Warnings: This story contains shounen-ai and possible yaoi later on. Currently rated for language. Rating may go up in later chapters.

A/N: I'm sure all of you reading in the Krad/Dark fandom have noticed a particular pattern in slave stories. Dark usually tends to be very submissive and prone to looking and acting very much like a beat up puppy. I wanted to do something different. Sure, Dark is still going to have a very angsty slave history but he'll be able to handle it better with a little more macho. [;

Dark ran his grime-covered fingers through his lack-luster hair; hands gray beyond being identifiable as human body parts, he glared at them before walking to the other end of the cell. Pressing his soiled forehead against the icy, prison bars, he stared dejectedly through the cage like hold that confined slaves like himself. The same expression could be read in his fellows' eyes; stories of constant abuse and brutal beatings were common tales spoken amongst the enslaved. The only hope that they could keep hold of was the anticipation that their next master could only be less cruel then the previous one. Dark's attention fell on the pair currently occupying the cell with him. Both heatedly whispered of the experiences they lived through with their formal masters. His amethyst eyes soon lost interest and he returned them to the scene that lay in front of him.

Pair after pair, dozen after dozen, of emotionless eyes stared past at him. Their owners sitting stiffly against the cold, concrete walls behind them or huddled up in small groups trying to preserve the little body warmth that flowed between them.

A sudden burst of light encased the room with hues of white and yellows; but the abrupt illumination was anything but comforting, it offered nothing but false hope which all slaves eventually lost faith in. Dismal looks followed the footfalls of the man, who had broken the stillness of the room, as he sauntered step by step through the line of cells, evaluating the captives with an expression of jeering mockery. Some clustered even harder against the rough walls while others tentatively stood up and waited at the front of their enclosures; their bare hands holding resolutely to the only thing that barricaded them from their fate.

"Hurry it up will you, you bastard." A cool voice cut through the deafness in the air and stopped the intruder in his steps. The man's beady eyes settled to linger on the face and lips of whom the words had come from. Dark's wine-colored eyes continued to stare ahead at the concrete wall behind the nervous glances of those across from him; his gaze remained there even as the man placed himself in front of Dark's view.

Miffed by the fact that the slave heeded him no mind, the figure shot his arm between the bars and encircled Dark's thin neck in a firm grasp. Roughly tilting the captive's intent look into his own, the man chuckled maliciously as Dark struggled to return the gaze as his lung capacity quickly depleted.

"Cheeky one, aren't you," the man remarked as Dark's pupils began to lose focus, "exactly the more reason to get you out of here." Pulling Dark closer to him, the slave's cheeks pushed between the cold bars, the man inspected Dark's face closely. "Quite pretty as well, why if I had the money I'd purchase you for myself!" he said with a snicker. With a shove, the man released his captive's neck; Dark took a moment to regain breath before staring at the man with an expression of pure loathing.

"Fuck you."

Dark laughed grimly as the man's face twisted into a look of fury.

"How dare you insolent little-"

"…scoundrel? Bastard? Low-life nothing?" Dark retorted as he held a resolute glare with the man. "Take your pick of word, or is your empty brain too dumbfounded to even do so?"

Letting out a mangled sound of fiery, the man quickly unlocked the door to the cell, shoving it open before taking brutal hold of Dark's violet locks.

"Now you listen here boy," the man ground out as he yanked on Dark's hair, forcing the slave to balance on his toes, "you were bred to serve those higher than you." Exerting all his force, the man threw the slim body against the gray walls of the cell. "You were born a bitch. You're mother was a bitch. And hell your father was probably one to." Dark mustered the rest of his strength to pull himself up against the wall; brusquely he wiped off a trickle of blood running down the corner of his mouth. The man took advantage of Dark's weakened state to snap a rusted, metal cuff around his ankle. Leaning against the wall, eyes brimming with malevolent feeling, Dark studied the chains that now connected his ankle to the hold of the man.

Now that his jailbird had been efficiently tied down the man relinquished the air of superiority that confined him from fully studying the slave's body. Dark could feel the man's gaze eventually make its way down his figure; shooting a look of utter abhorrence toward his captor, Dark stood his ground and faked no mind to the man's evaluation. After all, it was not the first time he had fallen subject to another man's interest.

"What's the hold up, Bertram?" a voice called from behind the ever flowing stream of light.

"It's nothing!" the man replied gruffly, "I'm just dealing with a...naughty slave." The man whispered the last words with a tone of such perverseness that Dark looked the other way, avoiding any possible eye contact. Finally, the man curtly jerked Dark into a full standing position and began his way through the room, this time, leading Dark out with him.

Dark could sense the pairs of eyes following his path down the aisle of cells but kept his head determinedly facing ahead. Not knowing what kind of world this new doorway would lead him to, Dark's only thoughts were of what he'd leave behind. After all, when passing into this new light he would be leaving the dark behind.