him.

The trio spent the next few hours walking from one park to the next. At first Hermione had fretted about staying out for too long, thinking Harry's aunt and uncle were bound to check up on them sometime.

Harry, however, was not worried. After he explained that his relatives were more than happy to leave him alone and that as far as they were concerned, the less they saw of Harry, and now Ron and Hermione as well, the better, which Harry wholeheartedly agreed with, Hermione had started to relax.

Soon it was beginning to get dark and the trio were on their way back home when Harry suddenly grabbed his two friends and pulled them into the nearby bushes. Hermione was just about to demand an explanation when Harry motioned her to be quiet.

"Shhhh…Some of Dudley's gang members are coming this way, you know the ones who used to play 'Harry hunting' when I was younger, and I'd prefer to avoid a confrontation," Harry said quietly.

This announcement quickly shut his two friends up.

Quietly they watched as the small group of thugs came closer and started to vandalise one of the park benches nearby. One of the thugs held an item, which closely resembled a saw. Seconds later, they heard the bench crack as it broke in two.

"Someone has to teach them a lesson," Hermione whispered furiously from her hiding place.

"I know, but not us," Harry whispered as he peered over a bush to have better look. He regretted it immediately.

"Hey guys, look! Guess who it is!" one of the group said, having spotted Harry. "It's Harry scar-face, the freak!"

Harry recognised the boy from Dudley's class, whose name he remembered was Peterson. Harry groaned as the group of ten started to walk closer.

"Why me, why always me?" Harry said dismally. With a feeling of dread, some anger, but most of all despair, he frantically searched for a way out of this dilemma. Finding none, he sighed.

"Well, might as well get this over with," he said more to himself than to anybody else as he stepped out of his discovered hiding place.

"Hey Potty, what are you doing here?" one of the group called out.

"Yeah, scar-face, what are you doing here?" another asked as he started showing off one of his arms. One of the thugs reached out and pushed Harry, making him nearly topple over. Two others picked up sticks from the ground as they advanced, hefting them menacingly.

"You know that a freak like you isn't allowed in this part of the park, don't you? We're going to have to punish you again," the next said as the group stepped forward another bit.

Rage and fear Harry hadn't felt for the past five years started to boil through him as the group came closer and closer. In a split second, he remembered everything Dudley and his gang had ever done to him.

How they used to chase him around, playing a game called 'Harry dumping', where they would try to catch him and throw him into rubbish bins, after beating him up beforehand. At school, they would forbid anyone else from even talking to him, or else they would beat them up too.

Using all of the Occlumency skills Harry had learned in the previous few months, Harry tried to block out his emotions. It would not do to lose himself here…not now.

Behind him, Ron, still concealed by the bush, had drawn his wand, ready to hex or curse at a moment's notice.

"No, don't, Ron," Hermione whispered quietly. "You know you're not allowed to do magic publicly in front of Muggles," she added quickly, seeing what Ron was about to do.

"I'm not going to let those bastards hurt Harry," Ron said angrily, not taking his eyes off the advancing group. "Besides, what about Harry's relatives?" he asked.

"Oh look, the freak has found himself a girlfriend!" was the next thing either of them heard. One of the gang had heard Hermione as she spoke to Ron.

"And who's this? Is this your boyfriend? Amazing, you actually found another miserable rat like yourself to suck up to you, Pottyface?" said the next as he threw a stone at Harry, missing by an inch as Harry dodged it.

In a split second, Ron rushed out of the bushes and would have stormed right into the thugs, had Harry not grabbed him just in time.

"NO, RON, they'll tear you apart!" Harry said, frantically holding Ron back.

"Leave him alone!" Ron, shouted, trying his best to escape from Harry's grasp.

"Look, lads, lil Harry's cock sucker wants to have a black eye… Or better still, his ears cut off," Peterson said mockingly as he took another step closer. "Shall we oblige him?" he asked.

"Leave us alone, you bastards," Ron bellowed, getting extremely red in the face.

"Shut up, freak," said a well-built boy, who Harry remembered as Aaron.

"Yeah, Harry, tell your boyfriend to shut up or else we will have to give him, you, and your girlfriend new faces," said another, named Gale. Gale was playfully brandishing a knife.

"Yeah, freak faces," Peterson added and the gang laughed.

