Princess Stella of Solaria lent against the well, he thoughts swirling around the upcoming battle with Zacharias

Princess Stella of Solaria lent against the well, he thoughts swirling around the upcoming battle with Zacharias. She was not the only for most of the other students were armed and prepared for battle any second. The whole grounds was silent which only added to the tension in the atmosphere. The blonde was so deep in thought she didn't even notice someone come and stand in front of her.

"Hey Stell, what's up?" Stella slowly lifted her head to see her best friend and Princess of the revived kingdom of Sparx.

"Hey Bloom, just thinking…" Stella stared off in the direction she knew Brandon was in showing some freshman some new moves they hadn't been taught yet.

"Stella don't worry I'm sure he'll be fine he's strong" Bloom now was beside her and had an arm draped over her shoulders

"same with everyone else including us and the boys". Stella smiled even though there were tears slipping down her cheeks

"I…I don't think…I could survive if I lost him" her gaze had not left her knight

"he must survive".

"And he will Stella" Bloom was now in front of her hands on her shoulders shaking slightly

"you must have hope or all will be lost" Bloom looked straight at her

"Flora's plan, whatever that may be will work I have faith in her as should you". After this small speech she hugged Stella

"believe we will win than we shall" she finished, whispering in her ear.

"What's wrong cupcake?" she heard her angels voice and left Bloom's arms to only fall into his. She burst out crying and she faintly heard Bloom tell him everything she had said and Stella felt his arms tighten around her.

"Stella, EVERYTHING Bloom had told you is true we will all make it through" Stella looked up slightly to see Bloom was gone and Brandon was looking down at her in concern.

"I know I'm just being silly" Stella pulled away so she could give him a quick kiss. He wiped away what was left of her tears

"you can do this" he encouraged. She nodded and they stayed in each others arms for awhile before there was an alarm. They watched as two nymphs flew straight to Faragonda. Soon the whole winx club was at the steps.

"The evil one's armies have left Cloud Tower and are on their way here!" one said the other nodded as in confirmation.

"Thank you" Faragonda said and let the nymphs go inside.

"We will meet him halfway, prepare our own army!" she ordered. All twelve of them had been put in charge of groups. The boys the ground crews and the girls the air. Not too quietly they filed out of Alfea. Flora flew above and further out in front. She enjoyed the piece and quiet it allowed her to concentrate on what was to come. It wasn't long till they came upon their first patrol but Flora dealt with them in one blow. Soon they came to the Valley of Serenity. It was a wide open plain with mountains running along the sides of it, a small stream ran along their right but it was barely 6 metres across. At the other end of the valley a dark cloud crept over the edge and beneath it was just as dark creatures the numbers far more than their own. The enemies snarling and hissing could be heard which made some of them shiver. The cloud started to form none other than the hated Zachairas himself.

"Guardians! This is foolish surrender or die!" he boomed floating above his army looking very pleased with himself. The winx club formed a line in front of their own men.

"It is your end Zachairas!" Bloom yelled back

"our powers put together far outmatch your own" Stella put in. Zacharias laughed

"you are all so foolish",

"wrong thing to say!" Musa shot back.

"ready girls" Layla shouted and together the girls closed their eyes. They all started to glow, Tecna fell back and behind Bloom who was now in the middle. Tecna released hers first creating a huge green electrical bubble around their army. Then it was Layla who snapped her eyes open and and raised both hands like she did by the river and a wall of water rose up in front of them as high as the tallest skyscraper on earth. Bloom opened her own eyes and her hands shot upwards and the wall became wreathed in red hot flame, Dragon fire flame. Those who did not run backwards when the water appeared now did so for the heat was incredible even Zachairas looked away slightly. Next was Musa who when her eyes opened and her hands raised a sound so horrible and loud filled the valley. The creatures screamed in agony holding their heads but their own people could not hear it for Tecna's shield protected them. Stella did the same as the others but she created a blinding light at the top of the wall which could probably turn anything to ashes. Last but not least was Flora, after she had opened her eyes and raised her hands huge, thick and very dangerous vines broke through the ground at the foot of the wall grabbing anything that came near even the ground around it. And as one the five girls pushed their hands forward, thye wall crept forward. It slowly gained speed and now it was powering towards the enemy. Zacharias created a shield but the wall went straight through it. Everyone watched in awe as the magical wall ripped through the middle of Zachairas's armies. The screams of death fell on deaf ears for none could hear them except their master and the winxclub. Once the wall got through the army the girls let it drop. Just under a third of Zacharias's army was gone but they still out numbered them.

"Not so smilely now hey Zachairas!" Tecna mocked all the girls were smiling at the evil one who was staring in horror at them.

"ATTACK!" Bloom yelled, the shield was lowered at their own army ran at Zacharias's. There was an almighty clash as they collided. The six girls split up with their own group and started to attack also and with their own very powerful magic. Musa left her group under the command of Galetea (I think that's how u spell it!) and went off to find Riven. It wasn't long till she did, he was deep in the enemies ranks with his own regiment. She smiled when she saw him create a sound wave which knocked about six creatures back.

