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"Stop it Lily!" squealed Remus as she smeared some sort of pink goop over his lips. "I said a bit of light makeup!"

"This is light!" she argued. "It's just I'm trying for a bit more... goth than you usually do..."

"Goths don't wear pink!" said Remus (AN: I don't know if there were goths in the seventies, but I really don't care.) "And neither do I!"

He began to scrub furiously at his face with the palm of his hand, trying to get the layer of powder and cream off. Mostly, he succeeded in smearing his mascara.

"You know," said Lily speculatively. "that creates a kinda cool smoky eye..."

She trailed off as Remus gave her a death glare.

"Fine!" she huffed, pulling a flask of makeup remover from a drawer in her dresser.

Finally, after much screaming and several curious looks from Lily's dorm mates, they settled on a smoky black eye, a bit of powder to pale him slightly, and carefully applied mascara.

"Right," said Lily with the air of a woman on a mission. "Clothes"

Remus groaned inwardly and braced himself for an ordeal. Just because he was gay didn't mean he didn't hate shopping, and outing together outfits…

Finally, she shoved him into pair of rather tight faded jeans, a black Aerosmith t-shirt, and a sort of shortened black trench coat. All that was left were shoes.

"Come on Lils!" moaned Remus, brandishing his battered, stained old blue vans in her face. "Just let me chose ONE thing? All I ask is to be able to pick my own disgusting shoes! They hardly show anyway!"

She sniffed sharply and waved her hand at him in a dismissive manner that said destroy your romantic life however you want.

Standing back slightly, Lily surveyed him with an appraising eye. She stepped forward and brushed a strand of golden-brown hair into his eyes.

"There." She said with smug finality. "All ready for your big date. Sooooo… who is it?"

Remus smirked at his reflection in the mirror.

'You'll find out soon enough." He said mysteriously.


They made their way languorously down to the great hall, Lily pestering him all the time. She stopped only when she spotted James. Then her mouth was occupied doing other things.

Remus watched Sirius' eyes pop and a mouthful of eggs go flying spectacularly across the table as he caught sight of him. He grinned and slid in next to his secret boyfriend.

"Hey." He said, with all the seductiveness in his tone he could muster.

Sirius seemed incapable of forming coherent words; he just made a bunch of choked gurgling noises.

Remus smirked and shoved some bacon onto his plate. Ohh, he loved teasing Sirius. It was fun to watch his face go all funny.

Sirius' foot snaked sideways and nudged Remus'. He quickly glanced up from his teacup and his eyes met Sirius', just for a split second. Then he shifted his concentration to the tiny bubble floating in his tea.

"So, Moony," said James conversationally. "Why so dolled up for one measly Hogsmeade visit?"

"I have a date." He replied smugly.

"Is that… makeup?" said Peter incredulously.

"Yup." Remus leered at him.

"Who's the guy?" asked Lily eagerly, leaning over her toast and managing to stain her blouse with jam.

Remus caught Sirius' eye again quickly. The raven-haired teen gave a small, stiff, jerky nod. Remus took a deep, steadying breath.

"Actually," he said, reaching for Sirius' hand across the egg-strewn table. "I'm going with Sirius."

James and Peter stared with open mouths at their clenched fingers. Lily just sighed and muttered something under her breath that sounded suspiciously like "about time".

"Peter!" She barked after a moment. "Switch spots with Remus!"

"Yes ma'am Lily sir lady!" squeaked Peter, and scurried around the table before Remus could even stand. He took a leisurely stroll around the table, grinning lazily. As soon as he reached Sirius, he was pulled into a long a long, deep, kiss right there in the middle of the great hall.

James moaned and cradled his head in his Quidditch-calloused hands.

"I'm surrounded by poufs!" he groaned.

With a slight pop, Remus broke away from Sirius, gasping.

"Be prepared." He panted. "Sirius likes to snog."

The other boy grinned evilly.

"You bet I do, sugar booger!" he leered, wrapping an arm around Remus' waist.

"Oh, god." Moaned Lily. "I can see where this is going. "I can tell where this is going."

A grin to rival Sirius' spread across James' face as he met the other boy's eyes.

"SNOGGING CONEST!" They bellowed in unison.