She wasn't screaming.

By all rights she should be, but for some reason she wasn't. After all, she had just fallen from a blimp nearly 4000 feet up.

No parachute, her grappler line cut, her rocket pack long gone, not even a battle suit that might absorb the fall.

As the ground rushed toward her, she even had a little grin on her face.

She wasn't worried.

The reason for her non-concern was currently screaming towards her, the rocket of his jet-pack actually blistering the back of his legs. The pain was nothing, he barely noticed it as he accelaerated his rockets to a speed they were never meant to attain, let alone maintain. His mind was on one thing and one thing only, and that was catching Kim.

His face set in a grimace, he reached her barely a hundred feet from the ground. He grunted at the extra weight, concerned whether he could hold on, but as they leveled out his face broke out in a huge grin.


6 Hours Later

Ron's Tree House


"Mmmm... thanks for the snackage KP."

"Any time Ron, but why the take-out? I thought you hated the way your Nacos tasted cold?" asked Kim.

"Not hate... I never said 'hate'... I just think they taste better hot and fresh, you know, before the nachos get chewy."

"Whatever," Kim said as she rolled her eyes. "You still haven't answered my question. Why are we here, and not still there?"

Ron looked at Kim somewhat nervously, "I..." he stalled, not certain of how to continue.

"Ron, what is it? You've been acting weird ever since the mission ended today."

Kim grabbed his hand as he went to rub the back of his neck and gently squeezed it before placing it back on his knee.

Ron took a deep breath, and slowly let it out before he began to speak.

"Kim, were you..." he paused, "were you scared today? During the mission, I mean?"

Kim looked at him in surprise, whatever she had thought he might want to bring up... she wasn't expecting this. She took a second to think about the question before she answered.

"No," She said slowly, "it was a pretty standard mission. I mean, there were a few hairy moments there with Shego, but other then that, it was a standard mission."

Ron sighed, but instead of looking relieved, he seemed to tense up even more. "Yea... Shego" he mumbled in a quiet voice.

"Ron?" Kim asked, "What about Shego?"

Ron mumbled something incomprehensible under his breath.

"I can't understand you, Ron," Kim said with a look of concern aimed at her best friend's face. "What's the matter?

"Shego just about killed you today..." he almost yelled. "You were falling to your death, and you were smiling! You didn't even seem concerned!"