Bloom tossed and turned, in an uneasy sleep.

Bloom you cannot hide from me!


No!" she cried.

I see you Bloom, sweat started to pour down her face.

I SEE YOU! Bloom sat up and screamed. Flora jumped from her bed and ran over to soothe her.

"It's okay honey, it was just a dream" she whispered, enveloping her in a hug,

"shhh, it's okay". Bloom had started to cry, Flora rocked her, Lockette had sat at the edge of the bed watching, Chatta sat next to her,

"its alright Bloom will be okay" she soothed, she could see the worry in Lockettes face.

"This is the worst one yet" Bloom sobbed. Flora continued to rock her. Suddenly the door burst open and the rest of the girls walked in,

"another dream?" Stella asked, her voice was filled with sympathy. Flora merely nodded, They walked over to Bloom's bed and helped to try and comfort her. The pixies soon came in and sat at the end of the bed with Lockette, Piff flew over to Bloom and sat on head immediately falling asleep. Slowly Bloom also fell asleep, for the first night in three months she had nothing but sweet dreams.

Bloom groggily woke, she vividly remembers waking up after a dream last night and screaming. She placed her hand on her forehead, she had a major headache. It felt as though someone squeezed her brain.

"Morning sleepy head" Flora teased,

"hear drink this" she handed her a glass which held an orange substance, which oddly looked like orange juice. Bloom drank deeply, she immediately started to feel better.

"Thanks Flora that really helped" Flora just nodded her head, she was busy looking in her closet,

"what day is it?". Flora looked up and smiled

"we're going shopping remember" she laughed,

"with the boy's to find our graduation dresses". Bloom suddenly remembered, she scrambled out of bed rushing to her own closet.

"What time are they coming to pick us up?" Bloom asked, throwing clothes everywhere in search of something to wear.

"In fifteen minutes" Flora answered, with a smirk on her face.

"FIFTEEN MINUTES!" yelled Bloom, she grabbed a white shirt and a denim skirt and sprinted out of her suite. The dorm's sitting room was wide and spacious in the middle were two bright pink sofas, one of which sat musa. Her long black hair was pulled back into a braid, Her makeup was already done, she wore a white tank top and a pair of carke shorts. Musa looked as though she was working on a new tune.

"Morning Musa" Bloom said hurriedly. Musa looked up

"she finally wakes" she chuckled,

"you better hurry, the boys will be here soon",

"I know, why didn't you guys wake me?" Bloom asked, cocking her head to one side pouting,

"cause its funny watching you panic" Musa laughed. Bloom grabbed a nearby pillow and threw it a her teasing friend. The pillow hit its mark, Musa toppled of the sofa. Bloom laughed and continued on to the bathroom before Musa could return fire. She stepped into the shower and let the water wash away her thoughts. After about five minutes she hopped out, she quickly dried herself and got dressed. Next was hair and make up, her hair was still soaked. Placing her finger on top of her head, her hair dried instantly, but it was now poofy. Once again she placed her finger on her head, her hair then became dead straight. Smiling, she then began to put her make up on. Once she was finished she walked out into the sitting room all the girls were sitting there completely ready, they were all so nervous. The winx club hadn't seen their boyfriends for three months. She looked at her watch, they were never late,

1 2…. a loud revving noise came from outside the girls ran to the balcony just as the boys flew through Alfea's gates.

Always on time she thought. Bloom ran back inside grabbed her purse and sprinted out the door, the rest of the girls followed suit. They slowed to a walk when they came to the entrance hall. When they got outside they spotted the boy's parked near the well. "Hey, boy's'" Stella yelled in her most flirtatious tone. The boy's turned around, Sky came up and Bloom a peck on the lips and pulled her in for a hug, Stella ran over to Brandon, who was still sitting on his levabike, she jumped on him, both fell of the other side. Musa and Riven met halfway and shared a very passionate hello. Helia came up to Flora, took her hand and kissed her knuckles, he then wrapped his arm around her waist, and she stood up on her tip toes and gave him a kiss on his cheek. Layla ran to Nabu, he lifted and twirled her around then brought her in for a zealous kiss. Timmy walked over to Techna kissed her on the cheek and took her hand. The girls sat behind their respective boyfriends on the levabikes, and off they went to magix.

The group spent the afternoon shopping for their dresses, Stella was the first to find one. It was a bright orange dress with long sleeves that touched the ground, the back was a v shape, and it was positively gorgeous. Musa was next, hers was a very snug and tight blood red dress which hugged all the right places (Riven was rendered speechless when she tried it on). Flora's was a light pink, more traditional dress, the hem had white roses all along it (a spell keeps them from weltering). Techna's was made of the most advanced fabric but very plain, it was a soothing purple with spaghetti straps which crossed over on the back. Layla's was tight fitting, it was a mix of light and dark green fabric it gave her the look of a candycane. Bloom's was the last they finally found one in a small shop, she stared at herself in the mirror, it was perfect. She slowly stepped out from the changing rooms, the girls gasped and the boys gaped, sky looked like a fish opening and closing his mouth. Brandon finally had the sense to close his friend's mouth. Her dress was a dark blue strapless, it was covered in sparkles. Bloom looked at the price tag and shook her head "too expensive" she sighed, she went and got dressed. When she came out, Sky took the dress, walked up to the counter and bought it. She couldn't believe it, he spent that much on her. She kissed him as a thank you, "your welcome" he said smiling. "Now it's the boy's turn" Stella stated grabbing Brandon's hand and dragging him out of the store. "Here we go again" groaned Riven as Musa started dragging him too….

The rest of week passed with ease, there was no homework so all they did was vege out if the boys weren't there. Of course the boys had already graduated a year before them, but they came back to magix for the girl's graduation.

Bloom slowly opened her eyes today's the day. She rolled out of bed, and walked to Flora and attempted to wake her. "Itt'ssss onnllyy 4:oo" she slurred as Bloom continually shook her shoulder. "Come Ms.F wants us there to set up". Bloom then proceeded to wake up Musa, Techna and Layla. When she came to Stella's room, she poked her head inside. Stella was wearing a blindfold and ear plugs, Bloom waved her finger and a bucket of ice cold water appeared above the unexpecting fairy. 'What are you doing" Musa whispered, she had come over to investigate. She giggled upon seeing the bucket, "wait let me get my camera" she whispered and disappeared into her suite. The other three fairies soon discovered her and decided to watch the show, Techna pulled out her cell and got ready to film it. "I got it!" Musa said, she entered the room and waited. Bloom once again flicked her finger, the bucket overturned and the contents spilt onto the slumbering Stella. She screamed and tore off her headwear to find the culprit, "BLOOM!". The girls were laughing hysterically. After calming down they went to the ballroom…..