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It was lunch time. Everyone bought their bento box and sharing them with each other. Laughters were heard from their part stating that everyone is enjoying the moment. Yamazaki's stories kept receiving 'lies' from Chiharu.


"Ne, Naoko-chan, we have maths now, don't we?" Rika-chan asked. Naoko nodded, "The teacher's absent so I thought of going to the library to finish up the drama plot. Wanna come?" Rika nodded and smiled, "I haven't finish my English homework yet," her voice faded.

"Cheer up! I'll help you with it, come on." Naoko added. "See you later!" Rika and Naoko left.

"Hn, right now we have, Chemistry. Opps, we really need to get going. C'mon 'liar'." Chiharu waved goodbye to the rest and pulled Yamazaki away.

Sakura and Syaoran sweat dropped, "Ano futari..." Syaoran whispered in his breath.

"Chiharu-chan is the only one who could be with Yamazaki-kun's lies" Sakura added. She turned her gaze to her best friend who seemed quite silent.

"Tomoyo-chan, mou daijobu?" Syaoran looked at Tomoyo as well, "You seemed a little quiet. What's the matter?" He asked.

Tomoyo snapped back into reality and shook her head gently, "Sakura-chan, Li-kun. Have you been sensing presence? Like Clow Reed or anything?" Sakura looked at her best friend in surprised and so did Syaoran.

Both of them shook their heads and had a questioning look on their faces. Tomoyo spoke up, "Yesterday, on my way back home from choir practice, I thought I saw Eriol-kun." Her voice faded when she mentioned his name.

"But when I went to check the place, nobody was there. I thought it might have been my imagination but, I couldn't help having a feeling that he's back in Japan." Tomoyo explained.

"Hn" Syaoran felt a little uncomfortable hearing Tomoyo's explaination. Not that he hates the guy but just a feeling he gets. Sakura was still in surprised. She looked at Syaoran and nodded.

"Tomoyo-chan, daijobu da yo! Want to go out tonight and check things out?" Sakura asked cheerfully. Tomoyo looked at Sakura then shifted her gaze to Syaoran who just nodded while having that determined look. Tomoyo nodded and held Sakura's hand, "Mou chi roun.. Meet up at King Penguin then by 8 p.m, ne?" Syaoran and Sakura nodded. They headed to class.

Later that night (At King Penguin's place)

Tomoyo was already there with her video camera. Syaoran and Sakura reached the place a little later. Sakura greeted her best friend with a hug.

"Konbawa, Sakura-chan, Li-kun, Kero-chan." Tomoyo said gently.

"Konbawa." Syaoran and Kero replied. They glared at each other. Sakura sweat dropped.

"Sakura, feel anything?" Kero asked. Sakura was just about to close her eyes when Tomoyo cut in, "Chotto matte! Let me set this right." Adjusting her video camera. Sakura and Syaoran fell to the floor anime style.

"Hoee, Tomoyo-chan." Sakura sweat dropped. Syaoran sighed and shook his head, "You still have time for that?" He asked. "Mm! I would never miss a chance to tape Sakura-chan. It's a treasure. Why not you come over my house later on to watch Sakura in her outfit that I made when we ten?" Tomoyo said. Sakura blushed, "Tomoyo-chan, you still have those recordings?"

Tomoyo nodded, "I sent some videos to Eriol-kun through e-mail sometimes." Tomoyo paused the continues, "The last video I sent was the summer festival. The one where okaa-san video taped. Eriol-kun said he likes that one the most though he didn't quite say why."

Sakura, Syaoran and Kero sweat dropped. "Tomoyo-chan..." Sakura whinned. "Tomoyo, if you were e-mailing him all these time, why don't you ask him about his whereabouts?" Syaoran asked. Over the years, they had been close that Syaoran started using first name basis for Tomoyo but she still calls him Li-kun.

"I hate to agree with him, but the kid's saying the right thing, Tomoyo-chan." Kero said with his arms folded.

"Who are you calling a kid, plush toy?" A vein trobbing from Syaoran. Sakura tried to calm the two. "True, but he could just say that he's in England. Eriol-kun isn't the easy type to figure. His magic could cover his whereabouts even if I try catch him." Tomoyo explained.

Kero, Syaoran and Sakura sighed, "You're right." Kero flew beside Tomoyo and closed his eyes. Suddenly, Sakura felt the presence of the moon. It's none other than, Yukito. He smiled cheerfully, "Yo!"

Everyone turned around to him. Sakura perked up, "Yukito-san! What brings you here?" She ran towards him like a little child. She hugged him. Syaoran smiled at Yukito. He didn't mind because Yukito was like an elder brother to Sakura.

"Yue requested me to come. He said Kero was calling him." Yukito diverged to Kero after Sakura released him from the hug. "Yo! Transform." Kero and Yukito both transformed. Yukito knew about Kero's plush toy appeal and he accepted his being with Yue a long time ago. Even when he lives in the city with Toya, Yue will always watch Sakura from afar.

Yue looked up at the full moon, "What's the matter?" He asked. Syaoran spoke up, "Had any feelings of Clow Reed lately?" Yue's eyes widen in surprised upon hearing the name. "Guess you haven't sensed him either. Tomoyo said she saw him." Syaoran explained. Yue looked at the dark blue haired girl.

"It was only for awhile. Even so, I'm pretty sure it was him." Tomoyo said in a soft voice. The reason why all of them gathered there that night only because Tomoyo said it was him even when she said it was just a glimpse but it was good enough. Sakura gasped and whispered, "Clow Reed..." As soon as she mentioned that name, Syaoran, Yue, and Kero tried to feel his presence but nothing.

