Yoshi sighed as he kept on playing Tetris, with Dr. Hoshi, who was retconned into being just a purple dinosaur that incidentally looked like Yoshi, came into the room, the two being in a hotel in Isle Delfino's Delfino Plaza. Yoshi was having trouble as he was playing Tetris on the SNES.

"Argh! This game is so frustrating!" Yoshi growled as he gritted his teeth, shaking his head as he kept on pressing his buttons. "How was I able to get through this before!?"

Dr. Hoshi squinted at the television screen, then glanced at Yoshi's SNES controller, noticing that he was pressing the buttons quite fast. Dr. Hoshi folded his arms together as he shook his head.

"You're treating the SNES version like the Gameboy game." Dr. Hoshi stated as he looked over Yoshi. "That's why you're messing up quite considerately."

Yoshi sighed as he frowned, turning to Dr. Hoshi with a disgruntled look on his face. "You're not really helping, doc."

Dr. Hoshi shrugged as he left the room, with Yoshi cursing out loudly as he lost the game again, tossing the controller at the television screen as he folded his arms in frustration.

And then he got crushed by a giant green L block.