Behind them they heard a shriek as a few of the gang who had managed to creep behind the trio grabbed Hermione, punched her in the face and pulled at her skirt, tearing it as he pulled her to the ground.

"HERMIONE! NO!" Ron cried out in alarm, as he heard her shriek, while the gang laughed. With a huge shove Ron burst free of Harry and punched the thug who was holding Hermione, surprising everybody by using a basic 'one-two…knock out' punch.

With a loud crack, the boy fell to the ground.

A second later Ron felt a sharp pain as he got hit across the head with a branch and he too fell to the ground.

"Stupefy!" Hermione and Harry screamed together and a second later two boys simultaneously flew for several feet and fell heavily, one against a tree, the other to the ground, bleeding and stunned.

Seeing this, the rest of the boys froze in shock.

"Wha…what wa…wa…"one of the boys started to say

"What was that?" a very pissed off Hermione said, helping him out in an exceedingly angry voice, as she picked herself up from the ground, giving the downed gang member who had pushed her down a good sharp kick.

The boy who had spoken nodded stupidly.

"That was only a taste of my wrath which you bunch of bloody assholeswill receive if you don't turn around and scram immediately," she spat out angrily, her hair billowing out behind her, her wand pointing right at the balls of the boy who had spoken. She looked wild in her rage.

Harry shivered slightly and stood beside her, pointing his wand at a different member of the gang. He was doing his best to keep his own anger under control, but only just.

Ron was still on the ground out cold.

The boy started to step back but another took a step forward.

"Ingeriopenlamia! Petrificus Totalus!" Hermione screamed.

Harry watched, flinching slightly, as the boy froze and landed heavily on the ground, his whole body turned into a mass of bat wings, which seemed to suck at the boy's body. He knew how painful such a spell could be, and could only guess what the thug's friends would be thinking just now.

That was all the rest of the gang needed. With screams of absolute horror, they turned around and ran, leaving their downed friends behind.

Sighing, Hermione lowered her wand. Harry followed suit shortly.

"I loathe people like that," she said angrily as she watched the rest of the gang run away.

"What are we going to do about those?" Ron asked from beside her, motioning towards the few remaining boys on the ground. He had finally managed to get up again and was tenderly holding his head, which now sported an enormous bump and a few bruises.

"Leave them; the spells will wear off after a while. We will have to send an owl to the Ministry, explaining to them what happened so that they can Obliviate them. After they hear what happened we should be fine," Hermione said wearily as she repaired her skirt and healed Ron's injuries with her wand, before turning to her own. "That is if they don't know already," she added, and sure enough a few seconds later they heard a few cracks as several Ministry officials appeared all around them.

Slowly, after a few explanations, the trio started to walk away, leaving the boys behind with the Obliviation squad. Harry was happy to hear that he would not be receiving another letter from the Ministry any time soon.

Ron managed to sneak in a kick before he left and before long they were back inside the house with Harry depositing his Cloak. Shortly afterwards they began to get ready for bed.

Harry and Ron changed in the room while Hermione went into the toilet to change. Before long, all three of them were lying peacefully in their beds, fast asleep.

Outside number four, Privet Drive, a few mysterious people dressed in black cloaks and wearing masks were waiting for the signal to attack. Beside them lay the half hidden body of an unlucky lone Order member, once a part of Harry's guard.

Just a few hours before, Bellatrix Lestrange had watched with crazed, hungry eyes as a woman who she thought was Harry's aunt had left the safety of the house to go to a grocery store down the road.

Her master had specifically told her that the only way she would be able to enter the house would be if the blood wards recognised her as part of the family.

For that to happen, she needed a small amount of the woman's blood. Then, once she opened the house as part of Harry's family, inviting the rest in, they would be able to follow.

With a small wave of her wand, Bellatrix had quietly crept after her victim. A few minutes later, a small screech had been heard from the shadows and then all was quiet again.

That had been a few hours ago, and to her disgust she had had to release Harry's aunt...with an altered memory, of course. Her master had warned her that she was not allowed to kill her…yet. Bellatrix had hated that.

Suddenly a man, half-human, half demon, dressed fully in deep red with a blood red cape, appeared beside her.

"Is everything ready?" he asked in his well-known cruel voice.

"Of course, my Lord," Bellatrix answered, a sadistic grin appearing across her face.

"What about the fortune tellers?" Voldemort asked.

