Chapter Two

"Shawn, I am sure you remember Marlena and Belle."

"Dr. Evens, it is nice to see you again." Replied Shawn as he shook Marlena's hand.

"Why Shawn you have sure grown to become a VERY attractive and VERY single man", commented Marlena. Belle was still VERY shocked and stood there holding her glass of Champagne in her right hand with her mouth hanging open in shock and her gaze fixed on a face she had not seen in quiet some time.

"Belle, nice to see you again, it has been awhile, five or seven years?" Startled out of her trance, Belle closed her mouth and tried to smiled at him but it looked more like a grimace. "Something like that. When my father said that he was taking sailing lessons I did not put two and two together."

"But Belle, he has been sailing for his whole life, nearly thirty years. He is nearly thirty just like you Belle" interrupted Marlena along with a pointed look to Belle. There was an uncomfortable silence, which Marlena interrupted. "By the way Shawn, Belle is currently single too. You two should go out sometime, Friday would work for Belle she never goes out. Oh, John, I think I see the Carvers-we must go say hi-see you sweetie." Marlena then grabbed John's arm and pulled him away from Shawn and Belle, while John muttered to Marlena "that was not subtle!"

"Oh god" muttered Belle as she shook her head at her mother's antics and took another sip, no make that gulp, of Champagne.

"I see that subtlety is not your mothers strong point." Another gulp of Champagne for Belle and no response to Shawn's comment.

"So you're single?" Shawn asked. Belle just stood there starring at Shawn praying that this was just a dream, scratch that, a nightmare.

"You too, according to my oh-so-subtle mother."

"How do you know she is right?" Belle just gave Shawn a look. Which screamed my mom is one of the biggest gossips in the town; she knows everything about anyone's private life.

"Okay, she is right. Single since January of 2007 and you?"

"Since birth." Shawn's head tilted back and that perfect, deep, contagious laugh of his came out. Belle joined in and she smiled reminiscing of the hours Mimi and her spent gabbing about it. Time had been more than generous to Shawn. He had bulked up a bit more, his shoulders were wider, and his face was more chiseled, but his hair was still a little longer than most men's hair. She also noted that she still had urge to run her fingers through his hair.

"I always figured I wasn't your type" Shawn said as he shrugged his shoulders.

"What?" Came from a surprised Belle. For she was rather surprised at question and was wondering where this conversation is going.

"I always figur-" as Shawn started to restate his comment more slowly Belle interrupted him.

"I heard you the first time Shawn-D. . . . Why did you think that?" As casually as possible Belle asked her question trying not to appear as curious as she was to hear his response.

"I wasn't Mr. Crestboy." Belle was very confused by that response wondering where that came from.

"Mr. Crestboy?" A smirk appeared on Shawn face as replied, "You know Belle, gigantically tall, long blond hair. . . " Shawn raised his voice to imitate a teenage girl "and blue eyes that a girl could just get lost in for like eternity, and oh, that so cute smile of his that could melt an iceberg." Finished the now laughing Shawn. A memory flashed in Belle's mind of her, back in Salem High, talking to Mimi at their lockers about Philip. What Shawn just said was the exact same thing she said to Mimi one day as she gushed about Philip. 'Shawn heard her' thought Belle. Belle could not believe that after all these years he still was teasing her! With an expectant look on Shawn face for a voiced reaction Belle was able to croak out, "What. . . I . . .you see I was-"

"It's okay Belle. Just teasing." Came Shawn's soothing response. As much as he enjoyed teasing Belle he really did not want her hacked off at him after not seeing her in years. "Look I am in town for a while and since your social calendar is wide open let's get together soon." Glancing down at his watch he added, "I have to go now but I'll call later this week." Since Shawn was trying to be oh-so-smooth Belle could not help herself by haughtily adding, "You don't have my number." Shawn just gave her a devilish smirk and replied "Salem is a small town and I am sure I will see you around. Plus your mom already gave me your contact numbers; your work phone, your personal and work cells, personal and professional email address, you secretaries number, your home number all on a laminated card." Belle groaned.

Shawn stepped closer to as he slowly moved to give her a kiss on the cheek. As he pulled slowly pulled back their lips for a few seconds were just a few millimeters apart. Shawn's eyes darted from her lips back to her eyes. Belle's eyes grew as wide as saucers waiting to see if he was going to kiss her in a crowded room. Instead of kissing her on the lips Shawn stepped back from Belle and said, "It seems I am your mom thinks highly to me." He shot her a wink and left before Belle could fully process what exactly had happened.