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Mad Scientist

Ensy weensy spider…

Vexen was calmly mixing together some complicated chemicals into some kind of growth potion inside his own lab. He wanted to see if this potion could make a certain member taller so he wouldn't be mocked by the other members.

Went up the water spout…

A teeny spider in the meanwhile was constructing a silky web in the top left corner of the lab. Right where Vexen was contrasting the potion but the two pay no notice to each other as they did their own task at hand.

Then out came the rain…

"Dance, water, DANCE!"

Demyx had busted into the room, followed by Axel/ Water splashed everywhere inside the room, much to the academic's dismay, and it even reached the tiny web which the little spider was holding on to for its dear life.

And washed the spider out…

The spider finally let's go of its web and feel to the wet floor. How he managed not to get squished by the scrambling stinky feet of the Organization, we will never know. Unfortunately for both Vexen and the spider, the concoction fell on the little arachnid and the water made it spread all over the little spider.

Then out came the sun and dried up all the rain

In a quick act of desperation, the pyro increased the room's temperature which dried the room and the spider. But the spider had already absorbed the potion and started growing into a height that could make even Saix afraid.

Soon the three members were staring at the twenty eyes of the spider. It blinked its many eyes before beginning to wrap the trio in the silvery, sticky webbing. Demyx began screaming his larynx off while Axel tried to burn the webbing off and Vexen was frozen in place, mouth agape and eyes widened.

So the ensy weensy spider climbed up the spout again…

It didn't take long for Axel to take the webbing off and push the spider into a portal of darkness to who knows where. But it took even longer for Vexen to forget that fateful day. Soon, it dawned on everyone that Vexen would have forevermore, arachnophobia.

Somewhere at Boston…

Carrie was holding out a phone list where people who need help and was reading them out to her superhero twins, Zack and Cody. "O.K. there is a bus t on a broken suspension bridge; you know what I go with the giant spider that is attacking City Hall. Screaming is heard outside the Tipton Hotel.

"Ohhh, I think it just ate the Mayor…"

A loud burp was heard, presumably from the spider.

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