"The Bloodhounds, Death Daggers, and the Black Wraith squads are taking care of them as we speak, my lord," came the reply.

"Very well. Dark Flames, proceed," Voldemort commanded, a sadistic smile blooming across his face.

And so it began.

The next thing Harry heard was a loud explosion coming from downstairs as the whole house shook. Springing awake, the trio all grabbed their wands.

"What was that?" Ron asked in alarm, in bed with Hermione. Somehow, during the night, he had succeeded in switching beds and had had his arms around Hermione as the house shook.

"That sounded like an explosion," Hermione said, her face filled with fear, too afraid to even blush at the fact of being caught having Ron beside her.

Suddenly the door opened and a frightened Dudley rushed into the room.

Taken by surprise and without thinking, Harry, Ron and Hermione shouted 'Stupefy!' in unison, blasting Dudley off his feet and right into the wall.

Horrified by what had just happened, Harry rushed over to his cousin and lifted the spell.

"Sorry, Du…" he started to say but stopped instantly, for he could hear screams coming from below.

Hermione and Ron looked at each other in dismay. The next thing they all heard was the sound of a shotgun being fired, which was followed by the soft thud of a falling body.

"Shit," Harry swore as he rushed towards the door.

He had just reached the top of the stairs when he heard four voices shout, "Avada Kedavra!" This was followed by another thud and then a scream, which he recognised as his aunt's.

Harry froze in shock, his eyes widening in alarm.

No…it can't be…it just can't be, he thought as he realised that it could and that it had in fact happened. One of his relatives, by the sound of it his uncle, had just died.

"You bloody bastard!" Harry heard his aunt screech.

"Crucio," another voice said and a second later Petunia began to scream in pain.

Harry didn't know what to do; beside him his friends were looking at him, their faces white with horror. Hearing the screams of his mother, Dudley got up and raced down the stairs.

"No!" Harry screamed, trying to catch his cousin, but it was too late.

The next thing he heard was another voice saying, 'Crucio,' which added Dudley's cries of pain to those of his mother. Multiple people could be heard laughing.

Without another word, acting totally on instinct, Harry ran down the stairs, his wand out, and began shooting hexes at the first people he saw, much to the horror of his friends, who took one last miserable look at each other and followed.

In his rage Harry was blasting curses and hexes all over the place, not really caring what or who they hit. As far as he was concerned, everything they hit would be worth it.

Below, he could see ten Death Eaters; one was dead on the ground with a bullet wound in his head while two had their wands out and were torturing Harry's last two remaining relatives. One was busy pulling down his pants, ready to rape Harry's aunt.

Harry's first two spells, one a simple Reducto and the other a high-powered explosive hex, hit the same Death Eater, blew him away from Petunia and slammed him into the wall with a sickening crunch, which suggested that his spine had shattered. With a smile, Harry watched the Death Eater who had tried to rape his aunt fall to the ground, dead.

The next hit a Death Eater in the face. With a macabre smile Harry noticed that by blowing off the mask, he also blew out Bellatrix's eyes and that she was now clutching her face screaming in agony.

"That's for Sirius," he thought out loud, happy that his godfather had been avenged.

Harry's third spell missed its intended target and flew straight into the television, which exploded and electrocuted another Death Eater who was standing nearby and whose hand had been resting on it.

Harry's fourth and fifth also missed and flew harmlessly into the wall where they left nothing but a large hole. Another Death Eater, who had been trying to dodge, tripped and fell flat on his face, breaking his nose with the impact.

Around this time, the remaining Death Eaters realised what was happening and began to frantically take cover.

The trio, realising the same, also took cover as five spells flew their way only to collide safely with the wall behind them. Another spell flew into a curtain and promptly set it on fire.

Swearing, Harry tried another spell, but he missed again as this time it flew into the kitchen table, blowing it apart, showering the room with splinters.

For the next few minutes, the house became a full-scale war zone. Both sides were blasting spells at each other with exceptional force, but neither was hitting. Furniture exploded all around them and every window was shattered. Everyone had countless cuts and bruises all over their bodies, yet all ignored their injuries and fought on. The fire had started to spread and was slowly edging closer to the trio's positions.

Seeing that their time was running out, Harry decided to try something drastic. He had to change position soon, or all would be lost. Signaling to his friends that he was about to make an offensive run, he made sure that they understood. Crouching beside a kitchen bench, he waited for the right moment. Then, collecting all of his Gryffindor courage, with a small cry of attack he dodged forward, firing spells as he ran straight towards another room where he hoped to gain some cover.