"That was pathetic!" she yelled teasingly as she flew down low, he looked up and smiled

"and you could do better?" he questioned just as teasing, he dodged and stabbed another and it burst into flame. Musa smirked and landed in front of him sticking both hands out in front of her. Shock waves erupted from her palms, she watched as the power of it literally broke apart any of the enemy that got in the way and it caused a small earthquake.

"Ok maybe you're better" Riven said wide eyed, Musa only smiled and took off again. The battle continued like this for the better part of the day. The girls did not directly confront Zacharias but they tried to weaken him because they could not destroy him. Helia was constantly looking up at his brother, no not his brother, a creature with his brother's face. A sword suddenly appeared in front of him which he brought up his own to deflect it. He recognized it's owner, it was Zacharias's creepy little henchman.

"Do not think I will go easy on you just because you arew the brother of my master" the man crooned

"he wants you dead!".

"No surprises there" Helia answered fillowed by a seires of blows on the horrible little man. But he blocked every one so now Helia was sure the henchman was trained personally by Zacharias because the technique was similar.

"He wants her you know" the man jabbed making Helia freeze

"he desires her!". Helia chanced a glance at Flora who was fighting from the air nearby.

"He will have and there's nothing you can do about it" the man smiled knowing he was getting to Helia. That hit a nerve on Helia and he yelled and stirked out at the man. The man held his sword up to block it but Helia's went straight through it and completely decapitated the man.

"Wanna bet?" Helia whispered before turning his thoughts back on then battle. Zachairas had not entered the battle but stayed hovering above it all. The only fighting he had done was to block attacks the guardians had occasionally sent. He was busy watching the battle he hadn't realized that the girl's had encircled him. Suddenly all six of them stopped fighting and rose above it all so they were hovering in a circle around Zacharias.

"Now!" Flora boomed which was odd for her since she was always so quiet. Down below them, their oen people made a run for it leaving only Zacharia's men beneath them. All the girls closed their eyes, their arms straight at their side and their fingers outstretched and palms facing Zacharias. Two red beams left Musa's hands and flew upwards, then two green ones from Layla, purple from Tecna, orange from Stella, blue from Bloom and pink from Flora. The twelve beams rose and met above Zacharias's head creating a dome. The beams glowed brightly but none as bright as Flora's. Only she opened her eyes and they were completely a pink colour.

One who breathes evil

Shall not linger

Let life itself bind him and his power

For in a prison made of root, branch and leaf he shall lie

Forever more

He chanting shook the earth as everyone had stopped to watch. One single beam shot down from above Zacharias and through him and to the ground. Suddenly roots and vines shot up towards Zacharias, it then started to wrap themselves around him and formed into something. Everyone watched as Zacharias himself started to turn into branches and bark. Zacharias turned his face and looked at Flora and reached out to her

"NOOOOOOOOOO!" he screamed. Slowly the vines and roots manifested themselves into a tree and Zacharias and his screams were no longer seen or heard. Now in the middle of the battle field was a gigantic tree that was as high as the wall and thick as Cloud Tower itself. Their own army cheered as the creatures started to disappear. But one was not so willing to die. Brandon smiled up at Stella who smiled and waved at him. He sensed movement behind him. He spun round and came face to face with one of the creatures running straight at him. There was not enough time for him to raise.

"STELLA, NO!" he heard Bloom scream and he saw Stella's blonde hair appear in front of him. And it was if in slow motion. The creature plunged his own sword into Stella right before his eyes.

"STELLA!" he yelled and he caught her as she fell. Sky appeared at his side and killed the creature without a moments hesitation. Brandon cradled Stella in his arms, blood poured from her wound and from the corner of her mouth.

"Atleast….you….. survived" she gasped out, Brandon knew what was happening but he didn't want to lose her

"please stay with me Stell come on" he cried tears falling onto her pale face. She took one deep shuddering breath and she moved no more. Brandon lifted her head and placed her cheek on his his. He held her there and cried, he faintly he sobbing from he was sure was the other girls. Flora watched with sadness she was crying herself, she knew she could help but it would cause even more problems but god this was one of her best friends. She looked at Ms F who just appeared on the scene who looked straight at her and shook her head. She wasn't allowed to mess around with her power but this was before Stella's time this wasn't supposed to happen. Making her mind up she strode over to Brandon and Stella's corpse

"Flora you mustn't " Ms F exclaimed taking a step forward.

"I can and I will" was Flora's defiant answer as she knelt in front of them. Helia had finally caught on

"Flora you don't even know what could happen you have never done this to a human before!" He was just as hysterical

"it could kill you!". Flora ignored him

"Brandon could you let go of her for me" she whispered gently and placed a hand on his shoulder. He looked up and stared at her with a tear stained face and red puffy eyes. He held her tighter but Flora persisted

"please Brandon I can help". Reluctantly he let Stella's body go and laid her out on the ground in between them.

