A group of people walk across the Meadow of the Realms

A group of people walk across the Meadow of the Realms. The very place where the six Realm Power Guardians faced off Zacharias the evil one. The rather large group made it to the gigantic tree. One of them, a woman, approached it and laid a hand upon it.

"It's been many years now hasn't it Zacharias" she whispered and closed her emerald eyes.

"Hey Flora is he still alive in there?" one of the men called. Flora turned to face them and smiled "yes it would seem so"

she stepped back and admired her handiwork at her brother-in-Laws prison

"and he's not to happy about it". There were some laughs behind her.

"Hey mom, what's the story behind this tree it's bigger than anything we have on Linphea?" Daisy smiled up at her now twelve years old.

"I'll tell you and the others someday but today is a special day so enjoy it" she told her and smiled when her other two daughters ran up to their sister, Mimi who looked a lot like her father was eight while her younger sister Lily who was seven and Daisy looked like their mother. They ran off to play with the other children. She laughed out loud when she realized the kids were having a wrestling match with Riven and Brandon. Poor Riven was being attacked by his five eldest sons. Nick 11, Anakin 9, Luke 8, Matt 6, and Kyle five. The little twins Daniel and Tim who were only two sat with their mother. Flora felt sorry for Musa having to look after all those boys but she felt elated when Musa was in labor for every single one of their births, Riven got it tenfold from Musa. But Musa enjoyed looking after her sons though Flora knew she longed for a daughter. Brandon managed to escape but was chased by no less then six kids. His three eldest were leading the chase Vivienne 11, Jake 8 and Katie 6, Brandon ran and hid behind his wife. Stella just laughed and did her best to protect him even though she was 7 months pregnant with their fifth and their littlest soon Damon who was only four clutching to her leg. Her family had stayed a couple nights at the Solarian palace and it was a crazy house those kids were as loud mouth as Stella and they had Brandons energy and playfulness. There were another two kids after him one a red head and the other a blonde. King Sky cut the two off and picked up the little red head girl Louise 9 who screamed in delight and yelled for her brother. Jason who was a big boy for twelve leapt at his father and tried to free his sister but only succeeded in knocking them all over. Flora could hear Bloom telling them to be careful, she was holding their one month old daughter, Sarah. Layla's and Nabus eldest son Will 11 caught Brandon from behind and held him while the prince and the princesses of Solaria preceeded to tickle their father and King. Meanwhile their two youngest Jane 9 and Jaiz 6 who followed his sister everywhere were talking to Tecna and Timmys eldest daughter Jennifer 10. And it looked like their youngest Jaclyn 8 had discovered something on her hand held computer because she was running to her father with an excited face and waving the computer above her head. Her own daughters were either trying to get Bloom to let them nurse Sarah or bugging their aunt Musa for the latest cd.

"Isn't life wonderful Helia" she turned to face her husband who had wandered over to look at the tree himself.

"It's been twelve years but I still can't get that picture of his face when he found you out of my head" he whispered. Flora frowned, he got like this every year at this time especially today, the day that the battle was fought.

"Helia he's gone, trapped forever he's never coming back" she stressed then smiled "any way" she slipped her arms around his neck

"I'm yours, remember I took vows". Helia laughed and went to kiss her but they got distracted because the kids had gathered by the tree. Daisy was at the front

"Listen up evil one and listen good". The parents had come over to them now

"Jaiz, Matt and Katie are scared the 'evil one' is going to rise up out of the tree and get them" Stella explained "Daisy said she would scare him off for them". Flora laughed quietly to herself but listened to her daughter's speech imagining Zacharias's face when he heard this.

"You are old and forgotten, our parents defeated you and put you in there!" she walked right up to the trunk

"and even if you did come out we will put you right back in there!". The children cheered and the adults joined in to Daisy turned back to the Zacharias tree.

"Take this!" she shouted and kicked it. A vision of Zacharias being kicked in the shin by her twelve year old daughter popped into her mind and Flora could barely surpress her giggles. The other children cheered and ran at the tree, some of them started to climb it. The worrisome parents they were Musa, Bloom and Stella ran over to tell them to stop but Flora didn't worry. Her daughters had attempted to climb some of the trees in Linphea, they never tried again. Brandon laughed and ran to the tree then started to climb it himself.

"Brandon! Get back down this instant!" Stella screamed shocked that the King of Solaria would go climbing trees

"you'll set a wrong example for the children!". Brandon merely laughed

"don't worry dear the children won't do it again" there was a chorus of 'no we won't aunt Stella', 'never again'. Stella was terrified

"please Brandon you're not as young as you once were". Brandon looked back down and waved her off and when he did that he was only holding on with one hand which made his wife gasp.

"Yeah old fart come back down before you have a heart attack" Riven jabbed.

"Why you…." Brandon started but he actually never finished you see he let go of both hands. Stella screamed as Brandon fell to the ground which was about 2m.

"oh my god someone call an ambulance! Does someone know CPR!" Stella was close to hysteria.

"Stell, I'm fine" Brandon was laughing as he dusted himself off. After that the kids were forced to come down. Flora watched contently as she watched her family and friends return to where they had set up the picnic. She turned to the tree and sighed.

"I wonder why you never tried" she walked closer

"never tried to be part of something, to be part of a family". She seemed disappointed as if she were lecturing a small child.

"If you had maybe things would have been different" she whispered the last part so no one could hear

"for everyone".

With that she turned and walked away from the tree, away from him, away from anything evil and away from her past. And towards something of a better kind, happiness, love and most of all family.


Tearteartear it's finally done. Now I don't mind if someone wants to write a sequel! They will probably make it better than have. Now if you don't like this ending I'm open for ideas for an alternate ending. Now keep reading my other fic and enjoy them. CHIAO!