Immediately spells started to fly all over the place with new ferocity. A few times a spell nearly hit Harry, singeing his clothes, but somehow he always managed to survive it as he simultaneously picked off one Death Eater after another.

It looked as if Harry's side would win. Then, with only two Death Eaters remaining, it all went wrong. From one split second to the next, five more Death Eaters entered the room and joined the fray. Amongst them was a sixth, mightiest of them all, Voldemort himself. Before Harry knew it, a blue beam of light apparently came out of nowhere and hit him, disintegrating his wand in a ball of flames.

With a look of pure shock on his face, Harry tried to retreat, when he suddenly lost all control over his legs and hands. Clumsily, he fell to the ground.

Hearing his friends gasp and cry out in horror, he just noticed Hermione try to rush out to him but Ron held her back.

"No, don't! Run…get away from here!" Harry managed to shout out just before he heard a familiar voice say, "Sectumsempra." A second later, he felt blinding pain as the deadly cutting spell sliced through his leg.

For the next minute, Harry could do nothing else but scream as the pain swept through his leg. Finally, he managed to get himself under control.

"Turn him over so that he can see me," the familiar voice of his greatest enemy called out. He sounded extremely happy.

Harry could hear someone walk over to him only to hear Ron shout 'Diffindo!' managing to send another spell towards the Death Eater.

"Ron… Hermione... RUN!" he managed to shout just before he felt a complementary sharp pain in his side as someone kicked him in the stomach.

Wheezing from the pain and lack of air in his lungs, Harry tried to get his breath back again. Then he heard Voldemort give the order to capture his friends.

Immediately the remaining Death Eaters rushed forward, casting spells as they advanced towards his friends. In their haste to obey their lord, they didn't seem to care if they got hit or not.

Hermione and Ron tried to cast a few more spells but were easily subdued as several stunning hexes flew at them from all sides. Harry closed his eyes in anguish when he heard the painful cries of his friends as they were hit.

"Good, now turn him over…I want him to see everything," Voldemort said again, triumphantly, and a few seconds later someone grabbed Harry and swept him off the ground by his hair until he could face the other way.

A cold feeling of dread and despair engulfed Harry as he looked into his nemesis' eyes.

Oh no, he thought to himself dismally as he released a groan.

"Oh yes," Voldemort said gleefully.

Beside him, his two friends were pushed heavily to the ground. Ron tried to fight back but quickly fell limp after a strong foot kicked him right in the groin. With a large gasp, Ron let himself fall to the ground.

Wincing and sighing heavily, Harry raised his head to look into the eyes of his tormentor. If he was going to die, then at least he would do so looking into his eyes and not cowering before him. Hermione was looking at Harry with worried eyes. She could see that he was losing a lot of blood from his wound…too much blood.

Silently Voldemort cast a spell, stopping the flow of blood from Harry's wound, though he did not close it. Clearly, Voldemort wanted to prolong his enemy's agony as long as possible.

Happy that Harry would not die from loss of blood, at least not yet, Voldemort, judging the moment under control, started to talk.

"So, the great Harry Potter lies before me, defeated at last. Bet you didn't see that coming, did you, Harry?" Voldemort said as he stood over Harry, gloating, with a huge victorious smile all over his face.

"Did you really think you could hide from me? Did you really think you could defeat me, Harry?" Voldemort said in a mocking voice. "Did little baby Potter really think that he, a mere child of sixteen, could even have a chance against me?" he cooed, which made the remaining Death Eaters laugh in amusement.

"Well, you were wrong!" Voldemort screamed. "Crucio!"

Harry didn't know how long Voldemort held him under the Cruciatus Curse. For the next few minutes all he knew of was the familiar sensation of hundreds of imaginative scalding hot knives, cutting out of his body simultaneously, from the inside, as the pain of the Cruciatus Curse roared through his body.

His whole body seemed to be on fire. That, and the other pain in his leg, made it nearly unbearable. Harry could do nothing else but scream wildly as the pain swept through his body. Either way, the next thing he heard was Hermione's voice.

"Stop it!" she screamed, tears falling from her face. She never could stand the torture curse and she was shaking horribly, close to a break down.