"Here take my hand Brandon you will be a great help and we have a greater chance of bringing her back" Flora held out her hand over Stella and Brandon took it. Flora could feel every eye on her all but two of them were definitely confused. Flora held her other hand over Stella's heart and closed her eyes. Both her hands glowed and as did the rest of her. Her brown hair seemed to blow about her as she started to hum. Images and flashes appeared in Flora's mind and she knew these were Stella' memories. She felt another presence there with her

"these are Stella's memories" she explained knowing it was Brandon. Outside their minds they hadn't said a word. Together Flora and Brandon watched Stella's memories some of them good some of them bad. They finally reached the most recent ones and they saw what Stella had seen in her nightmare and then to when she was killed. The images and flashes disappeared and Stella stood before them. She looked to be asleep.

"Stella?" Flora called out

"please come back". Stella's head slightly moved

"Come on cupcake it's time to come home" Brandon put in

"come back to me". Stella started to move even more.

"Stella come back!" Flora shouted in their minds and in the outside world. Suddenly they were pushed from her mind with an extreme force. Both were blown back into other people.

"Flora! are you alright what happened….." but Helia's worrisome remarks wewre interrupted by Brandon

"she's alive, Stella's alive. Both looked at where Stella had lain and the princess herself was sitting up taking deep breaths. Everyone was shocked to silence except that is Brandon. He literally crawled over to her and gave her a bone crushing hug. Flora smiled at the happy couple then looked over at Bloom who was staring at her in open awe. She would have to tell them all now.

"Well Flora that was very risky, especially with your condition" Ms F stammered, Helia gave them a curious glance

"what condition?".

"I guess I should tell you now" Flora sighed but smiled

"Helia I'm pregnant". Everyone stopped talking and looked at her, Helia just gaped. He opened and closed his mouth then he clamped it shut.

"Well…..?" Flora ventured truly nervous now. Helia's face suddenly brightened

"this is fantastic!" he cried and gave a, well, let's say a very passionate kiss. "Everyone whopped and clapped, there were even some wolf whistles. Flora hugged him and sat her chin, she looked over his shoulder at the tree. She smiled, it was over it was finally over.

:.:.:.9months later.:.:.:

Bloom rushed through the hospital doors, Sky right behind her. They rushed through the people and ran straight into an open elevator. They caught their breaths and smiled at each other.

"I'm glad that she's finally having it, Helia's been driving us all up the wall" Sky laughed, Bloom was estatic

"I wonder if it's going to be a girl or a boy". Flora and Helia had asked her if she wanted to be the child's godmother which she had agreed to and of course Riven who was Helia's bestfriend was to be the godfather. Sky gave her a wide smile showing off his pearly white teeth

"it won't be long till our little prince will be born". Bloom was now two months pregnant and they were going to be married in a couple days, as a matter of fact they had been talking to their wedding planner when they got the call Flora was in labor. Bloom shot him a look and his smile faltered

"or princess".

"Look Bloom I don't really care what sex it is, I'll just be happy that I have a child and I'll love he or she unconditionally" he offered, giving her a hug. They knew the kind of pressure there was for an heir for both Erakylion and Sparx. The lift stopped and the doors opened to the paternity ward. They jogged out hand in hand and found the whole gang already sitting in the waiting chairs.

"Hey have we missed it?" Bloom asked but just then they heard yelling coming from a nearby room. They all watched as the door opened and Helia came tumbling out followed by several books and a lamp and of course some very colorful language from Flora.

"Who would ever think an innocent little thing like Flora could ever say such things" Riven joked which made most of them laugh. Helia staggered over to them. He looked very tired by the bags under his eyes and his hair was all messy and his clothes were out of place.

"Here drink this" Brandon handed the poor man a coffee which Helia drank gratefully.

"I don't know what to do nothing makes her feel any better and it's my fault she's here in the first place" Helia sighed "she is just in so much pain". Bloom walked up to him

"Helia don't worry about she'll be fine and trust me any of the vows she's made aren't gone apply when the babies born" she consoled "now get back in there and comfort your wife". He gave her a lopsided smiled and walked hesitantly back inside the room.

"Remind me to bring earplugs when you go into labor" Sky whispered in her ear Bloom laughed and whacked his chest. They sat there for the better part of the day before a nurse came out of the room.

"The baby's been born would you like to go see them. The girls were in the room in a flash while the guys hurried after them. Once the all filed into the room they saw quite the happy picture. Flora sat up on the bed drenched in sweat but holding a bundle of pink blanket and Helia sitting beside her staring down at the baby in wonder.

"It's a girl" Flora told them proudly "her name is Daisy". The girls awwwwed but the the guys just smiled,

"come on lets get a photo" Timmy suggest and everyone got in a position around the bed and Timmy asked one of the nurses to take the picture then positioned himself.

"ready?" she called then took it.

Bloom smiled, things were going to be alright.


Author's note: I am so sorry about the wait, I had to get my computer fixed and guess what. It took them two weeks TWO WEEKS!. I hope it isn't too long oh and don't worry I'm not finished it yet. Bye bye