Do you Believe

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It all started in a fight with Baltor, they were doing well the witches were down and they cornered him. Six to one, it was a pretty fair fight, but then again Baltor was a wizard, all they had were six full formed fairies. But Baltor well being Baltor wouldn't stop until he got rid of Bloom and so he shot all of the fairies down knowing that the heroes could do nothing.

"Don't worry Bloom I'll..." Zap and Stella was down.

"Stell..." Zap Musa was down.

"Musa..." Lalya was down.

"Digital web!" but Tecna wasn't fast enough Zap.

"Ninja Daises !" not quick enough Flora was down.

And so Baltor walked slowly up to Bloom wile dogging her attacks. He didn't notice that Flora was getting up and running after him rage in her is very hard to belive but he is trying to kill her friend.

As soon as Baltor reached bloom he shot a ball of dark energy that was abought to hit her when Flora jumped in front of her and took the full hit. You wonder where the boys are in all of this, well they were fighting the army of Mirepeople that Baltor brought with him and once they were defeated the boys went to where the girls were just in time to see Flora get hit down the second time.

"Flora no !" this was of course Helia.

Baltor then disappeared just before Mrs. Faragonda hit him with a ball of magic as soon as Baltor was gone Helia ran strait to Flora who was in the middle of the filed and Bloom was there as well but she was in shock after seeing Flora take the hit that was suposed to be her end.

In the girls room

"Why Flora why couldn't it be me." said Bloom

"Stop it, were not shure if she is dead or not." said Stella

"There is a weak pulse so she could be dead." said Timmy

"Timmy your worse then Riven !" said Musa

"What is that supposed to mean Musa!." said Riven in a harsh tone.

"You're a jerk you know that Riven!" said Stella..

"Stella you can't just say that." said Brandon.

While they were fighting over if Riven was a jerk or not Helia was about to burst with anger. Which is also very hard to belive, but his girlfriend could possibly be dead.

"Shut up, none of you are helping Flora, and if she were awake she would say something calming right now!" Helia said in sort of a yell.

"I think we should leave you alone"said Sky as he pushed Bloom out of the room.

Helia then walked over to the bed where Flora was in her white night gown. He sat down and cradled her in his arms "Flora you can't be dead, I love you and want to be with you for the rest of my life." Helia was now crying and the tears fell on her face. Helia then cuddled her, kissing her on the cheek when he saw her eyes open a slight bit "Flora are you there." he said with a bit of worry in his voice.

"Helia I love you too." Flora said as she opened her eyes wide and kissed him.

The End No Flames Please