Whether from the shock of being interrupted or because he wanted to anyway, Harry couldn't tell, Voldemort lifted the curse.

Panting and sweating from the pain, Harry tried to compose himself…but with not a lot of success. He was fairly sure that he couldn't have taken much more of it.

"So, Harry's little lady has decided to join the fun," Voldemort said with a small smile.

"So be it… Crucio," he said pointing his wand at Hermione and this time it was she who was rolling on the floor screaming in pain.

Amongst her agonising screams, Harry did his best to straighten himself up. He wasn't going to allow Voldemort any satisfaction, no matter what he did, he vowed to himself.

Voldemort seemed to sense Harry's intentions as he stopped torturing Hermione, who let herself fall to the ground, twitching horribly. At first he frowned but soon an evil grin appeared across his face.

"Harry, Harry, Harry," he said slowly. "Harry, Harry, Harry."

"Yes, that's my name… Tom," Harry said defiantly, his voice filled with hate, not caring anymore what he said. At this stage, he welcomed death.

Voldemort's eyes turned red with complete rage. For a second he held his wand, ready to cast, but he managed to calm himself. Slowly, he began to smile evilly.

"Poor old Harry," Voldemort continued to say as if nothing had happened. "How many of your friends and family have I killed so far? Let's see now," he said out loud.

"Ah yesssss, of course…first came your father, then your mom, right?" he taunted. "Yes, what a pretty little damsel in distress, you should have seen her beg," Voldemort said.

"'Please, spare him, spare him, please,'" he said in his best imitation of a whining girl. "'Don't kill him, oh please don't kill him…boo hoo.'"

"My mother did not beg!" Harry screamed.

"Oh what a pretty little Mudblood she was, Harry, but nevertheless still a Mudblood and not worthy of life," Voldemort continued to taunt, ignoring Harry.

"Shut up, you foul bastard, go to hell!" Harry screamed again, his voice full with rage.

"She was practically begging me to kill her…and, yes, I, being the merciful lord, granted her that wish," Voldemort said, his voice becoming louder and he smiled sweetly as he saw Harry's rage. "And now, Harry, I'll let you have the honour of watching as I extend that same mercy to every one of your friends. One by one, Muggle by Muggle, Mudblood by Mudblood, and Muggle lovers too… Right in front of your eyes, I will rid them of their…'Muggleness', this disease…this impurity," he said looking straight at Harry, enjoying the revulsion in his enemy's eyes.

Harry, who was now feeling ill, turned to look at his friends and relatives. Hermione, Ron, Petunia and Dudley all wore the same doomed expression on their faces. They all knew that they were going to die, unless some miracle happened soon.

Looking back at Voldemort, Harry realised that the end had finally come and nothing he could do would make a difference.

With a last desperate attempt, realising that he could use his arms and legs again, Harry launched himself at Voldemort and tried to punch him into the face, Muggle style, much to the shocked surprise of everybody else.

Voldemort only had a second to realise what was happening and at the last possible moment he Apparated and appeared again right behind Harry.

"Crucio," he snarled, enraged, and Harry found himself once more back on the ground.

A minute later, Voldemort once again released the spell and motioned for a few Death Eaters to restrain him.

Utterly defeated, Harry made no attempt to stop them. He didn't know what that would accomplish anyway, and the next thing he knew, he was bound effectively by multiple ropes.

"Nice try, Harry," Voldemort said. His smile had totally disappeared, replaced by revulsion. "But not good enough. Now, watch your friends die," he said and with a swift motion he turned to look at his other captives.

All Harry could do was watch silently, with horror, as Voldemort started to parade up and down along his friends. Looking directly at his victims, Voldemort started to chant.

"Once there was a hogling… what can I say...
His name was Potter…Harry Potter…the boy who went astray.
Potter was a stupid boy, a Muggle-loving Gryffindor brat.
A very stupid little boy who somehow lost his…"

Voldemort paused for a second, deep in thought, then said:

"Cranium hat.
Potter had some friends, whoever could have guessed.
They really weren't the brightest bunch… and surely not the best.
Two Muggles known as Petunia and Dudley, unworthy like the name.
A Mudblood named Granger, unworthy just the same.
A traitorous pure-blood named Ronald…"

Voldmort paused for another second, then finished with:

"Now that's just lame."