"Sakura, was that really him?" Kero asked. Sakura nodded, "It was just for awhile, but I felt his magic."

"How about we search at the Tsukimine Shrine?" Tomoyo suggested. Everybody looked at her and she just smiled. "Right then. Let's go." Sakura chanted an incantation to release her magic staff. She then took out The Fly card. Her staff turned into a flying stick. She hoped on and so did Syaoran.

"Sakura-chan, how are you so sure about this?" Kero asked. "I'm not. Tomoyo is my best friend. I trust her." Sakura smiled at Tomoyo and she replied the same. Kero sighed and looked at Yue. "That is what she wishes." Yue flew beside Sakura.

"C'mon, hop on." Kero bent down a little. "Are you sure, Kero-chan?" he nodded. Tomoyo did as what he requested and they caught up with the others. They reached the shrine.

Sakura quickly ran inside the shrine without hesitation. O-oi, chotto!" Syaoran shouted. He too ran inside the shrine.

"What happened?" Tomoyo asked. Yue had a stoic face. He sighed, "Sakura said she felt something for a sec, then it was gone. While I didn't sense anything. Even he didn't sense anything." Yue refers Syaoran as he. Tomoyo looked at the way Sakura and Syaoran went. She took a step and started to walk towards it.

"Tomoyo-chan, where are you going?!" Kero asked. Tomoyo raised up the video cam in her hand, "To catch up with Sakura so I can tape her in action." She said cheerfully. Kero fell anime style while Yue sighed. "Fine, fine. Let's go, Yue." He nodded and the three of them went inside.

They reached in front of the Holy Tree of the shrine. Sakura touched the tree gently caressed it. Sakura smiled, "He would probably be somewhere here." She whispered but was heard but Syaoran. He entwined his fingers with Sakura's.

"Sakura-chan" Tomoyo called out. Sakura looked at her best friend who had the video camera held up front, "Kawaii desyou!" Tomoyo said in awe. Sakura and Syaoran both blushed furiously. Yue smiled while Kero sweat dropped.

In the middle of their little chaos, Yue sensed someone coming. He looked at Syaoran, he nodded back. All of the heard footsteps coming their way. Syaoran got his sword out while stood in front of Sakura. Yue and Kero stood in front of Tomoyo.

As the footsteps kept getting closer, Tomoyo held her video camera down and walked up front, so did Sakura. Syaoran looked his princess, "What are you doing?!" Sakura smiled while gently shook her head. "Tomoyo-san, please step back" Yue said to Tomoyo and she replied the same thing as Sakura. The guys puzzled.

The footsteps stopped at track which made all of them looked at the direction but still couldn't see anything. "Irrashai mase" A gentle female voice was heard. Syaoran, Kero and Yue puzzled even more.

Tomoyo smiled, "Konbawa, Mizuki-sensei. It's been awhile, hasn't it?" From the darkness, a female figure in a kimono appeared before them. Syaoran put down his sword, Yue stood steadily and Kero sighed in relief. Sakura ran towards the lady, "Mizuki-sensei, welcome back!" Yes, it was their elementary subtitute teacher, Mizuki Kaho.

Kaho smiled sweetly at the teenage girl infront of her. Somehow, Yue wasn't looking at the lady but he sensed someone's presence behind her. He kept staring and Kero noticed. He too looked at the direction. Syaoran sensed that person too. Tomoyo noticed Kero's act and held her camera towards the direction. She smiled then puts down the camera beside her.

"Welcome back to you too," Sakura heard Tomoyo greeted another person. Sakura looked over at the direction. "Eriol-kun" Tomoyo finished up her sentence.

A teenage boy with pale skin and dark blue hair with azure eyes came out of the darkness, standing beside Kaho. He smiled, "Thank you, Tomoyo-san."

"Hoee? So, it was true that Tomoyo-chan saw Eriol-kun back then?" Sakura asked. Eriol nodded, "Yes, it was me. That was very sharp of you, Tomoyo-san." She smiled.

"Wait, Tomoyo. You didn't know they were coming and also, you don't have any magical powers. How did you know it was them in the dark? We can't even sense them." Syaoran asked. Everyone diverged their gaze towards Tomoyo who only chuckled. She held up her trusty video camera, "It's because of this. I put it on night vision. While I was taping you and Sakura-chan a moment ago, I saw Mizuki-sensei and Eriol-kun." Kero transformed back into a plush toy. "As expected from Tomoyo-chan!" He high-fived Tomoyo,

Syaoran sweat droppped and turned to Eriol. Just about when Syaoran wanted to speak, Yue cut in, "Why are you back in Japan?" Eriol smiled, Kaho interrupted, "I'm sorry to interrupt but wouldn't it be better for us to speak inside. I made tea."

"Yes, I agree with Kaho." Eriol said.

"Great, the cake is on the way." Tomoyo continued. "Cake?!" Kero said in enthusiasm.

Tomoyo nodded, "I texted message one of my bodyguards to bring over the cake that I baked earlier."

"You have time for that too?" Syaoran asked while sweat dropping. She nodded and smiled. Eriol and Kaho chuckled. They walked to the shrine's living room where Kaho led them. While walking, without Tomoyo's knowledge, Eriol was looking at her.

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Japanese to English

Ano futari - those two

Mou daijobu? - Are you okay?

Daijobu da yo - it's okay

Irrashai mase - Welcome (To shop/house)

Okaa-san - Mother

Chotto matte - Wait

Konbawa - Good evening

Mou chi roun - Of course