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I will be using honourific basis like: -san, -sama, -chan, -kun, ojiou-sama

It has been five years since the Clow Cards had changed into Sakura Cards. They were all fifthteen now, in junior high school, Seijou High School that is. Their school uniform consist of white shirt, dark blue tie, dark blue pleated skirt and sky blue blazzer. After Sakura retrived all the cards back from the Nothing card, Syaoran decided to stay at Tomoeda with his princess, in order to protect her from any more danger. Yukito and Toya graduated long ago and currently working in the city. Sakura's dad, Kinomoto Fujitaka, is still an archeologist. Other than that, everthing else is just normal as usual. Rika, Naoko and Chiharu are still the same. Rika is engaged to Terada-sensei when she was 10. He promised her that he'll be waiting for her until she graduates from high school then he would propose to her. Naoko is still all about ghost stories and books and she's the president of the drama club while Chiharu is still the only one who will drag Yamazaki Tahashi away from his lies. But for certain, Yamazaki and Chiharu are dating and it won't be long to hear those to being sweeties. Last but not least, Daidoji Tomoyo. The only heairess to the Daidaji company. Her life hasn't change much. Her hair is still the same and her personality as well. She is still the calm, sweet, angelic Tomoyo. Sakura's best friend. Although Sakura has Syaoran now, Sakura still wouldn't leave Tomoyo behind. Tomoyo is the lead singer in the choir club. No one is a match for her angelic voice. She is always in charge of the recording since her mother works as the director of the Daidouji toys and techonology company. Tomoyo has no problem getting new gadjets from her future company. Plus, Tomoyo is always in charge of the clothes design for school play.


The school for today ended. Everyone packed their bags and headed out. Sakura aprroached Tomoyo with Syaoran beside her.

"Ne, Tomoyo-chan. Want to follow us to the ice-cream parlour today?"

"Naoko-chan said it's her treat and Takashi-kun is coming along as well." Chiharu continued after Sakura. Rika and Naoko walked towards her.

Tomoyo smiled, "I would love to, but unfortunately I can't. I have choir practice. Gomene." She replied politely with a smile. Sakura frowned.

"Did you know that choir started in England where the Opera started..." Yamazaki was about to interrupt when Chiharu pulled him away, "Lies, lies. Stop telling lies. I'll see you guys at the parlour. Ja, Tomoyo-chan!" Sakura, and the rest sweat dropped.

Tomoyo stood up from her seat and smiled, "Go ahead. I'll join next time. The choir competition is coming in a week, so I have to practice. I wouldn't want to mess up my favourite song in front of the crowd especially in front of my friends, ne? Ja na." Tomoyo smiled cheerfully while waving to her friends and headed out towards the music room.

They were walking to the ice-cream parlour which was at the park, "Too bad Tomoyo-chan can't come with us today." Sakura whinned. Syaoran put his hand on her shoulder and smiled at her.

"It can't be helped since Tomoyo-chan wants to give her best in singing." Rika said.

"Yeap, nobody can disagree with Rika-chan about that." Naoko agreed. Sakura smiled and nodded. She pulled Syoaran by his arms and dragged him towards the parlour where Chiharu and Yamazaki were already there waving towards them. They had fun while Yamazaki kept telling them stories about how ice-cream first started.

Seijou High School Music room

A beautiful was heard from the music room. Most students who stayed back at school for sports activities hears the song and enjoyed it.

Along with the right notes of piano with it, the songs sounded beautiful.

yuuhi ga akaku sougen ni furu yo
hi no you ni
yoru no sora ga hoshi wo egakidasu
hitotsu zutsu

(The evening sun falls toward the plain, coloring the sky red
Like a flame
The night sky is drawing the stars
one by one)

hitomi wo tojite, kokoro no naka wo mitsumete'ru
dare wo matsu no?
chiheisen no mukou kara
kikoete kuru koe wo kiite-iru
koko ni kite

(Closing my eyes, I gaze deep into my heart
"Who are you waiting for?"
I'm listening to the voice
that I can hear from across the horizon.
"Come here.")

kirameku kaze ga, toiki no you ni yabarakaku
kata wo tsutsumu yo
chiheisen no mukou kara
aruite kuru hito wo mitsumete'ru
koko ni kite

(He kicked a single shining stone
"Come here")

The song ended and Tomoyo opened her eyes. She loooked over at the teacher as the the teacher and the choir students clapped their hands.

"That was beautiful, Daidouji-san." The teacher praised her

"I agree with sensei. Suteki." A senior praised along with other students.

Tomoyo smiled, "Arigato gozaimas, minna-san. We can win this competition. Let's do out best!"

"HAI!" Everyone agreed. The teacher giggled, "Practice dismiss. See you this Saturday. Don't be late!"

Everyone nodded and left the music room. Tomoyo walked out from the school's ground and looked up the sky with calm emotions.

"Ojiou-sama." A lady's voice was heard. Tomoyo turned to the lady and smiled, "Hai, let's head home." She said to the lady bodyguard. The door was opened for her and she entered the car. As the car drove her back home, she stared out the window. She saw houses, kids and street lights passes fast and she also saw her own reflection. That was where she saw a glimpse of a certain familiar someone. She snapped into reality and quickly ordered the car to stop. She got out from the car and ran towards the place where she saw a certain person. When she got there, the place was empty. 'Was it really my imagination?' Tomoyo shrugged it off and got back into the car.

Tomoyo reached home and quickly took a bath. She dried herself and changed into her pajama. Somehow the glimpse of the certain person that caught her attention this evening popped in head. She stopped drying her towel and gave it a thought. Tomoyo sighed and ignored it. She picked up her cell phone and dialed Sakura's number. They chatted about a few stuff and bid goodbye so that they could both finish up their homework.

After an hour, she finished up and decided to finish up an outfit. The clock striked eleven.


Tomoyo gazed at the clock, "Oya, it's already this late. Time for bed then." She put down the outfit and switched off the lights. Unknowing to her, someone outside her window was watching her in soft eyes.

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Japanese to English

Oijou-sama - My lady

Gomene - Sorry

Arigato Gozaimas - Thank you very much

Oya/Ara - Oh my

Suteki - Beautiful