Not quite happy with his last line, he cringed slightly, then continued with:

"But nevertheless a traitor, a weasel… so just game.
So…Let us now cure them all,
Relieve them from their shame,
For I, being the merciful lord,
Shall cure them in my name.
Avada Kedavra!"

At that moment, Voldemort stopped chanting, waved his wand, and a green beam flew right into Petunia. With a thud, she fell over and on to the ground, dead.

Dudley screamed out in horror and began to wail horribly.

Hermione and Ron just looked at each other with white faces.

Their thoughts were clear: this is it, mate, I'll see you later on.

Repulsed by Dudley's wailing, Voldemort stopped singing and pointed his wand at Dudley.

"Avada Kedavra," he said again. The second beam struck Dudley straight in the chest, silencing him, and effectively killing the last of Harry's remaining relatives.

Harry just closed his eyes. Tears were falling from his eyes and he was beginning to shake horribly.

Turning to face Harry, Voldemort sneered.

"Do you see your end, Harry, do you see the inevitable?" Voldemort asked haughtily.

Slowly he turned away from the boy. Enjoying the moment, he faced Hermione and Ron.

As the next beam of deathly light raced towards one of them, this time it was Ron. Ron just had enough time to say, "I love you," before, with a brief flash of green, everything went dark.

As soon as Ron fell to the ground, Hermione broke down in tears and started to sob heavily. She didn't care what anybody thought; she just let the tears fall.

Voldemort started to walk towards Hermione, not realising the strange sight behind him.

For behind him, Harry had started to glow and small sparks were being released from his body. Harry was trembling horribly; his tremors were steadily increasing and he was starting to flicker.

"So, Mudblood, you're next…any last wishes?" Voldemort asked as he grabbed her by the hair with such force that she yelped. With one hand, he held her up in the air by her hair; with the other, he backhanded her right across the face.

"Maybe I should let my Death Eaters have some fun with you before I finish you off," he mused, holding Hermione's face in place so that he could look right into her eyes.

With one swift movement Hermione spat into Voldemort's face.

Behind them, in addition to his tremors, Harry was beginning to glow and fluctuate. He was beginning to lose control over his magic. Frantically he tried to bring himself back under control.

The Death Eaters and Voldemort were all too busy with their other prey to notice Harry's ever increasing predicament. Voldemort slapped Hermione one last time, cutting her face in the process, then threw her to the ground.

Seeing this, Harry blanched; his body was becoming highly unstable. Ruthlessly he struggled against his bonds…he just couldn't bear to watch…but some spell was keeping his face in place.

Harry closed his eyes. Hermione…Ron… I'm sorry… I failed us all… I'm so sorry, he thought as he felt his control slipping.

"She's all yours…give her hell," Voldemort called out to his remaining Death Eaters.

At Voldemort's command, the Death Eaters rushed forward and started to grab Hermione and drag her to a corner. Hermione tried to resist but couldn't. In great pain she started to scream.

Amongst Hermione's agonizing screams, Harry completely lost control. Opening his eyes, Harry had one last fleeting look at Hermione in agony, before he felt a sudden immense increase of power, then blinding pain. He cried out…

A few Death Eaters and Voldemort turned; one screamed out in alarm, but it was too late.

Voldemort only had enough time for a brief glance, his eyes widening with fear as Harry literally exploded.

The resulting explosion blew the whole house apart and the roof shot fifty meters into the sky before it fell to the ground a few hundred meters away with an almighty crash right into another building.

Just before Harry exploded, Voldemort managed to put up a strong shield, but the resulting shockwave of the explosion tore right though it, like a hot knife through butter.

The last thing Voldemort saw was one of his Death Eaters torn apart, his arms and legs ripped away from the rest of his body with his skin burnt to crisp.

Then all went black.

Minerva McGonagall, newly instated headmistress of Hogwarts was sitting in her office, scornfully reading the newest lies the Daily Prophet had somehow managed to dig up, when Filius Flitwick ran into her office without even knocking.

He just threw the door open and rushed inside. He didn't even care when one of the doors hinges broke from the force, even though it was a great feat for a man his size.

McGonagall, seeing the look of absolute dread on her Charms professor's face instantly knew something terrible had happened.

"Fil, what's wrong?" she asked, great worry appearing all over her face as a feeling of immense dread seeped over her.

One look at Filius's face told Minerva all that she had to know. They had a problem and the problem could be summed up with a single word…


"How bad?" were the only two words that left her mouth.

"We have a code black," Filius said, his face absolutely white.

Minerva, her eyes wide with fear, jumped to her feet and ran to the fireplace. A code black was the highest state of alert within the Order. It practically always meant that someone was about to die, if they hadn't died already.

Little did she know how true that was.

A quick Floo-call and Minerva had alerted the rest of the Order and was now on her way to Privet Drive… or, rather, as close to Privet Drive as she could go.

For some reason the Floo at Mrs Figg's house didn't seem to be connected.

Cursing to herself, Minerva rushed out of her new office and headed straight for the castle grounds. She had to get out of the castle grounds, or rather out of the castle's wards, before she could Apparate, and that was a lot of wasted time. If only Dumbledore were still amongst us, she thought, hoping that she wouldn't be too late.

Once outside of the wards she Apparated to where number four Privet Drive was supposed to be; only it wasn't there anymore.

With a look of absolute shock and dread on her face, she rushed over to where the house had once stood, the house of her and the wizarding world's last hope, just as a few more order members appeared around her.

"By Merlin, what happened here?" Kingsley Shacklebolt said, his eyes widening, as he took his first look around. All that was left of the house and its surrounding, the whole block in fact, was a heap of rubble and flames.

"Where is Harry?" said a very anxious looking Remus Lupin as he also arrived.

Minerva didn't know what to say; all she could do was stare at what had once been number four.

Suddenly a loud scream from Molly Weasley brought her out of her stupor. Looking over, she gasped with absolute shock.

Impaled, with a broken beam sticking out of him, was the form of the greatest Dark Lord the wizarding world had ever seen: Voldemort.

Immediately she drew her wand but soon realised that she need not have worried. Voldemort was in no state to fight. His back was completely smashed and his legs were missing, torn from the rest of his body.

What had Harry's words been last year? 'If I have to die, I'll at least make sure to take Voldemort with me.'

He definitely had.

Minerva walked over to her biggest enemy and looked into the once feared eyes. He looked so peaceful now, hard to think that this man had once been so dangerous, so feared.

Suddenly Voldemort's eyes opened, which caused Minerva to shriek and jump back in fright. Everybody else pointed their wands right at him and they all stared in shock as Voldemort started to laugh, although his laugh was severely laboured and it was clear that he was in great pain.

Then Voldemort started to speak.

"You failed, you all failed. Your hero is dead," he said just before he coughed up some blood.

"Your hero is dead and I will return," he said and tried to laugh, though it ended up more in a strangled cough. Taking a deep breath, Voldemort continued to speak. "Hear this, you old fool Dumbledore, wherever you are. I may be defeated now, but I will have the last word. I may be gone for now but I will return and there is nothing you or your pawns can do to stop me," he called out just before he coughed again.

This time in a weaker voice, he addressed Minerva and the rest of the shell-shocked order. "Your hero blew himself up in a last attempt to kill me. Blew his friends up, too," Voldemort said which earned him a horrific scream from a distraught Molly Weasley who started to sob terribly.

With his final dieing words Voldemort said, "You're next…Min…er…va…"

Then he said no more as with a flash of green his body collapsed.

Minerva shuddered at his last words.

"No, Tom, not if I can help it," she said quietly, bitterly, before she started to walk away.

From the ashes of the house, one of the Order members gave a shout. Rushing up to Minerva, the Auror handed her a bloody hand, which he had found in the ruins.

Minerva dropped the hand with dismay and complete shock as she noticed a scar saying 'I must not tell lies' engraved into it.

Upon seeing the scar, it was Remus's turn to cry out as he keeled over and heaved, relieving himself of his breakfast.

This seemed like ultimate proof to the rest of the Order, who bowed their heads and said silent prayers. Some Apparated away, all hope lost, utterly defeated.

Giving the house, or rather the place the house had once stood, one last look, Minerva, who was now having great difficulties breathing, turned to look at the last remaining members of the Order. There were so few.

Taking what was left of Harry's hand with her, for tests, to reassure that it really was his, and as a last dying hope that it wasn't, she motioned them to pull back and without another word was gone.

A few seconds later the rest of the Order and Ministry officials left.

In the distance a few police sirens shrieked, neared…late.

The next day the Daily Prophet glared out evilly, sending three gloomy messages out to the world.

One message was read with shock, the others, though still horrible, not as much.

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